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21 Canada Day

This day is my birthday! YAY

I accidently clicked something else I vote this

22 Labor Day
23 President's Day

I'm off from school on this day so yeah - Mcgillacuddy

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24 Good Friday

Because you can go to get ice creme sweet frog go home eat your ice creme

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25 Veterans Day

Yeah. They deserve some love. Give the confidence to do good on the battlefield.

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26 Eid ul-Fitr V 2 Comments
27 Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you! - LandonLaFond

May the 4th be with you (=^.^=) - Catacorn

28 Chinese New Years

All the fire crackers, chasing the bad luck away, who doesn't like that

Never really celebrate it. We should next year!

29 Nowruz

Nowruz is my favorite holiday, because

1. Its new years

2. Its Persian

That's right Christmas! Suck it!

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30 Superheroes Day

Holy crap I've never heard of this holiday... I should probably think about celebrating it!

I don't really like all that superhero stuff.

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31 All Saints' Day

I'm Catholic so we celebrate this and I have so much fun with this it's just awesome

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32 Columbus Day

Why is this on the list? Columbus murdered the Natives and tortured them! He wasn't even the first person to discover America1

Columbus sold children as sex slaves. Look it up.

33 Halfoween

It's a holiday between halloween before and the next halloween, it's on May the 1st.
It was invented because people were impatient about when the next halloween would come up.

34 Rosh Hashanah

Some Jewish holidays should be on here its not far!

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35 Victoria Day
36 Arbor Day
37 Festivus
38 Bonfire Night

Getting together with all your friends and family is great

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39 Parent Fun Day

Just do fun things with yur mom or dad, you can have it any day of the year but just once.
Because its a Holiday. After you have fun tell yur parents you love them and it was a great day.

40 Australia Day
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