Favorite Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Music

The Top Ten

1 Bloody Stream - Coda


2 Great Days - Karen Aoki, Daisuke Hasegawa

It is cool and kinda cool also

3 End Of The World - JO☆STARS ~TOMMY, Coda, JIN~
4 Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town - The DU
5 JoJo ~Sono Chi no Sadame~ - Tominaga "TOMMY" Hiroaki
6 Stand Proud - Jin Hashimoto
7 Roundabout - Yes Roundabout - Yes Cover Art
8 Chase - Batta

Chase is not generic
it does not sound like naruto or bleach
it actually has meaning

9 Fighting Gold - Coda
10 I want You - Savage Garden

The Contenders

11 Last Train Home - Pat Metheny Last Train Home - Pat Metheny Cover Art
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