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Which pairing in the English fandom for Free! - Iwatobi Swimming Club (aka swimming anime) is the most popular? We all know Japan's obsession with makoharu, so let's see if it's different in this fandom! You can add other pairings if you don't see your one on this list

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1 Makoharu

If you want an example of the most pure and honest form of love then just look at Makoto and Haru together. They're two sides of one whole, and will always be with each other because they need one another. Their relationship is the most beautiful, and the most natural. They don't need dramatics or unsubtle displays of affection or tension for people to ship it - it's so so simple and WORKS because of how the complete each other. They are both the most important person to each other, whether romantic or platonic, and you have to be completely blind to not see (or deny) the love they have for each other (again platonic or romantic) no matter what you ship.

MakoHaru is the most beautiful and strongest relationship I've ever seen. Their feelings are clearly mutual and pure, they care for each other as naturally as they breathe and nothing can change or destroy this deep bond. The anime, the novel, all the official arts, CD, magazines, etc just confirm how beautiful MakoHaru is.
They are perfect for each other (canon fact) and are acting so married already, they don't need words to communicate and they knew each other since so long Haru doesn't remember! It is so natural and obvious for them to be just together (in the past, in the present, in the future). There are so many things to say about them, but above all, I just love how heartwarming it is to see them happy together, and I just want to see them happy as they are making me happy!

Love is something easy to gain and hard to keep. We don't know exactly how these two met, but we know what's happened to them ever since. They inspire and motivate each other to do more and be more, sometimes with a push, and sometimes all they have to do is look at each other and somehow, they just know. Makoto could have just left Haruka when he was at his lowest point or leave when he got back up, but he didn't. Haruka could have left Makoto if he found him to be "too much effort" but he didn't. I could go on about examples and reasons of why if I had to remember what love looks like, it would be them, but I digress. They could have left each other because they are two very different people, but they didn't, they haven't, and I don't think they ever will. A bond as strong as theirs is not something I don't think any one would even think to give up willingly.

Makoto and Haruka have the purest relationship I have ever seen. They are totally different individuals who met and became a perfect match, a bond which strengthen as time goes by. They are each others halves. And honestly, can anyone be as 'married" as these two? I once read an article about some 12 tips on how to build a long-lasting married life and believe it or not, these two have just landed 11 out of 12 tips. No wonder. They support each other and give each other strengths. And goodness, when someone tells you "It's meaningless without you." or "I am glad that you're here with me." One can't help feeling all these fluffy emotions. And that's just some of the reasons why I love these couple.

2 Rinharu

Rin gave Haru a reason to swim, to live and he gave him a future. He gave Haru what he lacked: motivation. Because of him, Haru discovered what he really wanted to do in life. Rin made Haru realize that if wanted to swim, he could do it professionally, improving and succeeding to earn that satisfaction of winning which Rin felt, but Haru didn't. Haru gave Rin the real meaning of swimming, that it wasn't only about winning, but enjoying it and FEELING it. Rin realized that he was happier swimming with Haru because he made him feel emotions no one else made him feel EVER. Rin looked up to Haru and felt lost without him. They compliment each other and they made a HUGE impact in each other's life. Haru without Rin, wouldn't even have a reason to live and Rin without Haru, would be an egoist jerk. And that's why they were made for each other, but if you ask how do I know they love each other: hey, would you talk about your friend everyday in detail to your family? Would you be obsessed ...more

These two are definitely the best! It's obvious that they both care about each other deeply, from the way they look at each other to the fact that Haru was devastated when Rin said that he'd never swim with him again. Also, Rin's obsession of only swimming with and racing Haru, and his despair when he thought he could never do that again. They are comfortable together and share a bond that are stronger than the ones they have to any of their friends. Even when Rin didn't want to be close to Haru, Haru still worried for him and was prepared to forgive him for everything. I mean, he ran after him when Rin had lost his race even though Rin had been a jerk before, and Rin regretted what he'd said.

They have such a deep and real chemistry I don't even know where to begin. I could talk for hours about them, but lets keep this short and sweet. Haruka and Rin met in the last year of elementary school (roughly 12) for only (about) the last 3 months of the school year. In those 3 months they managed to create a bond so strong that Haruka never forgot about the red-haired shark-toothed boy in all the years to pass. Rin had such a strong pull on Haruka that when they met in middle school and raced against each other, Haruka quit swimming competitively just because he thought he hurt Rin. Now in high school, Haruka still wants to remember the sight Rin had showed him, and still cares about him just as deeply as his other friends. With Rin he had only been with him for a mere 3 months and managed to create such a deep bond with him, whereas with Makoto he was with him for basically his whole life. While I am in no way discrediting MH, Rinharu managed to create still as strong a bond as ...more

This is possibly one of the most incredible ships in exsistence. Actually, never mind, it IS the most incredible ship. Their bond is like no other, and no other bond can come NEARLY as close and as devoted as Rin and Haru. They care about each other so much, that they would stop doing something that they devote themselves to for the other person's sake. Heck, they would give up their future as swimmers to help the other. Why do I say that, you ask? Well the answer is simple: remember when Rin quit swimming after he raced Haru before he left for Australia? Haru stopped swimming competitively because he didn't want to hurt anyone, especially Rin. So from then on, he had stopped swimming competitively. At least, until the magical day they had reunited. Yes, Rin was a jerk to him, Makoto, and Nagisa, but did Haru really seem to care? No, he just went on with racing Rin. Now that's some deep stuff right there if you ask me.

