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81 Chesa

Some people think this is cheese but cheese is not a fruit like Chesa. I will now do a search and find out about chesa. It is very unpopular around here

The real name is canistel, and it is very nice, but it is not close to the greatest tasting fruits

One word...GROSS!

82 Black Raspberry V 1 Comment
83 Huckleberry

It's a fruit common in the Northwest (in the U.S.). I tried it on a vacation there, and it's really good. The perfect blend between sweet and tangy.

There good

84 Satsuma Mandarin
85 Lychee

Lychees are so nice. They are my favourite fruit. They should so be number 1. Why is this here? It should be number 1. If you have not tried it ever you should try them. If you have never ever tried them you are crazy. They are SO DELICIOUS! It is the best fruit ever.

I think it is so delicious...
So hard to find it grow naturally in my country,
I must buy it in store.

Lychees are very delicious, although most people do not know where to get them. But if you do see some fresh lychees, it will make your taste buds soar.

best fruit

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86 Durian

Durian is the king of fruits..
and the queen of my heart.. - Milosusu

Durians are highly underrated! They smell awesome and taste awesome -- the best ones are the most fragrant ones. Go durians! Woohoo!

Even though it's not my favourite, I voted for this since it's so underrated. And maybe this is biased since I'm Asian but they actually smell pretty good.

It may smell horrible, but you just can't say no to that flavor... - Piplup

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87 Purple Mangosteen

Pure joy. It's amazing to eat, something like a bite of heaven. Hell, even the texture is like eating a cloud.

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88 Cucumber

Yep this is a FRUIT! It's a nice fruit and I love to eat it for a snack

Cucumbers are very good!

They are nice in lunch boxes

89 Kumquat

Because it always makes me smile. He

This fruit befuddles me.

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90 Papaya

42? REALLY? Papayas are super good for your skin, besides the fact that they are so yummy and sweet.

Ripe Papaya is definitely my favorite fruit, hands down!

Hands down top 5!

87?! are you kidding me?!

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91 Boysenberry
92 Fig

Great fruit. Totally love its taste

Most delicious fruit in the world. The red figs are better because you can eat the skin too.

Figs need to be ripened on the tree. They do not ripen if you pick them too soon. You need a fig tree to taste real figs.

Figs are my favorite fruit! I grew up eating them b/c 1 of my grandmothers had a fig tree & she used to make fig preserves. We put them on toast

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93 Olives

I had no idea this was a fruit. Yum.

Technically, it's a fruit. And a good one too

Yes, a salty and oily fruit!

Olives are amaze me,my cat,my dad,my mom are crazy for they era so tangy and juicy an refreshing ! 😱😱😱
Olives are cool olives rule down with all the fruits I just love olives with anything but they taste superb with egg🍳🍳🍳🍳 seriously there no olives in the emojis either.let teach the olive Dance
Wiggle your body
Then holahoop
Touch the ground
Do a front roll do a back roll
At last a cartwheel

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94 Bayberry
95 Spanish Lime
96 Ginep

My grandma says its hard to peel but the amazing treasure within the wall of a peel is worth any strife you go through for it

Who doesn't like Gineps?

Have you tried saying it?
I don't understand why so many turn and flee when they see this mighty fruit
It's truly the greatest

97 Lanzones

Great tasting tropical fruit when ripe. Just don't bite the bitter seed. Grown in the Philippines and harvested during September and october

98 Aratilis V 1 Comment
99 Chico

Hey that's the name of my friends dog oh yeah also love it

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100 Damson V 1 Comment
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