Top Ten Favorite Gods from the Percy Jackson Series

Who the best god from percy jackson and the heroes of olympus?

The Top Ten

1 Hades

After reading greek gods I realized that hades is the best of his brothers and not a womanizer

Hades is just a misunderstood god who has been treated like crap from his brothers and all of the other gods. - PopularStarfish

He's more responsible than his other two brothers. He's the only one who didn't break the oath and he is a pretty good father, too.

MY FATHER! If I were a demigod... maybe I am

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2 Poseidon

I love how similar Percy and Poseidon sometimes are. Their looks, their personality, their attitude, their temper, and how it all reflects the sea ('The sea does not like to be restrained'). He may very well be the most powerful of the Big Three, considering he can not only control the whole sea, but he can also control part of Zeus' and Hades' domains as the Stormbringer and the Earthshaker.
Poseidon may not get the 'Best Father of the Year' Award, but he still is one of the Gods who care the most about their children. (He visited Percy when he was a baby, asked Sally to live with him in the sea with Percy, sent Cyclopses to watch Percy, visited him on his birthday and left his palace to almost be destroyed when Percy asked him to.)
I wish we had seen him more in the series, especially in HoO.

I missed him in HOO a lot! I wish he would have at least appeared in Neptune form for like a chapter and I would have been satisfied.

Poseidon is so chill and lay back and is by far the best godly parent. I mean he literally said Percy was his favorite son even though Percy was a born by a broken oath. So he cheated on his wife THIS IS GREEK MYTHOLOGY PEOPLE EVERYONE CHEATS ON THEIR SPOUSES except Hera, may she rot in Tartarus.

Poseidon is best - Orlemley

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3 Apollo

Apollo made me laugh through all the seriousness happening in the Titan's Curse. He was like a breath of fresh air...

Nah, Titans curse was my favorite in the series

The Titan's Curse and The Blood of Olympus felt a little empty to me, but Apollo really lifted the spirits.

All gods suck but he's the best of me

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4 Artemis

She always fights for what is right. And she fought for them not to Kill Percy in the Titans Curse.

Yo the god of the moon love her and zoe best I love the titans curse so much

She's an unselfish and brave goddess

I work for her.

5 Hestia

Definitely the kindness of all the gods

She is the Best!

Needs an honorary cabin at CHB, even if she is only a minor goddess now

6 Dionysus

If I was a Greek God, I'd probably be him. - IronSabbathPriest


The Wine Dude

7 Aprodite

So Pretty...

8 Ares
9 Hermes

I hated Hermes because of how much he neglected Luke, even though Luke clearly needed attention or he would start to resent the gods. I think Hermes knew and could've stopped Luke turning on the camp but chose not to, and I really don't like him - pjo

Definatey the best god in the series.

10 Athena

She voted to destroy percy, so yeah, I hate her

I would be a daughter of Athena.

If I was in percy jackson I would be son of athena

Come on, she is the best of them all

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The Contenders

11 Demeter
12 Hephaestus
13 Khione

Great villain. Though technically she's a Disney princess...

She was obviously a goddess before she became a disney princess what - pjo

14 Medusa

Medusa's not a god...

Is she even a God?

C,mon stop kidding Medusa ain't a god or goddess or whatever... - Neeoo

15 Aeolus

Yo,river God...Your horn of plenty's with Piper

His the god of winds by the way. the one you are looking for is acheolus

16 Zeus

Zeus is arrogant and self-centered; he cannot think straight like a true leader according to the book series. He doesn't look like some one Id vote for - Immortui-Fortissimus

No one is better than the king of gods and god of universe

ZEUS 4 LiFe, Lightning and Jason

ass hole

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17 Hera

Hera best goddess ever

18 Amphitrite
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