Oranges are the best! I eat one every single day and their the best for summer. You bite into one and the flavour explodes into your mouth and makes your taste buds tingle and dance around. Depending on how you eat it, there's a different flavour... I'm gonna have an orange now.

Why are oranges number 7?! When you find that perfect orange, it's an explosion of sweet juicy goodness in your mouth and it sucks when it's all gone

My boyfriend said if I'm a fruit I would be a mandarin and I have never been as happy in my entire life

Oranges are by far number one. They have the perfect texture, right amount of sweetness and juicy ness.

Oranges are my favorite fruit of all time. They are so sweet and easy to peal. SWEETEST FRUIT EVER!

Oranges are juicy, makes digestion easy and makes you feel comfortable after eating them.

Nothing like a sweet orange slice! - MLDOPEY

Florida ones are great! Bananas make me sick in my stomach. These are great! Yum

Orange is my favourite fruit because of its taste and beautiful round shape...

Oranges are the best! Specially the big ones! They have such great flavor!

So refreshing when you bite into one! Just hate it when the white stringy stuff gets in the way

The tangy taste just somehow makes it my absolute favorite fruit.

I love the are the best I don't see how it didn't beat strawberries

Definitely for me, I love mandarins and tangelos especially. - AGK

I always have a bag of mandarins in my hostel's fridge lol

Who doesn't like oranges? Their simply delicious

One of the best fruits out there, heavenly smell too. - Abdelwahab

It a a great source vitamin c and fights sickness

I love oranges so juicy and sour the way I like it

I don't like the color orange, but I love the fruit!

They all suck they Are fruit, who made this list

Oranges are simply the best they sort of like lemons, not s sweet not so sour and a tangy flavor. Oranges are best because they have this sweet taste you can never get rid of. Oranges rule!

Hey hey hey hay orange? Hey hey KNIFE

Oranges are tasty and delicious.

East or west oranges are the best!