3 Reigisa

It's so obvious that these two were made for each other. Because Nagisa is the kind of person who needs someone who's accepting of his own personality, will look out for the little enthusiast and be able to handle his affection and that person is Rei. As for Rei he needs someone who'll force him out of his little bubble so that he won't miss out on life plus you all know he's pretty much wrapped around Nagisa's little finger as it is.

And the signs are all there. The way they look at each other, How you know one would never let the other down and how they help each other in different ways. Nagisa wanted Rei to join the swim team so badly and even after all the times Rei said no he never gave up. He was so happy that he joined and even taught Rei how to swim right. Before he started hanging out with Nagisa Rei didn't bother with anything he didn't bother with things he considered 'not beautiful'. Now he's surrounded by all these new friends including Nagisa who's carved out a ...more

I feel like Nagisa is helping Rei get out of his comfort zone a little bit and helping him be more sociable. I think Rei may have thought that he was okay with just reading all of the time and not hanging out with friends after school but now, after meeting Nagisa (and, because of him, Makoto, Haruka, and Rin), I'm sure Rei will find that he really enjoys being around friends.

I also think that Rei will be able to help Nagisa and be a good influence on him as well.

They're both just very good for each other.

These two are just too cute! There's no getting around the fact that these two obviously have feelings for each other. They are always together, and just LOOK AT THEIR OFFICIAL ART! Can it get anymore cannon (without it specifically being stated). Honestly, these two belong together, they work with each other perfectly. Just seeing the way they look at each other makes me so happy! They are couple goals!

Love love this pairing! They are so cute. Both Rei and Nagisa are my favorite characters of the show and they have so much chemistry together. Rei always seem to have a weak spot for Nagisa, it's adorable. They are the most likely to be canon too!

4 HaruH2O

Haru and H2O have a very mutual understanding of each other. Plus, Haru messes H2O like 90% of the time. This ship is my OTP which has been sailed already. Uvu

When asked about his love life Haru started talking about a random waterfall he saw.

Haru loves water. He just can't stay away

We all know why to vote for this

5 Rinrei

I love how Rin doesn't think much or Rei when first meeting him but when Rei confronts him later asking why he wanted to join the relay, Rin gets defensive and asks Rei the same question. Rei's answer was to swim with all his friends. Rin also calls Rei in the middle of the night to talk to him. <--huehue) To be honest I think Rei is the real MVP in season 1 because he helped Rin and the others recover their relationship.

Although we don't get to see them together all the time, I simply love this pair. I love the fact that they care for each other so deeply but rarely show it. Rin is a daring, calm, and adventurous person and Rei is a sweet, adorable kinda guy that Rin would probably be attracted to. All I can say is that they are SO ADORABLE as a pair and I hope to see more of them in the future

Rinrei is amazing. The fact that Rin teaches Rei to swim the other strokes, and Rei giving him biscuits in return, Which, even though Rin finds them too sweet, he still eats them and stops Momo having more then one. And when Rei is shot with a water gun, Rin swear revenge.

Rinrei is so cute, their personalities fit well together. I love this ship!

6 SouRin

It 's so nice to see how good they know each other even after beeing seperated for some years. They know they can trust each other and there is no other person Sousuke is so open with. I just have to think at the gentle expression he has as Rin cries because he can 't swim anymore. He just knows that there is someone who cares deeply for him so much that said person cries and that it 's still the same Rin he has known before.

And Rin just doesn 't give up on him and promise to wait. They have these playful fights, the little kicks Rin gives Sousuke and he just doesn 't mind because it belongs to their relationship and it 's always good to release some anger

I think it 's good that they have their little fights because after that they understand each other much better and their bond become stronger and stronger.

These two are truly each other's catalysts, helping and pushing each other to be the best they can be. Souske is protective and cares deeply for Rin, there is literally no other way to put it. Even when they were young, Rin was always the one who got what he wanted, and Souske was totally okay with that - all he wanted was to see Rin smile.

Ugh they're just so cute together... from the epic brofist to how they fight for the bottom bunk and how sousuke asks haru to stay away from rin and he gives rin the bottom bunk eventually!

They just care so much for each other, and I feel like they rely on each other more than they do on others.

7 Harurei

These two have a special relationship where they look up to one another and look to be free. Haru definitely has a soft spot for Rei.

They definitely have a connection with each other. They're the ultimate fluff couple.

