Favorite Female Fairy Tail Characters

Who's your favorite FT female character? If she's not on the list you can add her. The character can come from any guild.

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21 Bisca Connell Bisca Connell

Nice straight green hair and is really beautiful

Not to mention but before joining Fairy Tail she challenged Erza. A underrated character who deserves more live.

I'd bang her harder than any gun

God shes so hot and sexy for a gunner

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22 Chelia Blendy

Because she is powerful a god slayer and friends with Wendy plus super nice.

She's Wendy, but attractive - satanincarnate

23 Aquarius

She is beautiful,funny,different, and sacrifice her life for someone she said she hates but she really loves her inside. Come on she should be at least #15 I know she isn't one of the main characters but still.

She's got a pretty dry sense of humor

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24 Imitatia

She may be evil at first, but she later learned her mistake. Plus, her appearance is epic.

I absolutely LOVED her Imitatia has to be one of the best villains out there she could have beaten Natsu if no interferences came up. Bring her back she had a true back story BRING IMITATIA BACK

25 Evergreen

She is a mage of the Fairy Tail Guild and the only female member of the Thunder God Tribe. She has wings and she can turn people to stone if they stare in her eyes.

Evergreen should be at a higher rank.

She's so and very funny! I love her relationships with elfman! XDD

26 Layla Heartfilia

Not much known about her except she is the mother of Lucy Heartfilia. She is so mysterious (from me). Look! She died on X777, she can summon three spirits at a time and she also knows about The One Magic.

No. Layla is actually Lucy's mother. So I believe that Layla should actually be stronger than Lucy... - yawen12349

Layla is lucy's mom

What about anna

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27 Angel

She's so cute...I love her

She is queen

28 Charla

They only reason I voted for her is because of her human form which is AMAZING!


29 Cosmos

She's my favorite from the Garou knighta

30 AraƱa Webb
31 Flare Corona Flare Corona

Flare is amazing and awesome I love the way she looks at people in cry way she's so creepy but in pretty way

When she looks at people with her crazy face, I find her amazingly sexy... I want to marry her.

She has fire hair! When she and lucy fought, Flare should have won if gemini did not appear to save lucy

32 Aries

Because she is white, puffy and cute

33 Hisui E. Fiore
34 Sayla

When people get far into this show they will never forget this insanely powerful woman! The second she appears on your screen you will be amazed with her powers. She is easily one of the strongest people on the entire show. You won't forget her once you see her. I guarantee that.

Who would put a guild mark on their forehead? Sayla would. - Eva-san

She quickly became one of my favorites characters

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35 Laki Olietta

Go laki

36 Kamika

A interesting character liked her and her magic is cool.

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37 Brandish

She kinda helped natsu live and helped them negotiate with August, the most powerful spriggan 12

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38 Dimaria
39 Irene Belserion Irene Belserion
40 Kinana

She is nice.

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