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21 Brian Boitano

Brian had the power and grace. Dramatic presence on the ice. Also managed a great professional career.

He is Legend! And, I'm also enjoy "What would Brian Boitano make? "

What would Brian Boitano do
If he were here today?
He'd make a plan and follow it through
That's what Brain Boitano'd do. - Puga

22 Scott Moir

Canadian dance today have regressed. Fallen to the lowest level in figure skating. Junior Canadian laughable. I do not expect the return of Tessa and Scott, because they are old, slow and uninteresting for a new generation of figure skating dance. I love Bobrova

Тhat would be unwise get back Canadians VM for compete. Your time is over! Now the kings from other countries in the dance,but not Canadians! Canadians are just servants of situation! It is the same in juniors


Perfect partner and joyful person! )

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23 Javier Fernandez

He's the worst world champion I've ever know in the history! He did not deserve the score and title he got! He is just so loved by the judges because he's Spanish, European,and white! This is Racial discrimination! I am so shamed for him and ISU to make this sport dirty as today! Look at his jumps, he has too much pre for his quad and he's flip and lutz look the same! See his spins, I can't see the reason why he got such high goe for those ugly spins! And his skating skill, he absolutely does not have the same level and difficult ss to Patrick and Yuzuru,but he got the same score for ss! And his performing style is not elegant and impressive at all! And never change! He should perform in circus! He makes me don't want to see this sport!

He is so charming!

One of the most extraordinary skaters ever. He's so talented, his technical skills, speed and gliding are perfect. His charming performance is just incredible! He is an artist! He's looking for new fresh ideas, unforgettable performance on the World Gala 2015 with a music from "Touch of evil"! He's an actor with such a strong personality! Brave and unforgettable skater!

He is so talented annd exaordinary! Always perfec! He is a great hardworker, the best ever. He is such a good artist, every his performance is an interesting story! Everything suits him, every style and music! God blessed him!

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24 Takahiko Kozuka

He is from the time of junior, it is wonderfully skating, I was paying attention.

Up to senior, and now more and more to run a clever step work, I now look forward to seeing his step.

There is a flow to acting, smooth Very pleasant. In addition, part of the fun his selection of music also.

Classic look good, but also look good pop. Vocal music of the season as well, those very great, it is a love acting.

From now, also I want you active in the game.

His prominent skating technique has been attracting me long time.

Particularly, "Eagle" beautiful like wind is favorite for me.

2014-2015season's exhibition program, flamenco has passionate as well as his usual nobility.

His performances give me happiness all time.

I want to continue watching him in the long future.

Taka is the most favorite skater. Also I am impressed many times in his skating. step work of taka is the best. I do not feel the stress. And I really dense. I will always surprised. Whether it is possible for you to slip like that why? His skating has me to enrich my life.

I love his skating forever!

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25 Elena Radionova

I like her innocent personality.

She has to cherish that to express, especially exhibition is wonderful.

Very interesting programs, great technique, very emotional! She has everything to be the best female skater!

She is wonderful girl! ♡♡♡ I like her :) I always cry or smile, when I watch her programme☆

Sex-bomb on ice

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26 Adelina Sotnikova

It's just ridiculously Korean fans reaction to the comments Adelina Sotnikova! :)) These minuses indicate your negativity and stupidity, which anyway will not prevent our beautiful Adelina return to the world of figure skating soon! Adelina queen of figure skating and Russia's most powerful and superpowers in the world in the sport!

GO GO GO Adelina is World champion of the Olympic Games!

Adelina Sotnikova is not only a wonderful skater, she is also an attractive personality! She is lovely, smart and pleasant! In my opinion, I have much confidence in Adelina! She is frank and modest, she never goes back on her words. But,of course, she is a gifted sportsman! She is the queen of the ice!

I'm not impressed only by her fantastic talent as figure skater, I can not stop to admire her as a personality. Despite all the trials, that she had to endure, she has remained remarkably light, kind and pure person. And, of course, I enjoy her skating so much. To me, she is strikingly gifted with nature and has no weak points as skater. And if she doesn't stop to evolve, she has a chance to become the embodiment of the ideal female skating.

Fans of Correia behave unusually stupid and put themselves in a bad light. Cons speak for Koreans. This is ridiculous. Remember, the negativity always comes back like a boomerang. Adelina is the Olympic champion and cons this will not change ever.

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27 Evgenia Medvedeva

I love her expression, the way she dances on the ice

She is very beautiful and greatest skater! Cool girl!

I like she is elegant skater.

I adore her Sailor Moon
Victory for all stages of the GP, GP finals, Russian National Championship, Europe and the World Cup of course! Improving the world record, WOW) :::

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28 Serafima Sakhanovich

Serafima stays in juniors and we look forward to winning her! Serafima has not grown to the adult step to Grand Prix, and she will have no place in an adult company still ! But in juniors our Serafima real queen will win still, because she's the junior still.

Sakhanovich is consistency and technical difficulty was what mattered in her. I am saying that Sakhanovich's skating is perfect, she would have no problem to medal at the GP & JGP,because she is best for only Queen in soon season! Her quad 4 in juniors should surprise all the critics, forward Serafima.

