Kiwi, nothing else. Kiwi is not a 'fruit, its something magical. When you bite into it, you get a feeling that will last in you. Kiwi does not go to the stomach, it goes to the heart.

It should be in first place it is more tastier then apples sweeter than bananas if you hate kiwi you are have gone completely out of your mind

Oh man kiwi is my favorite food ever it's healthy tasty better than mangoes and the rest above! People just don't try it.

Kiwi everything! I am so serious right now it's not even funny. I would change my name to Kiwi if I could, I shall be naming my first daughter Kiwi!

I can not believe that it is number 10 I mean seriously its so tangy

Kiwi is the best because it is healthy and juicy and tastes way better than ice cream if you hate kiwi I'm telling you I will hate you

Kiwis have always been my favourite fruit. I understand it not being first place for other people, but not even top ten? Seriously?

The Kiwi is the best fruit it taste epic. Is high in fiber ammino acids, vitamin k and C.

I love how it makes your tongue have a strange tingly sensation. - LemonComputer

I've always loved kiwis. The texture is what makes them great.

Kiwi is ver very very very very very very vry very very very very very very very very very very awesome! Kiwi is fantastic and epic. Better then strawberry. Its sour but man it tastes nice. We made a kiwi smoothie at our school. KIWI! KIWI! KIWI! Vote for it please.

Come on! Best fruit! Exotic and tasty at the same time =)

I LOVE THIS FRUIT! I could eat every one on Earth!

Who dose not like kiwi it's so FANTASTIC

It is the best fruit I have ever tasted

Should be in the top 3. Kiwi is amazing.

The tartness of kiwis is so good.

Kiwi is my faviote fruit because it is so juicy and it is so nice when you dip it in a choclate fountian x

Kiwi is the best Fruit in the world I mean it should be number one its totally better than strawberry. From ivanny jimmy age 8

It so good it is so amazing I love it apples are seareusly not as good it will never be.

Kiwi is the best fruit. I like it wan you by it from the stor and wate a week and then eat it.

Kiwi is so great. I preffer them when they are still sour. It's reall so good.

Easy to eat, and heaps of Vitamin C and Fibres! Also, let's not forget that they taste absolutely amazing!
Source: Just ate three of 'em green bastards!