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221 Colin McManus
222 Kaitlin Hawayek

Not impressed with this FD. This is NOT their style. They don't seem comfortable with this style. I wish they'd go back to their other style

Caitlin must be leave from a group of Of Kamerlengo and Angelika Krylova, because this group slows their development. Of Kamerlengo from last season had gone its interesting dancers, keeping only a boring Weaver is a pensioner with Baker. I do not see these dancers progres.

223 Jean-Luc Baker
224 Maddie Aaron
225 Max Settlage

Should be a lot farther in the world of skating... this team needs a coaching change because it seems they will always be off the podium

226 Gabrielle Daleman
227 Alaine Chartrand
228 Jeremy Ten
229 Kirsten Moore-Towers
230 Michael Marinaro
231 Julianne S├ęguin
232 Charlie Bilodeau
233 Paul Poirier
234 Elizabet Tursynbaeva
235 Ekaterina Bobrova V 1 Comment
236 Dmitri Soloviev V 1 Comment
237 Nathalie Weinzierl

One of the top German ladies right now. She did okay in Sochi, but struggled at Worlds in Boston this past season. Here's to hoping she can do better next season...

238 Anna Yanovskaya
239 Sergey Mozgov
240 Angela Wang
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