The only fruit that is good for you when you have almost any kind of sickness, and it is also great for exercising. Its also the easiest fruit to eat because you don't have to prepare it or wash it at all, just peel it! This makes it easy to take outdoors too! It will fill you up just the right amount when you feel like your hungry. It even tastes good in other things like banana bread, banana smoothie, just amazing. I'm like a monkey because I eat so many bananas

Bananas are definitely the best fruit in the world. Their are so many uses out their from baking all the way to a simple easy snack. Great as a dessert and excellent as a breakfast snack. Anyone who thinks Strawberries are superior to the banana is dead wrong.

I have one everyday they give ne all the nutrients I need for the morning and it lasts all day, they are so good the peel is smooth and sleek, the outside is a rough and weird texture, but when you bite in all you can taste is the sweetest mushiest inside and it feels like your biting into heaven. Plus, the minions love 'em, ho could YOU not?!

Bananas, Grapes and apples are my favorites, but I picked bananas because you don't have to wash them like the other fruits (i'm so lazy lol), and I love it when they are in that beautiful perfect yellow, It's so beautiful. And I really don't like them when they are full of black dots :/

As a very wise man once said: "I think I'm going to invent bananas." Okay, I know nobody actually invented bananas. Bananas are the best fruit in the world, however. I have 4 a day.

Bananas are by the fruit with the most fame, since they appear in many movies and video games. Also think about banana pudding, my mouth waters just thinking about it. - TheMCbanana

I never tire of the taste. With most other fruit, I cannot eat them for more than on 3 consecutive days... And then I need a long break! Not sure why this is so.

Banana the yummiest fruit in the world, they make me full and have sweet taste, m strawberries are sour, make my stomach hurt!

Bananas are good, especially as a milkshake or with ice cream or cereal! It's the most consumed fruit in the usa. Good choice everyone! - hurjelert

Bananas are yellow, delicious and they just can't be beat! How on Earth are these not loved by every one?!

Bananas is the only fruit I like. Yes I hate apples, strawberries grapes and all the rest. But bananas yummy! Love them.

Rubbing a banana peel on a mosquito bite can help stop the itching.

yeah banana is my hero man. I eat it everyday. I don't feel complete without a single banana in my day,I'd rather die.

I love bananas they have a great taste they should be number 1. they are so so so so so good

Bananas are so underrated. Anyone agree strawberries are a little overrated?

Bananas are yummy! Did you know bananas are the most popular fruit in the world

So much potassium, soft, sweet, great with breakfast, and they're so useful for just about any dessert!

They are great when you are doing a long physical activity like soccer. They give you lots of energy.

They are mild in taste, but they taste awesome, so you can eat a lot everyday and never get tired it.

I love bananas there so convenient and easy to eat compared to other fruits don't forget tasty.

Honestly, almost all fruits are super delicious, but I can't even imagine life without bananas

Lovely. Where my craving food during pregnancy and still love them now. My son also loves them.

I can't think of anything thing wrong with them, apart from that stupid Gwen Stafani song - Canis92

Bananas are the best! You can eat them at any time and they're full of vitamins. Go TEAM BANANA!

Bananas are so tasty and very easy to eat