Top Ten Favorite Gods from the Percy Jackson Series

Who the best god from percy jackson and the heroes of olympus?

The Top Ten

1 Hades

He really was the best

Try to change my mind that Zeus is the least powerful out of the big three. Hades has to put the most effort into his job, he is very close to dangerous monsters, and the dead out number the living by the millions. Poseidon can control 2/3 of the world and cause earthquakes.Zeus is also the youngest out of the three.Hades never broke the oath that he was forced to agree with. He also rarely ever cheats with his wife and cares fore his children.

He is so underestimated and deserves better. He is my favorite god/goddess in the series

Hades is just a misunderstood god who has been treated like crap from his brothers and all of the other gods. - PopularStarfish

2 Poseidon

Come on guys we all know we only like Poseidon because he's Percy's dad, admit it don't be ashamed

*sighs* The origin of Persassy...

Poseidon is very strong and his son is Percy Jackson, so he gets a VIP pass on being my favorite greek god.

Percy: DAAD
Poseidon: DAAD wait I mean SOON
Percy: *Running in slow motion to arms open*
Posiedon: *Same as percy*
Percy: *Hugs*
Posiedon:*Hugs back*
Hephaestus:*Nods* sup
Leo: Sup

3 Apollo

Apollo's sense of humour is absolutely amaze. He is funny, and is kinder to mortals than most gods. I mean, he can be arrogant, but that makes him sorta more likeable in the trials of Apollo. Not to mention he is one of the only gods to help mortals in their quest.

I mostly voted this cause he’s my godly parent

Super funny. He added awesome humor and terrible haiku's to the story.

Apollo: "I'm so awesome bro"

4 Artemis

My favorite.

She is the best goddess ever, she fights for what is right and is the most not evil crazy of the gods

She always fights for what is right. And she fought for them not to Kill Percy in the Titans Curse.

Yo the god of the moon love her and zoe best I love the titans curse so much

5 Hestia

Whoever said hades is treated like crap by ALLthe other gods is wrong,hestias nice 2every1.I love you, hestia

She’s so humble like how can you NOT like her?

For some reason I just liked Hestia the first time I saw her. She was like an hearth in a person's heart... just seeing her in front of the hearth kinda makes me sad. It's like she was trying to make the last burning ember, which was a god she liked's life survive...

Hestia is the only Olympian that still has a heart. Her kindness is way too underappreciated. I'd honestly choose her as a mother out of all of them. Just look back at greek mythology, she's the only one who doesn't objectify us 'puny mortals'. Also, she was clever enough not to get married and ruin her life. She is forever The Last Olympian.

6 Dionysus

He can turn coke into Fanta I LOVE FANTA!

If I was a Greek God, I'd probably be him. - IronSabbathPriest

The Wine Dude


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7 Aprodite

Yes She is my favorite goddess/god

So Pretty...


8 Ares

How is ares not number 1 he's my dad and by half brother is frank he can turn into animas - skyboy7

9 Hermes

With all due respect, Hermes should at least be above Ares, Aphrodite, Hades, and Dionysus. He did honestly care deeply about his children and assisted Percy in numerous aspects in the PJO series. He's the greatest, he had a big heart and is extremely consciences. He made me realise how utterly amazing parents could be.

I hated Hermes because of how much he neglected Luke, even though Luke clearly needed attention or he would start to resent the gods. I think Hermes knew and could've stopped Luke turning on the camp but chose not to, and I really don't like him - pjo

Who doesn't love him and his two snakes (I absolutely adore George and Martha)?

Definatey the best god in the series.

10 Athena

I liked Athena until I learned what she did to Arachne. You can say that Arachne deserved that punishment. But you can say the same thing about all of that Athena's demigod kids? Did they deserve that punishment too? My blood literally boiled when I saw that Athena sent all of that kids of hers to the literal death tournament; to a monster's hand that she herself had created with her own damn hands. All that children died because of Athena's own creation of the mess. She could have ended this all mess from the start, but she didn't. She literally created an endless circle of death situation.

Annabeth is my second favorite character

No matter what she will always be my most favourite god/goddess. She only threatened Percy because she cares about Annabeth and the world.

She voted to destroy percy, so yeah, I hate her


The Contenders

11 Demeter

She‘s way too underestimated


12 Hephaestus

Come on guys every body else steals the spotlight from Hephaestus ( not that he usually minds) but he's really cool still and may I remind you that he is the father of Leo Valdez himself

13 Khione

Great villain. Though technically she's a Disney princess...

She was obviously a goddess before she became a disney princess what - pjo

14 Medusa

Medusa's not a god...

Is she even a God?

C,mon stop kidding Medusa ain't a god or goddess or whatever... - Neeoo

15 Iris

i like her

She was funny

16 Aeolus

Yo,river God...Your horn of plenty's with Piper

His the god of winds by the way. the one you are looking for is acheolus

17 Nike

She is so funny!

She was pretty cool and funny

18 Persephone

She wasn't in the books much, but when she was, she was good

19 Zeus

Ass ass ass hole

Zeus is arrogant and self-centered; he cannot think straight like a true leader according to the book series. He doesn't look like some one Id vote for - Immortui-Fortissimus

No one is better than the king of gods and god of universe

ZEUS 4 LiFe, Lightning and Jason

20 Hera

Hera best goddess ever

21 Amphitrite
22 Hecate

She helped Hazel a lot. Hecate probably helped the seven demigods more than anything else

She seems really kind and is willing to help Hazel with the Mist and in The Son Of Magic is important

23 Heracles Heracles
24 Nemesis

Very interesting, I hate how so many people like Artemis. SHE IS SEXIST! ’

25 Hemera

To be honest I which she appeared more in the series

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