Cherries are good, I like the black cherries most though. I don't like the ones in jars they taste like cola. The seed is they only downfall about cherries though, otherwise me and cherries agree with one another as far as taste and my stomach goes.

How are cherries number 11?! Are you kidding me. Cherries can be eaten in any way, cherry pie, cherry cheesecake, cherry cake, cherry tart, etc. Sweet, sour, red, black, seed or no seed cherry is the best fruit in existence. I would eat a million cherries and still want to eat more.

Love, love, LOVE cherries! Nothing like ripe, sweet juicy cherries. I like it best on cheesecake but also I cut them up and put them in greek fruit-on-the-bottom cherry yogurt and also covered in chocolate...oh, I'm about to faint...

I love cherries because they have varieties of them and true they are in many foods like ice cream lolly pops and cake and more and are so refreshing with punch @ parties and summer days.

Cherries are the best they are supper sweet and grow in big bunches! If I never got full I would eat them FOREVER! =D =D =D

Cherries are my favorite. Red cherries are very tasty and sweet.

If the taste isn't enough, they just look adorable. And cherry flavoured things are definitely the best

Cherries are red, sweat and so yummy except the cherries with the seeds in them, but still I love them!

These things have more flavor than any other fruit I can think of. I would rank these #1 over any fruit!

Cherries! I adore them! I have loved them since I was 4.I'd eat a million and still want to eat

Cherries should be Number 1 and Grapes should be Number 2! - lizard302

My dog in heaven voted cherries too.
She loved cherry so much.
Next was grapes.

Cherries are the ultimate fruit! You can eat them alone or you can add them to other things like so many companies have done!

Cherry flavoring isn't TOO good, but cherries themselves seedless oh man.

When we put cherries in our homemade cake the cake become delicious

Cherries are so good the only bad thing about them are the seeds

Cherry goes with any dessert and it is sweet and not sour at all.

I love cherries, and when I was young I only cared for red ones

The best fruit on here! Put it higher.

I ' love cherries! I can eat an entire bag of them. - BigEJ52

Cherry and sour cherry is my favorite

Screw you all I love cherries though

Cherries! Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum - AzaleanGirl

Should be higher, they're awesome!

It is a fruit with zero sourness.