Favorite Horse Breeds

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1 Arabian

Watching Arabian horses in flight is like poetry in motion.

All horses are great, but they wouldn't exist if not for the Arabian, one the first and pure breeds. Most horse breeds have if not a lot, at least a trace of Arab in them. Perhaps it's because they're so ancient that they were able to develop the loyalty, speed, stamina, and all around greatness they have.

I love all these horses, but arabians have to be the best, because of their energy and fire, I think it is so fun - horserida911

these horses are the fastest horses around and the most gentle and friendly and if you like music look on youtube for the song webkinz I WANNA RUN

2 Andalusian

I think Andalusians are extraordinary horses so pretty and with such nice gaits

3 Fjord

The Theraputic Riding Center I volunteer at had 5 fjords, they are so sweet and understanding. You can do just about anything with them, they are super strong too.

Love fjord small great horse doesn't eat much loves the cold robust great animal breed

They are so cute! ❤️ Them

4 Quarter Horse

I love them!

Anyone who doesn't think that the quarter horse is at the top of the list has obviously never been near or own this magnificent breed! They are super sweet, gorgeous, and are absolutely willing to please anyone who cares for them. They can pretty much accomplish any sport and are excellent at any sport relating to racing and jumping. They have HUGE hind-quarters that make this breed perfect in speed and jumping. This has got to be the top breed.

I very much dislike quarter horses. I do not vote for them.

I think they are great horses

5 Thoroughbred

Race horses are true athletes. Have you ever heard of the horses Secretariat and Man O' War? They are true athletes. In fact, they are listed as America's Greatest athletes of all time.

Both are thoroughbreds. Enough said. (:

Thoroughbreds should be at the very top of the list. Look at what they can do! I don't think they counted very many people

This is a kinda but spunky breed that is good for any thinng or anyone!

I love this breed because of racehorses.Just think about Ruffian bursting out of the gate,and won.Or think of Secretariat beat all of the other horses alongside him.Or Man O War race toward the finish line with 7 length ahead. Although I love both Arabian and Thoroughbred,the true athlete horse still stands a higher place in my heart. - QueenOfRacing

6 Friesian

True Black Beauties! Never owned one because my family has only ever owned Quarter and Thoroughbreds, but these horses are the image of elegance!

They are the best horses in the world! They are gems! So pretty and talented! They are my favorite!

They are fairytales come true!

7 Dutch Warmblood

Such beautiful horses!

8 Shetland Pony

Shetland ponies are the best! All the sass, just the right amount of ponytude and a cuddle bug personality wrapped in an adorable fluffy package. Not to mention their all their strength and intellignce.

9 Appaloosa

Appaloosas Are just plain AWESOME! With their spotted fur, they look AWESOME too! Paints are cool too, though - Winddancer

They are so cute! I love the spots! I ride 1 and I think they are a great type of horse

There is another person who put Appaloosa down there I think

Beautiful and talented

10 Mustang

The Contenders

11 Paint

A paint is pretty much a coloured quarter horse. I like their colouring but think they look like quarter horses. Don't like quarter horses.

12 Gypsy Vanner

Awesome! They are so beautiuful!

13 Saddlebred
14 Haflinger

My horse is a Haflinger and I love him! Haffies have such a buggy and fiery personality, yet a great temperament. They are sometimes stubborn but that's just their personality. Once broke, Haflingers are amazing. Great for beginners and advanced, Western and English.

Haffies are so cute! They have great temperament and are the type of horse that can do it all. They are perfect for the kids and so much fun to be around. Should be in top 5!

15 Irish Sporting Horse
16 Knabstrupper

Both flashy and athletic!


They are the cooler version of an appy. Very flashy! ✨

17 Welsh Pony

Amazing I loaned a Welsh pony called Thomas he was the sweetest well mannered little angel, with a small but neat jump and great cross country there all rounders

My favorite breed to ride! I have leased three welshes and have owned a welsh and a welsh cross. They are fun and easy to ride and show. I JUST LOVE THEM!

Welsh ponies are the best! They can do anything you ask them to and they are so keen and have amazing temperaments. They are great all rounders and so beautiful as well. I have a welsh pony and she is the best, so fun and cheeky! Welshies are definitely the best, they're so fun and lovely. All natives are amazing but welshies are the best!

18 Clydesdales
19 Morgan

Come on people the MORGAN is the BEST they beat ALL

They're okay.

20 New Forest

Amazing alleounders I love them as much as welsh ponies
There the best jumpers and there all baes

21 Connemara
22 Standardbred
23 Falabella

A horse breed of small size, it is known for being considered one of the smallest horse breeds. - lapra

24 Icelandic

Iceland horse breed. Favorable for smaller horse lovers. - lapra

25 Criollo

Best known for the ability of extended stamina and capable of intense work. - lapra

26 Shires

Often one of the tallest horses in the breed. - lapra

27 Akhal-Teke

Known for its beautiful striking appearance. It is a unique horse breed, due to its appealing coat. - lapra

28 Percheron

This is part of a draft horse breed. - lapra

29 Breton

A type of draft horse breed, this breed are capable of being useful horses for different tasks. - lapra

30 Lusitano

Horse breed founded in Portugal. - lapra

31 Curly

This is a bizarre horse breed, notable for its traits mainly their hair. - lapra

32 Hucul

Pony horse breed. Useful horse for its vitality. - lapra

33 Belgian

Type of draft horse breed, notable for its effective power and performance in different tasks. - lapra

34 Finnhorse

Originated in Finland as can tell by the name. - lapra

35 Holsteiner

Beautiful breed of horse. - lapra

36 Oldenburg

This is a warmblood horse breed. - lapra

37 Paso Fino

These horses are widely known for its gait. - lapra

38 Trakehner

This is a warmblood horse breed, considered to be usually very light horse. - lapra

39 Marwari

One of the unique and elegant horse breeds notable due to its curled ears. - lapra

40 Camargue

Graceful yet strong in appearance, and is thought to be a very old horse breed. - lapra

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