29 Sasha Cohen

Who the heck is disliking the comments on her!? You cannot deny that she is one of the most graceful skaters ever. No one could beat her in the artistry. It's just too bad she couldn't ever focus all the way through a program. I think she was a nervous competitor. That was her problem.

After watching Sasha skate she has pretty much ruined me for everyone else. Her positions were textbook perfect. Her carriage was beautiful. I loved her spins, and that spiral... Still my favorite spiral ever.

Took the words right out of my mouth. I watch her and then everyone else looks ungraceful.

She is a Ballerina on ice and her spiral are perfection

Magnificent, unique, soul skater

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30 Janet Lynn

She felt the music in her skating and, at her time, gave skating that little bit extra!

31 Kurt Browning

Kurt is the whole package :) I find the skaters today although very talented and only interested in getting the next jump or spin. So much pressure to bang out quads that there's nothing in between. Kurt was not only talented but fun to watch. Extremely artistic, funny and charismatic.

Watched this lad from the early stages to now. Talent, grace and funny. Pure entertainment and skill. Even loses gracefully. The person who put the quads on the list. Pioneer plus.

Simply the best. Kurt Browning was already greatest at his competitive days and now at the age of 48 he still keeps getting even better.

Kurt was the best skater, performer of all time, a natural, used his edged like no other & could improvise...

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32 Maxim Trankov

He is so sensitive and handsome on ice! I am completely in love with time and Tatiana! Hope their next season will be the same success as previous ones

He is very beautiful! And greatest skater!

He's a fantastic skater, a master of his craft. Maxim is a great partner who knows how to properly present your partner. Thank you Tatyana and Max for their performances!

The best male pair skater!

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33 Miki Ando

Her jump is very beautiful!

Love her 3Lz+3Lo combinations and quad sal attempts.

Her smile is so wonderful!

There is no one in the world who will say Miki had good skating skills. Watch her and it is clear her skating skills are awful.

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34 Patrick Chan

I agree that he belongs far from the top of this list. He is an artistic skater, but could have been much better with a more technical jump coach and less of his cockiness.

One of my favorite all time! Only Yagudin is better than him in my opinion. Such an inspiration. His skating skill is damn amazing.

I like the way he skates, way beyond others.

Why is he so far away from the podium? He skates very well.

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35 Dorothy Hamill

one of the most beautiful woman ive seen,shes 3 years older than i.Ive watched her for all the years shes skated,i watched her interview on tv a month or so ago and know what she felt like in her time of sorrows,for i now feel her pain,and wonder how she made it.Wish i could meet her.

I like her because she is amazing... In stars on ice... The olimpics... And desierves famousness

36 Irina Moiseeva

One of the greatest ice dancer ever!

37 Peggy Flemming

Her style, finesse, and composure put her at the top all time. The Perfect Skater

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38 Gracie Gold

I actually thought Gracie's air position in her jumps improved somewhat once she moved to Frank. Things seemed much tighter in the air and he really polished her skating as well as her spins. The only thing that holds her back is her inconsistency and inability to really interpret the music, her facial expressions annoy me because they are so fake or in existent! Gracie is still having issues with her jump timing in competition. She seems like she is a bit too tight and not relaxed which causes those scratchy landings. It's almost like she's saying " do it... do it... DO IT...'. I often wonder if she's actually enjoying and soaking in her performance. Her face shows immense concentration but almost no personality or depiction of the music. That to me is Graci's weakness. She struggles to convey emotion through her face which leads me to believe that while she's committed to being true to the choreography, knowing how to act and perform are still not a strong point for her. looks ...more

It is disgusting to see her lose this first fall in the combo. The period after the fall of the second combo is expected and as usual, but she was not having a good practice in this season, so it is very concerned about. She, anywhere at all, do not feel the connection with her the program, and for her that seems to have been a very important part of her skating well, and it does not control the nerves there. I hate her choreography, the angular lines do not get as much as possible towards the Firebird, the more need lyrical work. She skates worse than last year

This Firebird is really a disaster after Anna's beautiful program from last season. Boring, boring, boring. Nothing special. Sorry!

I'm definitely hoping Gracie's coaching change will have a positive effect on her Olympic season! Go Gracie!

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39 Jason Brown

New Free program about Jason is very boring and repetitive as a junior: ((I predict descend to Brown outside the top 10 in the world, because Brown is very weak skater.

He is an American household pet! He is a shame for America!

Hmm, where is the new program? Where is gonna be quad? It is to be unfair to give such high score for 2016 Glacier Falls Free Skate!

It is an indication of corruption and bribery of judges for judging at home, so must-have protested the international judges of the world. The world should not have to go on a leash a US judge, we are their eyes! Jason is very boring and of the same type components in the skater, so I'm sure that at the stages of GP this brash pet will not get even half of these illegal high scores for the middle of summer! Shame on America, you are ridiculous!

He's a real treasure. ant the nicest person I've ever met (proud to say so)

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40 Misha Ge

Misha Ge is my favorite skater. I love his skating for amazing emotion and for wonderful choreography. He is the best skater in the world and in my heart.

He is one and only Ice Artist. He always skates from his heart for audiences not only for judges. He is my best favorite figure skater of all time!

He's amazing sportsman! He dances for all and for everyone. He likes ice and flame in one.

Misha is my favorite skater. He always skates with emotion. He is amazing artist!

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