Top Favorite Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Characters


The Top Ten

1 Alm

Alm is a character that appealed most to me, I like his personality, as the game progressed, and he is the son of the Rigelian Emperor Rudolf, Albein Alm Rudolf, Alm was placed in Sir Mycen's Care because if he stayed in Rigel, he would be killed by the Duma Faithful. Plus he made a close relationship with Celica, who wanted to end the war between Zofia and Rigel without the need of Violence by asking Mila for help, even though Jedah says that without gods, more people in Valentia will suffer, Alm never gave up, and as it turns out his father wanted Valentia to be a place where Man can roam about freely, without the need of Gods, he even took out Duma, and ruled Valentia, under Duma and Mila's request. - TheXGamer

2 Gray
3 Saber

Saber is a guy who trusts Celica and follows her anywhere she goes, and he only took the job just because he was willing to do whatever she says, because of the Golden Dagger she gave to him. - TheXGamer


4 Clair
5 Lukas

He is one of the strongest units in the game and great as a character. - TheXGamer

6 Python

He is really funny as a character, enough said. - TheXGamer

7 Mae

In my opinion, Mae would be the supportive best friend who always has your back and basically, the best buddy you'd read read in novels. No to mention her voice acting was superb! (Everyone has great voice acting, at least in my opinion.)

Mae is awesome.

8 Kliff

Who do you think you are


9 Tobin
10 Clive

Love him as a character, hate him as a unit. - TheXGamer

The Contenders

11 Berkut
12 Leon
13 Faye
14 Celica

Besides Catria and Alm. Celica is one of my favorite FE characters overall. She went through so much just to keep Alm and her comrades safe. She even offered up her own soul to Duma just to keep Alm alive.

I love her character and all of her support scenes. She is a lovable kind character with ngl a pretty nice body too. (ALM YOU LUCKY SON OF A BITCH ).

I'm so happy she's as popular as she is. She really is one of the best FE Lords.

15 Catria

I might be a bit bias because of my fetish for Blue haired girls but I LOVE Catria in every game she's in and this game is no exception. She's an amazing unit and I adored her support scenes with her sisters Palla and Est. She's everything you want a sister to be.

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