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1 Nami Nami Nami is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda. She is based on Ann and Silk, two characters from Oda's previous manga Romance Dawn.

Don't really like her as a character. She's not as gorgeous as Boa Hancock, Nico Robin, or Pudding. She's nothing more than a fanservice in my eyes. I can't diss the fact that everyone in the crew needs her especially Monkey D. Luffy. So I can understand why she's first. I will acknowledge she isn't strong but she can easily get to point A and point B without the least bit of effort - XxGodlyBVPTrampXx

I hate how she always needs help and she can be pretty selfish sometimes.

I love nami because shes sexy and smart she can gets what she wants

Nami >>>>> all girls >>>>>>robin

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2 Nico Robin Nico Robin

I think her character went downhill lately. Oda screwed up her design after the time skip and she doesn't do anything noteworthy. She is rather bland now.

She is so sweet. Her eyes are beautiful and her smile is killer. She most of the times have fun by scaring usopp and chopper and sometimes enjoys responding to the flirting of boys. Whatever she wears, looks just best on her. Apart from the looks she is one of the most powerful ladies and has a very important role in the story. - SHIVAH

I find her very intellectual, persuasive and clever. She also has a very gentle, calm and caring personality. May I also add that she is physically attractive. - sanic101

Robin is way better than Nami in every way!

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3 Boa Hancock Boa Hancock Hancock has a well proportioned figure compared to the abnormal and huge appearance of her sisters. She is a very tall, slender woman with long black hair that extends past her waist with locks of hair that frame her face down to her chin, pale skin, large breasts, a high forehead, and dark brown (dark ...read more.

I love her personality, looks, EVERYTHING ABOUT HER! Not talking about her body :3

The most beautiful and sexiest anime woman

Ride or die, simple as that.

Canonly more beautiful than Nami and Robin. Also way stronger.

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4 Portgas D. Rouge

Not much is known about her other than being the woman the Pirate King loved and the mother of Ace. But doesn't that fact itself make her awesome? A great man like Roger fell inlove with her and she bore his child, not just that but she showed so much love towards her husband and son that she risked her own life to save her son by keeping him in her womb longer than normal. Imagine if (IF) the Pirate King was like Luffy who prefers food over women, now imagine him being inlove with a woman. Right? Just how lovely is Rouge that she made Roger hers. Matched with her freckles and peach wavy hair making her even better!

A great mother certainly, but a flashback character that was barely shown... How did she get so high?

This minor character doesn't even belong in the top ten, let alone at number 4!

5 Nefertari Vivi

The future Pirate Queen!

Vivii you are sooo beautiful and kind. wish you would join your nakamas one day

I love her so much!
Shes very likable in a very way, shes a very brave girl who puts her people first, so sad when she had to leave the straw hats crew :(
Hope that I get to see my favorite girl in action again someday...

6 Charlotte Pudding

I used to hate her for what she did to Sanji, but now she is my favorite and I love her dynamic with Sanji. She is funny, complex and has a mysterious and interesting background and abilities. I hope she stays around.

I grew fond of Pudding. Not sure how it happened. - evy2526

I don't know what Oda has in store for her character, but I hope Sanji and her are going to get together. They are such a good match.

In Whole Cake we've been introduced to some of the best female characters in a long time: Pudding, Reiju, Chiffon... I started off not caring much about Pudding, then I hated her with a passion and now I just love her. I hope we'll see her again soon and that she can reunited with her prince and have some kind of happy ending. - Reyna66

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7 Reiju Vinsmoke

Reiju is an awesome (and hot) sister!

Reiju is not only hot, she's also strong, kind, dignified and classy. A true lady. Sanji must be proud of his sister.

Reiju is one of the best female characters in One Piece. Just a quality character overall. - Reyna66

8 Jewelry Bonney
9 Shirahoshi

Very cute, but a little too gigantic for my size. It can get intimidating but otherwise she's perfect. - sanic101

Good character to build up and will have a awesome role to play in the future...

She is innocent but dangerously powerful

Cute, innocent, sad backstory, potential to become godlike. - SamVision

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10 Violet

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? Charlotte Chiffon

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11 Margareth
12 Rebecca
13 Charlotte Linlin / Big Mom Charlotte Linlin / Big Mom
14 Tashigi Tashigi

Uneasy, anxious, but determined. I found her annoying at first, but she's just doing her job. Tashigi is cool in a sense, with strong swordsman abilities, and integrity. I can relate. - WitheredBonnie

She can be very irritating at some points and I don't really like her, but she's strong and at the end she's just doing her job. She's not the best character in my eyes, but I gotta acknowledge her skills at least. - KitsuneScarlet

My favorite One Piece heroine! - Sacramenta

I hate hef

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15 Perona

Of course I'm a women! What kind of sickness do you have?!

16 Nojiko
17 Monet Monet

I like Monet. I mean the glasses people... HYPNO GLASSES... I also like her eyes too and I don't know why I think its cause they are like a vivid orange.

I love Monet! 🐥🎀 She is so pretty! I love her devil fruit power:3😝

18 Sora Vinsmoke

A beautiful, sweet and caring mother who died just so her children could be born as normal human beings. She's the greatest.

Best mom in One Piece! Sanji has the worst father and the best mother. - evy2526

19 Makino
20 Khalifa
21 Koala

Koala is cute and badass. A former slave but now in the revolutionary army where she teaches karate and hangs out with the second chief and kicks man to the ground all while looking kawaii.

22 Baby 5 Baby 5
23 Bellmere

Way too many Nami worshippers on this site. Nami ain't that great. She's mostly annoying.

Why isn't she at the top first she is a really respectable marine and she quit to raise up 2 beautiful children. (One which become an awesome character able to send luffy flying and Sanji inspired to make great dishes.she even sacrificed her life to save her kids. She is also really kind and fragile at heart

24 Alvida


25 Curly Dadan

She one shot garp. why isn't she one of the gorosei

26 Konis
27 Nico Olivia

Olivia so sweet and strong.

28 Ishilly
29 Charlotte Smoothie
30 Hina
31 Keimi
32 Camie

I love Camie because she gets over things quickly and is afraid of nearly everything! I love the part where she sees Brook and in the middle of a sentence she realizes he is a skeleton and starts screaming then seconds later she gets over it... IS IT KEIMI OR CAMIE?

I like how kind and sort of dumb Camie is. She is so cute and sweet and is friends with a starfish!

33 Kuina Kuina

I love Kuina, she's such an interesting character and a child prodigy. It's sad that she died so soon... If she were still alive, she would be stronger than Zoro and would likely surpass Dracule Mihawk and become World Strongest Swordman by the end of the series. - Goku02

Kuina appeared once in a flashback that's all. Nothing interesting enough to justify being so high on this list.

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