8 SouMako

After reading some fanfiction, Sousuke and Makoto have a great potential as a couple. I think their personalities works well together. Sousuke being rough on the edges and Makoto with his soft heart. Makoto mostly like will melt Sousuke's cold heart. They really are cute together.

I just expect for Mako to have a crush on Haru and Sou on Rin and they find this common ground to get over each of their crushes and end up liking the one helping them get their old crush (Mako ends up liking Sou and Sou Mako)

I feel like Sousuke would take care of Makoto, and also they're just hot together.

They are a perfect couple. Makoto is sweet and Sousuke seems romantic

9 SouHaru

I like this one the best! It's so hot, Because of their rivalry towards each other. They have a lot of moments together and their are very rough, like the vending machine one. Sousuke jut backs Haruks up against it, now isn't that great? Rivalry and Smashing another against a wall? Hmm?

10 Seigou

They take special place in my heart. <3
Gou, open your eyes and see that this redhead lionheart is here for you
You are breaking my heart

I just love the dynamic so much and saying goodbye to Sei is going to be the hardest time of my life.

The Contenders

11 HaruGou

HaruGou is the best couple in free although I do ship Rin and Haru and Makoto and Haru a lot there are many cute moments between them like the time she tried to comfort him over the pool and they smiled all lovey eyes at each other.And there's the other time when I thought it was cute of how that he remembers to call her by kou when they haven't seen eachother in ages

Only noncanon pair in Free! That caught my interest! They would be a perfect pair.

YES I ship it so much.I love how he was the only one to remember that she liked to be called Kou and not Gou.And the moment when she tried to comfort him at the pool was the cutest oh my god OTP

Why is this pairing so low?

12 Makorin

Makorin is a hugely underrated ship, and I really do hope they get some more development next season. They contrast each other so beautifully, and even though they barely interact you can read between the lines and you KNOW that they mean so much to each other due to their shared history. It's got so much potential as a pairing and I'm so excited to see how it plays out.


13 Rintori

I ship anyone witn Nitori tbh. He needs love. Plus, he looks up to Rin, and Rin trusts Nitori so much to handle the team after he graduated.

10/10 ship, I often find myself watching rintori vines just for satisfaction of this ship

Nitori obviously loves Rin a lot and looks up to him, it's adorable

I love this pairing so much

14 SeiMako
15 Harugisa
16 KisuMako

I only shipped this at first because of jealous Haru, but I genuinely ship this now. Kisumi's the only one who thinks of Makoto first before Haru (because you know, everyone's like- gay for Haru and Kisu is gay for Mako and Asahi). Better not take Makoto for granted anymore, Haru. Or else, Kisumi will be coming to get him.

I wish Kisumi was in the anime more (instead of only being in that one episode). Makoto and Kisumi seem to get along really well, considering they have common interests. Although I love Makoto and Haru, this ship is awesome.

I love kisumako only because of jealous haru lol. I love harumako more than life, but my second favorite ship is this one (along with almost any other ship that involves makoto)

I ship Kisumi with everyone honestly.

17 MakoGou

Makoto and Gou are so cute together, and matches one another dangerously well. Makoto is the tall, calm, musular leader of the swim team. While Gou is the short, outgoing, short and feminin helper to the team. And... gosh, they are cute :D

They compliment each other like Gou is loud while Mako is more calm. While Gou goes all her way, Makoto will surely support her no matter what. I dunno their tandem's like Mother and Father. Mako being the Mother and Gou is the Father. 😂

18 MakoRei
19 MomoTori

MomoTori is just too adorable not to ship in my opinion. There end of discussion.

I love this ship. Even platonically, they have a great relationship

Opposites attract. Momo and Nitori are like total opposites, and their personaities work so well together

It's really, really cute. damn, why is this pairing so low?

20 MomoGou

Momo loves Gou... it's hard for me to watch every time she ignores him...

21 KisuSou
22 MakoHaruRin

It is just impossible to decide beetween Rin x Haru and Mako x Haru (though I would prefer Haru x Mako). Mako and Haru know each other for a long time, but without Rin it lacks dynamic. And just Rin x Haru is too explosive.

Just for the fact that I'm cool with any combination between Haru, Makoto, and Rin.

Or HaruRinMako or RinHaruMako or whatever... just free! Some. always free! Some.

I really can't decide between MH and RH since both ships are fab. I'm not voting for threesome though...I guess I'll ship both,😍😊

23 HaruMackerel

The love is real. THE LOVE IS REAL.

24 NagiGou
25 KisuHaru

I actually SERIOUSLY ship these two together haha...sorry Makoto you can go with Sousuke or whoever instead.

It's because of a) their past history together (WATCH THE MOVIE BRO) and b) how Kisumi takes Mako away (INTERPRETED AS ATTEMPTING TO MAKE HARU JEALOUS) lastly c) the way their personalities blend together is pretty much perfect and both of them are hot damn so

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