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81 Marina Anissina

You are the best ice dancer on the world.

82 Evgeni Platov

The greatest skater of all times!

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83 Evgenia Tarasova
84 Anton Sikharulidze

The best of the best

85 Ruslan Zhiganshin

Hi is the real future champion of the world figure skating and very artistic sportsman

Ruslan - the best and most reliable partner in ice dancing

Ruslan really has acquired a better view of the presentation and choreography than before.. I watched with great enthusiasm on his way of development in the last season and pleased with his happy benefit performance with ballet dancer's Elena! Let's think about what kind of image or style will approach for Ruslan in the waltz to the next season? This should be a very unusual and original!

Ruslan-the best partner

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86 John Curry

Comfortably the most artistic male skater ever. Men's figure skating can be divided in 2. Before Curry and after Curry.

What's he doing down in 89th? Absolutely the best artistic male skater ever.

The best ever. No-one has ever equalled his artistry and superb control. He changed the face of male ice skating for ever.
Sheer magic.

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87 Kanako Murakami

Her is my favorite skater.
I will be happy to look at her smile!

She is my favorite skater.
Her smile will make me happy.

Her dance is splendid.

Best smile in the world (*^o^*)

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88 Takahito Mura

He is so kind. He told how to jump 3A and 4T to Yuzuru and Shoma, and they became big jumper.

Powerful 4T and 3A is so exciting yo me! And, his FS, Phantom of the Opera, perfectly matches himself. Actually, a lot of his fans were moved his programs.

89 Oksana Baiul

She used to b my favorite'. What is she up to?

90 Adam Rippon

He is my hero!

91 Victoria Sinitsina

The best of the best

The most beautiful girl in the world - Vika Sinitsina.

The most beautiful man in the world - Nikita Katsalapov.

BRAVO! I'm so happy watching this brilliant masterpiece on the ice by Vicky and Nick! They really got the best dance of the season in a short and unforgettable is free. These two must kill Chock and Bates in the World Cup 2016. Russia will take gold and silver in dance at WC by the Wicky / Nick + RusLena! It will be a golden season for your Russian, although I am from the United States

Very beautiful girl and good athlete!

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92 Ekaterina Riazanova
93 Lyudmila Belousova

The Royalty of figure skating. The best pair together with Oleg Protopopov that ever existed in figure skating.

Remember she and oleg STARTED IT...

94 Meryl Davis


The highest technique.
My favorite. I want to see for a long time.

95 Debi Thomas
96 Andrew Poje

I don't agree with comments about good dancers, challenge about the steps but at the same time I wonder if that's not the perfect way to hide WP difficulty to connect either with partner and crowd... It's a cold program, no emotion what so ever,so boring,as all Canadians..

97 Alexander Zaitsev
98 Fumie Suguri

Ugly on ice...the worst of the Japanese skaters

99 Kaitlyn Weaver

Kaitlyn and Andrew have to go into retirement. You regressed and that's the end.Goodbye forever

Canadian ice dance seems to have a ridiculous amount of quantity, but not much quality (at least elite level quality :)) At this point, that programs Canadians just kinda sucks to dislike this dancers. Canadian ice dance comes in crisis for them. They doesn't the light at the end of the tunnel! When there is a program that goes nowhere, is generic, and the skating looks like it's been done by pensioners, the coach, the fed, someone should tell this couple that their problem is not just lack of competitions, but lack of real training at this point.I think the problem with the Weaver Poje is that they still seem to be stuck in the 90s. It's shame! The fact that they think that THIS new season dances is what a masterpiece should look like, is very worrisome :))! I believe that Canadian ice dance is doomed. They need another technical specialists who knows the rules number one! This dance teams almost as a rule are weaker in tech than almost any teams. For WP It's a big problem! There is ...more

100 Yuko Kavaguti

Yuko is extremely brave and plain amazing. Fixing her injured shoulder right during the program? Earning three different degrees, with sport-related last, all while being at the highest performance levels? That's all about Yuko.

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