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21 Passion Fruit

I love it that this fruit is getting so much promotion all over the world! Dragon fruit is my second and both fight sickness and both are fun to grow! I have a passion vine with 3 new buds and it's only about 7 months old and it's already about to produce, dragon fruit takes longer but it's even more fun to watch because it can grow up to an inch a day in stem length! - Aydanadkins

Best fruit in the world. Loads of sweetness and loads of sour refreshing and I quench the sugarthirst.

Passion Fruits are beautiful Passion fruits are fine, I like passion fruits I eat them all the time! I eat them for my supper and I eat it for my lunch if a had a hundred passion fruits I'll eat them all the time!

Looks gross inside but Tastes wonderful

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22 Tangerine

Tangerines are WAY better than most of the other higher ranked ones. I eat like five a day (I finished my pack today). They taste super good and refreshing when cold. I love em!

I eat tangerines every day I love them. they're a whole lot better than oranges: sweeter, easier to peel, usually no seeds. I eat them twice a day, sometimes even three. My favourite fruit is mango, but tangerines are still amazing!

It's like a peach but with no fuzz. So good

23 Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is juicy and wonderful I love it so much IT IS THE BEST BUT BANANAS IS NOT TO FAR BEHIND I LOVE IT FLAVOUR YUmMY

It takes forever to arrange, but it's sweet taste is so addicting. - PinkflASHES

This fruit is the worst of the fruits

Cantaloupes should feel personally attacked to be behind so many boring meh fruits like apples. There is nothing better than a ripe cantaloupe, and the work to get to the fruit just makes it sweeter.

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24 Avocado

Thank you for confirming this little known belief. Avocados are smeared on the face as a salve.

People all over America are willing to pay the $2.05 extra for this at Chipotle every single time. If this isn't America's favorite fruit, I don't know what is, because we put this on like every food nowadays. - Dorito

Although quite a fatty fruit, it can promote weight loss if eaten in the right quantities!


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25 Grapefruit

They're so sweet yet tart that they're refreshing!
Love them so much that they're my favorite fallowed by pineapple then strawberries.

Grapefruit needs to be higher on the list. What the hell. It's one of the healthiest fruits there are and also tastes awesome and better than oranges.

After Raspberries, Grapefruits are my second favorite followed by Pineapples

The god tier fruit. None can beat it in terms of healthiness and flavour

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26 Clementine

it's like an orange but much sweeter. -

These little guys are awesome. I'll usually have three of them with lunch.

So juicy! Incredibly small and easy to eat!

I literally eat like five of these a day

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27 Starfruit

Star fruits are so cool! They look like little stars when you cut them out, and they taste like a mix of lemon and apples. YOU SHOULD TRY THEM!

I think this fruit in Europe and rainy places is so good because rain let this fruit so sweet and more cool also starfruit makes you happy and coo, it's so awesome try in in Europe its like a rainbow with fresh ran and I don't know just try it...

Nice and sweet yet sour. It is really cool shape but costs a lot of money.

This fruit is so good! Try it, you don't wanna miss out!

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28 Apricot

These are beast, don't talk bad about um or you guys suck.

I'm with yah bro

When they are soft, ripe and sweet they are the best fruit you can have.

This should be #1. What's wrong with you?

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29 Guava


Once you taste guava you'll realize that it is the best fruit out there! Not only does it taste good as a fruit but if you make juice or milkshake out of it it is AMAZING! Please vote for this fruit it deserves to be at the top

I wish I could try all of these fruits at least once in my life starting with guava

Just don't buy guava at Walmart. Get it at a local fruit specialty market

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30 Tomato

Hand down! Tomatoes are my absolute favorite, nectar of the gods. There's nothing like picking a fresh ripe and juicy tomato from the garden with a little salt and pepper or ctting it up and mixing it in with some fresh cucumbers with some olive oil and vinegar along with a nice fresh slice of homemade Italian bread.. MMm.

Has a lot of seeds and so it is considered a fruit.

38?! What are you crazy!? Tomatoes should be number 1! Tomatoes are awesome! They come in lots of colours to! For example Red Green watermelon!? Yellow and believe it or not orange! - tohall01

Tomatoes with salt and pepper are amazing

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31 Mandarin Orange

Absolutely the sweetest, best fruit in existence when it is IN SEASON, and when it is SMALL and NOT TOO RIPE, but juuust right. The only fruit that comes close to it are garden fresh strawberries, sweet bing cherries and tangelos.

