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181 Emily Hughes

Great skater, but a shame she had to constantly perform stuck in her sister Sarah's shadow.

182 Meagan Duhamel

At throws her air positions are always awful, okey she is landing but it is worst air position in the competitions and their artistic is not 34 points of course, they try to make transition connection movements but they don't look good sorry, and because of the difference of the heights they don't look like a real pair.How the hell did that awful triple twist get a level 4. I just really don't know? Is it PAIR skating? They skate so far from each other almost all the program. Poor program. skate - simply jump. Simply don't like them as a pair. Volososhar/Trankov are way better!

I am sure that the program is "Killer" by the circus Canadians Duhamel - Redford will kill themselves as athletes. Russian have all the chances to win over the Canadians ridiculous.

183 Eric Radford

Horrible, ugly, messy and zero chemistry :( Their TES is brutal, but other than that the program is SO empty, especially comparing to their biggest rivals S/H and V/T. I have to give them props for the beauty that is their throws, but they take so much time to prepare to them it just leaves such a gap in their programs that's distracting for me. I really, really dislike the way the first part of the program is so empty, bar the tech elements. But the rest of the program is not much better. As I said, it's a good thing they're using a song like this, because they don't need to force their artistic side. You could pretty much put a lot of others slow songs with piano/voice and it would work - and this is something I really dislike. But even with a more balanced layout, with more transitions added to it, the program in its conception is empty - the pcs they're getting for this program so far is a mystery to me. Redford looks gay

184 Alexa Scimeca
185 Chris Knierim
186 Ashley Cain V 1 Comment
187 Agnes Zawadzki

Third best US lady for a couple of years before barely finishing top ten at Nationals just before Sochi and taking a break from the sport shortly afterward. I'd love to see her make a comeback in the next season or so...

188 Courtney Hicks

This girl is a power house, but no-one has trained her to control it. she needs a coaching change soon, like yesterday. shes lost in power and her artistic beauty of figure skating goes out the window...

189 Jeffrey Buttle V 1 Comment
190 Ryan Bradley
191 Douglas Razzano V 1 Comment
192 Alena Leonova
193 Elene Gedevanishvili V 1 Comment
194 Madison Hubbell

Hubbell and Donohue in a waltz of the season look like a sleepy faint! :( The program is very simple too, there is no change in the rhythm of waltz, is not pretty. It's a shame that the coach did not know the rules of the ISU for the new season in a waltz rhythm of the additional March,foxtrot or polka! She can not skate classics, because H/D are too a heavy and thick like a cows. The pattern immediately obvious that the boy does not progress and remained on the same level -they back is dry and stiff, hard,feet is dry, very cost-gliding hull with ribs to be the minimum,speed is middle, or even completely going on two foots. On the track have taken Hallelujah - there is no character at all, only one music without emotion.. It's a shame America who have chosen to enter the Canadian coach. They can not ever change. All very boring, so is unlikely to break through in the top three national championships America... It's a shame that the coach did not know the rules of the ISU for the new ...more

The day they joked a laughed while the national anthem was playing only showed the world of there low class.

195 Karen Chen

She looked very strong in her first US ladies title win last month.

That bronze at Nationals was kind of out of nowhere, but at the same time somewhat expected given her success in the Junior ranks. She could definitely make an impact in the next few seasons if she stays healthy and focused.

196 Amber Glenn

One of the newer members of the US ladies' senior ranks. She's got talent and could make an impact in future seasons. I enjoyed watching her Skyfall program at Nationals, as well as her rocking out to AC/DC during her warm-up music.

197 Chih-I Tsao

He is the best figure skater in Taiwan who is talented and hard-working but it's difficult to improve skating skill in Taiwan because of the lack of location and professional coach.

V 1 Comment
198 Maxim Marinin V 1 Comment
199 Joshi Helgesson

If we're gonna have Viktoria here, why not have the other Helgesson sister too? She's slowly trying to step out of her sister's shadow as Sweden's current top skater.

200 Nicole Rajicova

Spent a few years in the Junior ranks of US Figure Skating before competing for Slovakia. She's got a bit of talent to her skating. At least she's top fifteen material right now.

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