At first one would think that Makoto and Haru's relationship is that of companionship, the perfect example of companionate love - the constancy of their presence with the other, the way they share so many things between themselves, how they act like a typical old couple - basically just around each other with little tension and spice in their dynamics (as compared to RinHaru, that is like a fuse just about to blow). However, that's as far as first impressions go, because their relationship runs deep as the ocean that Makoto is so afraid of, and yet is where Haru feels most free. It could be said that the producers are biased with the other pairing I mentioned, so there is a lot of downplaying going on for MakoHaru, but nonetheless, as an audience, one can't help but connect with their story and cheer them on. One can't help but conceive in their minds that this is the kind of relationship that lasts, that easily weathers problems because they know so well how to fix the issue. The ...more

Ok, let's face it, whether you ship something else now, this ship will always be in our hearts. Makoto is such a kind character and looks out for all his friends but it's clear, whether you pay attention or not, he has a soft spot for Haru. Whether you see their relationship as romantic or platonic, they care for each other more than others, again whether you see it as romantic or platonic, you can't deny it. The more you look at it, the more obvious it becomes and I can't say others don't ship it to, Nagisa's obvious quotes on how they act like a married couple for one, and there is so much more to their relationship than just that. You can see the simple acts of kindness as well as the greater ones and these can be seen in all episodes, from Makoto pulling Haru out of the bath tub, to them both taking the long journey to the same university.

In my opinion you can't get much fluffier than this ship and I do ship others in the show, this one just sticks out to me and you can ...more

I don't know they are the most ordinary pairing I've ever ship. I can see MakoHaru in every couple I run into on the street, in the theater, near the flowers shop. Everything around me can remind me of them. I see 2 kids running down the hallway of the school, hand in hand and I will subconsciously shout "MakoHaru". Maybe that's why I can't get them off my head. They just don't need to be special. They just need to be very normal, hand in hand, sitting together, talking about everyday life trivial things. Just that is enough to warm my soul. That's enough to make my heart skip thousands beats. MakoHaru makes me realize what I always yearn for in life: a long lasting, stable, understanding relationship. I wish for their happiness, of course, together, because I also want such happy ending for any couple like them in real life :).

Love is something easy to gain and hard to keep. We don't know exactly how these two met, but we know what's happened to them ever since. They inspire and motivate each other to do more and be more, sometimes with a push, and sometimes all they have to do is look at each other and somehow, they just know. Makoto could have just left Haruka when he was at his lowest point or leave when he got back up, but he didn't. Haruka could have left Makoto if he found him to be "too much effort" but he didn't. I could go on about examples and reasons of why if I had to remember what love looks like, it would be them, but I digress. They could have left each other because they are two very different people, but they didn't, they haven't, and I don't think they ever will. A bond as strong as theirs is not something I don't think any one would even think to give up willingly.

Yeah, this is what I love! MakoHaru! Don't agree? Read first, probably it'll change your mind.

I know there's a lot of people out there who ships RinHaru, but let's think for a bit. It's true, in lots of the time in the series, Rin is shown to be really really attracted towards Haru, in swimming and friendship (or probably more? ;) who knows), and they're often shown together at relays and outdoors, and they're close. Rin always has high hopes on Haru's swimming, and he wants to always compete Haru in competitions, including internationals or even bigger. But, is that LOVE? NO! Rin just admires Haru and his swimming, but that doesn't mean he loves him that way.

Now, let's talk about Haru and Makoto. Haru and Makoto are childhood friends, most likely to be BFF. Because, when Haru takes shower at his house, Makoto always pulls him up from the bath tub, same in relays, after Haru done swimming Free, Makoto always pulls him out of the water. Most of the time, they're shown ...more

These two are meant for each other. Makoto is Haru's light. He stood by his side no matter what. After beating Rin, Haru was weighed up with guilt. Not only that, but his parents left for an unknown reason, which made Haru become distant and empty. But Makoto never left. He saw the person he loved and cared for drift away, and he didn't know why. He may have felt helpless. But he gave Haru enough comfort and distance to keep him hanging on.

Then, at the festival and on the beach, he confesses about how much Haru means to him. Haru's eyes light up and come alive again. He just cannot believe that he can make someone feel so happy, and it makes him happy. It's him. It's always been him. And that's when Haru comes to realise this. Their relationship is so powerful and subtle at the same time. They're soulmates, enough said. Whether it's as friends or lovers, that's the way it's meant and always be. I can't wait to see more of these two in the next series!

Makoharu connection is subtle and yet undeniable. I know for a fact that they will choose each other again and again and that Makoto is the closest to Haru and who knows him even better than his own parents. They have this telepathic connection! It takes a very deep connection and understanding to be able to know and say what the other feels without words being said. They even converse through their eyes! Regardless if you're reading the light novel or watching the anime and regardless of who's writing their story, they know for a fact that Makoharu has a relationship that is incontestable. Even the writers said that whenever Makoharu are together sometimes they feel like there's something in their connection and at times they are too close that if the writer really thinks about it, the thoughts might become indecent so he's not going there since Free isn't a BL anime or story. The anime is about the sport and the characters' love for it and therefore they are leaving the ...more

Makoto and Haruka have the purest relationship I have ever seen. They are totally different individuals who met and became a perfect match, a bond which strengthen as time goes by. They are each others halves. And honestly, can anyone be as 'married" as these two? I once read an article about some 12 tips on how to build a long-lasting married life and believe it or not, these two have just landed 11 out of 12 tips. No wonder. They support each other and give each other strengths. And goodness, when someone tells you "It's meaningless without you." or "I am glad that you're here with me." One can't help feeling all these fluffy emotions. And that's just some of the reasons why I love these couple.

