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161 Nathalie Pechalat

So beautiful, so nice - my favorite skater. I miss her.

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162 Richard Dornbush
163 Justus Strid
164 Alexandra Stepanova

Good luck Alexandra Stepanova_Ivan Bukin! You are very beautiful, fast skating and show ballet on ice. You really eye-catching in your flexibility, grace and original music selections. I was at the Grand Prix of America looking at you and had great happiness to live in a time with the future Olympic champion! I am sure that you will must do first couple country of Russia, like the French;-)) But even without this status you'll have all the gold in the world on yous necks soon more and more :-)) America hopes to see you again in our Grand Prix!

Alexandra will be the new Olympic champion soon, because her grace, refinement and ease for body maked my heart beating faster, and fell in love with her at first sight! She is better in 1000000 times than Papadakis by French, because Stepanova won many times the French in junior! In next season and soon we will open the eyes of who is better or worse in this confrontation! Sasha has the best on the planet Twizzles and legs, and more... SP&Free dances Stepanova and Bukin in the new season will be the winner among American or a Canadian, French couples.

I just love her smile.

Her new program this season will be a masterpiece. This will be a breakthrough year in the dances.

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165 Ksenia Monko

The most beautiful figure skater in the world

Xenia retired. This is unofficial information. Partner of looking for a new showgirl.

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166 Kirill Khaliavin

Really cute dancer. I love his Instagram!

The best partner and a handsome man


167 Michal Brezina V 1 Comment
168 Eliska Brezinova

I just love her spiral

169 Viktoria Helgesson
170 Joannie Rochette

One of Canada's all-time best and a beautiful lady to boot. I love how she rose above her personal tragedy to win that bronze in Vancouver, which was very inspiring!

171 Polina Edmunds

Definitely the third biggest US ladies' star behind Wagner and Gold right now. She's definitely got talent, and I see plenty of continued success for her in the next few seasons.

Polina is a Great skater but she must grow

172 Kaetlyn Osmond

I love her smile!

173 Marissa Castelli

Shame she and Simon couldn't keep it together during the Olympic season. So far things are going well enough for her and new partner Mervin Tran, and hopefully they can both help bring the pairs division back to the forefront of US figure skating.

174 Paul Wylie
175 Charlie White

The highest technique.
My favorite. I want to see for a long time.

176 Madison Chock

Madison Chock does not have the skating skills. While she has improved I do not feel like she can pull of a waltz (: She does not have the versatility! I still do not see and do not accept any interoperability with them/ Bates is long and doesn't have the talent with a Chock.I continue think Samuelson has more appropriate Bates than the Chock. It's not fair when a strange couple in front. Chock and Bates have unpromising.

For Chok Bates is bad waltz. This is a short dance that has nothing to waltz, and even if he wanted called the '' original '' because it emulates only here and there elements Paso Double, can not, because it has nothing to ice dancing. The combination of elements without meaning when inserted on one side and on the other, without a shadow of a dominant style. Not to mention the interpretation and not in the storyline that does not support the program! It does not have anything in common pattern to Madison and she looks ridiculous

Madison Chock and Evan Bates in any case can not win the World Cup neither this season or next, and hence will not be de facto favorites Pyeonchang 2018,otherwise just the killing of beauty skating in dance. Favorite of season Russian Lena and Ruslan Zhiganshin course!

Vulgar and with no taste couples I have not seen. This shame of America!

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177 Evan Bates

Chock and Bates just be losers! They copy programs of other countries and do not know the aesthetics of skating in dance, so they have to retire and they are the past, but in the future they will be disappointed.

Just be red a cockroach Bates.

Madison in free program, in my opinion, in discord not only with music but also with their own partner. Chock and Bates does not coincide on lines, the texture, step, temperament around! She stumbles, fumbles in legs Bates and simply does not have time for a partner! I do not want to see this disgrace among the finalists for the Grand Prix

I understand that the Š°mericans hopes, but justice must be higher and to fair judging, although I am from USA. I see all the world's couples of pre-season, and I can also predict that the best and winning music specifically RusLena from Russia. I also considered the favorite this season is RusLena from Russia, it will be fair. I voted for the Russian season!

178 Maia Shibutani

I love her skating.GO!

A program to fall asleep. Mortally ennuyeux.Les sleeping pills dance on glace.NUL, NUL, gala NUL.Programme compƩtition.Zueva no lack of imagination and novelty in a completely corny word.They have dropped yourself and shall they make the team a gap! Go away

179 Alex Shibutani

Love shibsibs' performance

180 Mae Berenice Meite
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