Top Ten Favorite Fruits

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61 Feijoa

The best fruit in the world.

The best fruit ever. They taste amazing with plain vanilla ice cream and they have such a unique flavour.

Amazing in a smoothies

Very nice tasting fruit

62 Physalis

Saw this at safeway and I thought, "what the heck? " but now its one of my favorites.

Because I totally know what these are! There are so swweet and they taste amazing because they just melt in your mouth like jello and I'm just so in love with these brown fruits.

63 Cactus Fruit V 2 Comments
64 Peni Waraka
65 Cashew Apple V 1 Comment
66 Salak

Tastes like pineapple but looks cooler

Eeew it's like armpit candy! Why just why is this on here? Does somebody like it? I mean it looks cool with scales and all but it's flavor made my toungue cry! :(

V 2 Comments
67 Goji
68 Star Apple

Tasty! My dad used to love eating them when he was a kid. I hope to try znother one really soon! But I don't live in the tropics. The texture is smooth, almost like silk. Yum!

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69 Rose Apple
70 Sapodilla

When ripe to a soft sweet consistency, will make you crave MORe!

71 Mulberries

I love trying to find these out in the woods. Such a sweet succulent berry.

This little berries are delicious - FrankP

72 Sugar-apple

I agree that it is the sweetest fruit in the world. I could never have enough of it!

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73 Lingonberry

Very cranberry-ish...a winner!

Very very tart and tasty.similar to

74 Bell Pepper

GREEN PEPPERS ARE THE BEST AND VERY HEALTHY! Love stuffed peppers and Greek salad, both which have them!

Who the heck put this on here?

75 Currant
76 Mulberry V 1 Comment
77 Pawpaw

Throwing up!

78 Pouteria
79 Pumpkin

Yes, this IS a fruit!

V 1 Comment
80 Plantains

I love platanos when they are in wide chip shapes they taste DELICEOUS I don't eat them like fruit I eat them in chip like thingies with salt

WHAT 0%!? Nonono people come on? Really? Haven't you taste a fried platain?! Seriously!? Pftt! This should be 99%!

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