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41 Andrei Minenkov
42 Irina Slutskaya

Great character and perfect jump technique.

Great skater from Russia. I Love. Speed, power, rotation, jumping, inspiration. Character! Fighter.

The best Russian figure skater!

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43 Jeremy Abbott

He's a moving portrait on ice. Everything about his skating... Especially his choreography, deep edges, spins, heartfelt expressions, are magical. He becomes the music.

He has the best edges and feel for movement of skaters out there right now. He is beyond his years on the ice, and also a major throwback to the classic days. Extreme musicality. Very classy guy on and off the ice and a sweetie to boot.

So beautiful skating and Classy

His performances always move me

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44 Kristi Yamaguchi

Her jumps are so skilled everything looks like it has been calculated and just wow I'm a skater and I can't wait to be able to do that stuff

She is amazing! Everything she does is through her heart. She tries hard and success into life. She made history! I love her, and shes my hero! She deserves to have good fortune in life..!

45 Irina Rodnina

3 time Olympic champion

Irina Rodnina simbol figure skating. His legend!

3 time Olympic Champion! This is simply amarzing!

46 Albena Denkova

The most underestimated skater. I love her a lot, she is just wonderful on and off the ice, always so decent, so true and so honest, in emotions, in interviews, in life, in skating.

The best ever! I will never forget the first time you and Maxim became World Champions back in 2007, the first time I truly felt proud to be Bulgarian!

One who overcomes the resistance of the system must be appreciated :) Moreover there haven't been any better couple than albena and max on the ice... ever!

The ice queen

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47 Brian Orser

Brian Orser has gone beyond skating as an athlete - he continues to lead the younger generation and now has 3 promising young skaters under his wing. He's probably the best coach of all time, if not the best skater.

my hero - so awesome!
see his Story of my life

Brian was great skater, and he is great coach now. He lead Yuna and Yuzuru to Gold medal!
Canadian Excellence.

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48 Tatiana Volosozhar

She is the best athlete, the best partner, the best woman and the best person. I love her

Simply the best female pair skater of all times.

Absolutely biggest loving Tatiana Firebird! One of the best skater in pairs in RUS&WC&OGW ever! We miss and can't waiting for next seasons... With great love you my firebird.

A pretty woman!

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49 Han Yan

Love his flowing on ice! So charming!

He has beautiful skating and dynamic jumps.
Han and Yuzuru suffered from the accident and they overcame the difficulties. They are wonderful. I think not only Yuzuru, but also him should be praised.

I love his performance.

Deep edge skating, funny dance, big 3A and cute smile&

He is nice athlete and nice artist.

Very smooth skating skills.

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50 Nobunari Oda

The way he jumps and the way he lands are superb! Especially the landing.

His skating is so interesting but also his character is much more.

He is one of the best skater in the world

Beautiful and elegant skating

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51 Maxim Staviski

He is the best of the best on ICE with Albena... Good luck.

Really beautiful expressive skater

Hi is the best! Good luck Maxim!

The best ever!

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52 Sonja Heinie

She was so ahead of her time, excelled at many careers, just overwhelming to read about her life and athletic abilities... Oh, the hula in short ice skating costume! She was just... WOW

She was beyond her times. A legend!

None of these skaters come close to the fabulous most glamorous Ms. Henie. She'd tear these mousy girls apart. Sonja was woman enough to excel in everything she touched. She was engaged to Tyrone Power & dated many handsome men & box office actors. Sonja Henie was greatly admired by royalty, world dignitaries & even dictators. How's that for power & impact! Unlike these drab creatures Henie was a massive supernova of a star before superstar & global were even concepts. Sonja was also an innovative pioneer. But the woman was just too much fabulous for anyone to handle. Today's skaters are flops compared to her. Did I mention she was the richest too? Sonja Henie is the greatest for my money and its not even close.

53 Anna Pogorilaya

She can be the best female figure skater in the figure)

I really like her an intelligent and powerful, The Royal -stylish skating. She looks better on ice than Carolina Kostner in a career! Anna have a a special chic on Ice,that will never get another skater from Japan or America! Wagner gave the home silver at the World Championships. Anna is much better than mediocre American!

She will be a Queen on Ice!

Oh, Anna! Your new program is to be top of the craftsmanship and the perfect combination of jumps, lyrical dance and fascinating skating! You are the best in Russia.

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54 Ashley Wagner

Facial expressions only.

Her new samba-themed short program is looking good! Can't wait to see her do well this season!

Absolutely love Ashley! One of the best ladies in US figure skating right now and by far one of the sassiest!

I love her, cause she is gorgeous, plastic and very funny! She have very good taste in music and don't do math.

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55 Elena Berezhnaya

Elena and Anton! The pair worked wonders on ice.

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56 Shizuka Arakawa

She is cool beauty

She is very professional amazing skater!

I love his beautiful skating!

Shizuka sama is born for ice,she is so beautiful and confident on the ice.Like a spirit!

57 Mirai Nagasu

GO Mirai! I love your skating and smile

58 Philippe Candeloro

The artist on the glass

The Legend itself

59 Kiira Korpi
60 Shoma Uno

This kid looks like a little girl :) It can not be called male skating, because it be a shame to the Japanese team

Can you change gender as a Kanchita Sausage?

I really love his skate...I was so impressed with his program hi had done so far...amazing skills and expression

His performance is wonderful!

I am proud of him as a Japanese

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