Makoto and Haru are two sides of one coin. They are completely different but complement each other nicely at the same time. Their love is so pure its what got me into the MakoHaru fandom. The loving gazes they share with each other when they think the other is not not looking just makes me scream. The way Makoto dotes on Haru and cares for him. How Haru defends Makoto and protects him. How they can talk to each just my body language. How Makoto cares so much for Haru it makes me cry. How Haru's biggest fear is losing Makoto. Their is truly beautiful and it touches my heart you can see the love and adoration in their eyes it's so touching. The scenes were amazingly portrayed like when Makoto drowned and Haru was out and ALMOST did CPR on Makoto (Still a lil salty about that). The scene from Free starting days was beautiful because Haru was worried Makoto was changing and that he was going to leave him. The official and fan artwork for this pair is absolutely stunning. One of my OTPS ...more

I love everything about their dynamics. The way they are just so simply at ease and comfortable with each other, the fact that they don't need to use words to communicate, that they are constantly supporting each other and being there for each other. Whether or not you see them together in a romantic way, I still see them as two people who love and care for each other very much.

It's a beautiful, strong and pure relationship that almost borderlines 'unhealthy'. It's because they're dependent on eachother, Haruka probably wouldn't go to school in the morning, eat a healthy diet that doesn't just consist of mackerel or even swim. It was stated in an interview that Makoto told Haruka about swimming in the first place, and also to actually return to swimming after what happened with Rin. And the same goes for Makoto, he finds peace with Haru. Haru makes him stronger, braver and just the way he is. If it was this way with someone other than Haru, that dude would've probably taken advantage of Makoto. And no one can deny that they have a really strong bond. Also another thing, this relationship isn't based solely on the "sexual tension" between them

Makoharu is my favorite ship of all time. They don't even have to speak, they communicate with their eyes. When they look at each other, you can see that they ARE in love. They are true soulmates, best friends and they know each other since they were little kids. This is perfect. I think everyone wants a relationship like this. Makoharu care for each other and they would do anything for their partner. They are not actually dating but act like a couple. When I see them... It just makes me SO happy. I can't describe it. They are made for each other and nobody can deny the fact that they love each other (platonic or romantic). For the Future. For Makoto and Haruka

I think the most beautiful aspect of their relationship is how they continue to nurture each other and help the other grow. Their relationship is actually NOT entirely perfect (though let's be honest it's pretty damn close) but it's their persistence in helping each other improve themselves that's the most beautiful part. And they do all this in the most gentle and understanding way, though no less inspiring, manner.

These two make my heart skip a beat when they do the smallest of things. Just sharing a popsicle or simply smiling at each other ends up looking incredibly sweet. It is crystal clear just how much they mean to each other, and seeing them put their feelings into words is magical. You can't have one without the other; they complement each other perfectly and I love that.

Their relationship is so beautiful I start to tear up just thinking about it!

Individually, they were imperfect. But where they are together and do supporting each other, they will show you the sight of perfection, and it will make your heart painfully clenched and your eyes become teary of this beautiful relationship.

These two were the original two, and no matter what happened, Makoto was always there for Haru. There is no one else who is willing to put up with Haru and still love and cherish him as much as Makoto does, wanting the best for his closest friend and pushing him to do what's right. Haru and Makoto look and act like a couple, even had a scene that almost looked like a breakup of sorts with cliché anime fireworks included. The way it all ends just proves that the two were meant to be - the firefighter and the swimmer. At the end of the day, there is no ship more perfect or more complete than MakoHaru.

So, like with Rin and Haru, this is one of the most popular ships. But if you were to ask me which has a better chance of working, I'd definitely say MakoHaru. First of all, it's my OTP in the show, but also, it just works. They're best friends who completely understand each other, and unlike Rin, Mako knows when to give Haru space or not. They obviously already have very strong feelings for each other, even if it's only platonic for now. They pretty much complete the other, and I couldn't see either with anyone else.

I feel like Makoto and Haru are the most important people in each other's life. They don't need words to communicate they just know what the other is thinking about, Haru may sometimes seem indifferent but I think its because Mako has always been a constant in his life, someone who's always there for him. In "The Fight" Haru said "even you're taking like this", before that there were others who tried talking to him about this, but Makoto is the one he said this to, showing us how much he relies on him.
They are basically soulmates, no unnecessary conflict or tension needed.

Because the yare perfect for each other, just pure sweet love. They support the other without asking or wanting anything in reward. They are not dramatic/violent they are just lovely is so natural for them to be together is just precious!

They are Real and god agrees with me

It's so sweet and domestic like that it's not hard to imagine them already in some kind of relationship

They are important for each other and they complete each other. They are the perfect married couple

Two guys that that have been friends since childhood and always with each other. It's 100% perfect

MakoHaru are seriously soul mates. Also High Speed really proved a lot of things about their bond. It's beautiful.