AMAZING! They are just so juicy and just a little bit of tart depending on the brand you get, and if you sprinkle a little sugar over it. Absolutely the sweetest best fruit.

These are so nice they should be second but first should be watermelon - decorulez97

Whoever doesn't like mandarin oranges is missing out on heaven. Try them! Don't judge!

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32 Nectarines

People don't like them just because they are not one of the popular fruits, If you have not tasted one slice it up and eat it RIGHT NOW. It is really good, with awesome flavor and perfect texture.

Nectarines are better than pears! Better than peaches since they don't have that Weird furry outside laugh out loud

They just the best

I can’t believe people like HONEYDEW more than NECTARINES.

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33 Dragon Fruit

it burns my tongue with its firey goodness well... no 1

TRY EATING DRAGON FRUIT SORBET! It Tastes so good! Please vote for Dragon Fruit! Hope you like, enjoy, and taste it. Have a Happy New Year!

I love Dragon Fruit. I ate it on 3-3-13. Today is 3-4-13. Its very sweet! Try it! I hope you like it!


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34 Black Cherries

Oh so sweet! Unlike the red cherries which I've never been quite fond of. But I never seem to get bored of black cherries.

35 Cherimoya

Eh hello? Cherimoyas are great for a hot day when chilled and can be made into a nice tropical smoothie.

The texture may be a little different, but makes up in flavor. It's sorta like a mix between a banana, honeydew, and sweetened milk. I love it!
Oh and if the flavor wasn't already fantastic... It has properties that get rid of head aches and relieves stress! Who doesn't need some of that? Be sure to take out the seeds though.. They are a good size and are toxic. Like eating a watermelon spit out the seeds or use a spoon. Cherimoyas are in my top 5 of favorite fruits!

Most of you guys right now are thinking "what is cherimoya" well it is a type of fruit that has tons of seeds and it is delicious. It is soft jucie goodness in one medium sized fruit. It is a green skin fruit. Tip: Seeds can be poisonies

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36 Limes

There so sour that's why there good. - Lister101

It's so yummy and you can put it on hot cheeos takis doritostuna carrots cucumbers chicken steak

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37 Persimmon

If you have ever had a perfectly ripe persimmon, then you should be shocked that it isn't higher on the list.

They are just so sweet, once you have one then you'll know that there is nothing better than that.

Persimmon is the best fruit! It's sweet, like mango, but not that sweet, which makes it addicting. You can find it at Asian markets in the fall.

Yay - Orlemley

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38 Jackfruit

So sweet.. Taste like juicyfruit gum and ice cream had a baby! Also with it being the largest tree fruit in the world at an average of 35 lbs! It's hard to contain all that tropical flavor... IT'S $@&/$&@ AMAZING! So glad the fruit is so big... So it lasts me a few days. The first time I tried it.. I wanted to thank the tree who made it. Should be (NUMBER 1 ON THE LIST! ) now I'm growing baby jackfruit trees from seed... Can't wait for them to give me lovely fruit. Only takes 3 summers! Must be retard if never tried it! So tasty!

Jackfruit is the National Fruit of Bangladesh and locally called 'Kaanthal'. Any people eat this fruit definitely will fall in love with this fruit's taste. It is so sweet and very nice flavor. There are different types of taste of this Fruit vary on different species. Jackfruit is the largest fruit in the world. One fruit can be as long as 5 feet+ and weight is also too high.
One fruit can be eaten by more than 100 people if the fruit is big enough and the fruit contains all vitamins. It increase stamina and it also makes you stronger. Local people find it is like sex increasing fruit.

More over, If all tropical country cultivate this fruit, the food problem specially in fruit can be support greatly.

Saki Billah, Bangladesh.

I'm surprised to see Jackfruit in number 40. It should be in top 5'

It's the same as fish and chips just looking at it makes me smile araron

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39 Cantaloupe

I've ate cantaloupe so much now when ever I eat it I want to throw up

Sometimes I have cantaloupe with my eggs, bacon, grits, and my cinnamon rolls so good - PrincessKiana

Ha! No one eats this by choice

Why is this on the list twice?

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40 Finger Lime V 1 Comment
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