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61 Akiko Suzuki

Love her "O" it has so big pleasure and beauty.

Her skating was full of pleasure!
It makes me really happy.
I love her performance!

I love her artistic skating. She can transform herself into anything: a cute girl Maria in WSS, a passionate dancer in Libertango, an impressive bird in O, and now an evil but enchanting Black Swan. Though she left competitions two years ago, she is still making progress as a professional skater. Also expect Akiko to succeed as a choreographer.

The one and only representation person!

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62 Nancy Kerrigan

I do not feel sorry for Nancy, because she was too much in love federation inflated to its persona, style and marketing + sponsors. She was bathed in luxury and delight of the American public, but Tonya was actually stronger,to Nancy! Tonya has earned respect as a minimum in her address because she did 3A, although she doesn't a great love of the American public.Tonya doesn't in the event of an attack on to Nancy

She overcame an assault planned by HER OWN TEAM MATE only to have the best performance she had done so far. That's saying enough.

63 Satoko Miyahara

Just something about her jumps mechanics... A shame really. She's got some killer skating skills and is comfortable with emoting.

Miyahara skating be Junior! I worry that she is going to get buried in next season Miyahara's jumps have never been the most stable I certainly didn't like the Miyahara package last season! I think that the place Miyahara in junior competitions, but never in an adult, it's not right to keep the little ant with disgusting jumps senior grand prix, let her back in junior kindergarten. Now she has a coach and a choreographer no one has heard of!

She has amazing soul!
I love her performance!

It has a loss in part-rotation jump!

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64 Robin Cousins

He floated over the ice and made it all seem so effortless! He had magic!

I can't forget his airy tuck axel even after 35 years. He had combination of elegance and strength.

Superb. On television he looked amazing but seen live he seemed to float. And his slow skating was a masterpiece of control.

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65 Maxim Kovtun

Maxim, a very promising athlete. I really like his skating, his jumps, his program. I wish him only success. This could be our next Olympic champion

The way he jumps and the way he lands are superb! Especially the landing.

He is the unusual figure skater. I like its powerful jumps, high-speed driving, male style.

He will be a champion!

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66 Joshua Farris

The most beautiful and artistic skater the US has seen for a long time. I will miss seeing him in competition, but I know his influence will live on through others.

His artistry is so beautiful. I love it!

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67 Guillaume Cizeron
68 Christopher Dean
69 Jayne Torvill
70 Gwendal Peizerat

I am very unhappy because you are not adding me your Facebook. But my vote is your.

71 Kristoffer Berntsson

I have loved his performance even now!

I love his performance!

He's entertainer skater. He's by far my favorite skater!

72 Sergei Voronov

Russian figure skater.
In love with his style of skating, classy programs and music!

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73 Gabriella Papadakis

She is to be just an ordinary middle skater nothing attractive on the ice! Her hooked nose and face ugly to be unattractive everything she does there. The Cizeron should be glad that stands on the ice, but to him is the place be in the circus as a clown. I will never accept this repulsive unaesthetic couple

The best after the duchesnay! Avec guillaume CIZERON, ce sont des ETOILES DE LA DANSE, rarissime de transposer la danse sur la glace, MAGNIFIQUE COUPLE ILS ONT TOUT, CHARISME, beauté, ils ne font qu'un danseur étoile. MAGNIFQUE


74 Daisuke Murakami

Dice's jumps are very beautiful. I love his smiling face.

His quad Salchow-jump is very beautiful. - nozomirai5

His jump and skating is very beautiful! And his performance gives us passion!

I love his beautiful skating and clean jump!

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75 Tatyana Navka

Tatyana is an amazing skater and a wonderful person. She and Roman are the best of ice dance figure skaters

I really like Tatiana and Roman dancer!

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76 Tomas Verner

His skating is so beautiful and make me happy.

He is like a sun! The best, forever

77 Oksana Domnina

so talent!

78 Surya Bonaly

She fought racism during her career... Had she been "white skinned" she wouldve won the olympic gold medal in the early 1990's... She has spunk, grit and tremendous determination and that's why she remains a fantastic figure skater of all time.

I want to vote for her she still amaze me, she still doing her trade mark back flip!

An amazing jumper with great power. Can land quad jumps.

Fantastic.amazing skater.great jumps,

79 Oksana Grishuk

Oksana Grishuk is the most extraordinary and most successfully skaters ever. She's so talented, her technical skills, speed and gliding are perfect. Her charming performance is just incredible! We LOVE Oksana very much.

Queen Oksana Grishuk. Completely agree! She's absolutely magnificent, just breath-taking! She is not only a genius in figure skating, she's also one of the most beautiful women in the world. And it's very natural, that she's often associated with Marilyn Monroe - the greatest actress ever. She's really Great!
Oksana, I'm so grateful that you exist! THANK YOU!

Oksana is very beautiful, stylish and sophisticated. Greates skater in sport history.
A beauty on ice. A treat to watch her skating. Wonderfully talented and technically superb. A two time Olympic Gold winner and rightfully so. She's also won the World Championships four times. This makes her one of the most successful figure skaters of all time, very popular and loved.

She is just kosmos!

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80 Alexei Urmanov
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