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V + Jungkook = VKook

I have never seen two people so perfect for each other like Taehyung and Jungkook are. They are so natural and comfortable with each other. They share a very genuine, true bond with each other. They always gravitate to each other, care for, comfort, and look out for each other. They bring out the best out in each other... it's so foolish to ignore the very obvious attraction and fondness they have for each other. And they are the closest, best friends in love. Jungkook and Taehyung, they're meant to be together.

Vkook is love. It's evident for anyone to see how Jungkook follows V around like a puppy, gets jealous of him interacting with anyone else, does anything to get V's attention, and just generally treats him different from any of his other hyungs. Any with eyes can see the love these two have for on another; they light up around each other and even though Kookie doesn't seem like the type to like skinship, he always allows V to cling to and hug him at will. He truly has a "Its ok if it's V hyung" mindset. And V is such a caring loving hyung to Kookie; he listens and gives him a chance to speak up and be heard, which is why Kookie feels he can truly be himself around V. They are so in-tune with each other and have such a deep bond that they even created on of the most elaborate handshakes on history. Simply put: Vkook is love.

As a girl who has shipped many idols, I have never seen anything more real than this. Say that I'm delusional but even a random person can agree with me that they have something going on. That there's something special between the two. To be honest, I was a Vkook shipper before I became an ARMY. The first video I saw legit had me wondering "Are they dating? ". When I found out they weren't, I was left dumbfounded. I really thought they were. The way they look at each other is love itself. It seems as if their entire world is just there, right in front of their entire eyes. The way they show their love is no joke. Sure, they also do the same for the other members but its different when it comes just to the two of them. Yes, they hug the others (of course) but when it's them hugging, its as if they don't want to let go or something very precious is wrapped around their arms. The way they hold hands thinking that no one's just screams "LOVE". And can you really leave out the ...more

I was a fan of many otps but vkook makes me fall in love with them at the first sight! They're having a true bond of real brothers and They always watch each others carefully not been obvious. It's so cute to see their love hate relationship. I feel they are facing a forbidden love or something like that..because They are both guys and bandmates but Some times it's obvious that V got jealous by little actions from Jungkook.And it's so precious to see Jungkook's crying because V wasn't performing on the stage because he is ill. It proves how much they need each others. And how close they are to feel lonely without each others. I am glad my eyes cought this two butterflies and I am continue my support for them until the end! Vkook for ever...!

Luhan + Sehun = HunHan (EXO)

HunHan can bring anyone somewhere. The feelings they give to shippers are realistic! It's gonna killing me crazy!

The other ships I saw were good. But honestly, you can see the love Luhan and Sehun have between each other. You can see that Sehun misses having Luhan around him. When they were able to be together, Luhan and Sehun were the perfect couple. And they still are the perfect couple. Why did I vote HunHan? I mean I am a BTS fan over EXO. So why vote HunHan? Cause I see the love those two have for each other. A love only a real couple and partnership would have. I love HunHan and you guys should too.

There isn't a easy way to describe them they just are so perfect together and they complete each other and they have so many similarities at the same time always gonna be the best ship that ever existed to be honest

They are perfect for each other...

Chanyeol + Baekhyun = BaekYeol (EXO)

Just the fact that Chanyeol once kissed Baekhyun just to make him shut makes the shipping real.

I'm voting for Baekyeol! I ship them a lot!

Chanyeol and Baekhyun can't survive a day without each other, these two beagles are the cutest.

Baekhyun have the good height for Chanyeol if you think. Baekhyun can hide his face in his neck whenever Chanyeol hug him and that's cute

Taemin + Minho = 2Min (SHINee)

They must be real. Or must have been real in the past. Things got a little screwed because of Naeun and Sulli, so who knows now. But seriously, their eyes are shining with love, admiration and lust when they look at each other. It must have taken some time for Minho to convince Christian Taemin that love between two boys isn't sinful, but apparently he was convincing enough.

I'm a shawol and I've been spying on them for five years now. Trust me no one has ever made Taemin as flustered as Minho does before and the love is still going strong till date

I can feel the chemistry between them.. seems like there must be some of romantic thing going on between them. it is clearly evident when taemin is all shy whenever minho embraces

2Min is LIFE! They are the cutest couple I swear

Kim Hyun Joong + Kim Hyung Jun = 2HJ (SS501)

Like 2 brothers (the leader and the baby) with a true brotherhood.

It is so cool ah!

KHJ a true leader!

Fighting leaderHyunJoong and babyHJ

Jonghyun + Key = JongKey (SHINee)

They are just perfect! They stare at each other, they get jealous of each other, they have a history together, they have so much moments together, they know each other for a long time... I just love JongKey!

They look so cute together. Like a cat and a dog.

They are perfect in every possible way

They're really cut together!

Kai + Kyungsoo = Kaisoo (D.O.)

Best couple ever! This couple is so real! Like the way the look at each other and EVERYTHING. and their little moments are just so cute. This couple is like my top OTP of all time!

The little discreet (my ass) looks between those two is adorable

I love Kaisoo so much! I know many of these ships are just for fun, but this one seems legit real.

I like how kai always looks at D.O than anybody else. They are so real

Alyanna and Suga = AlYoongi (Yoon Gi)

Wait! Who's alyanna?

What the heck? Who is Alyanna? I never hear this name before in ARMY fandom? Why I'm a hearing about this?

Why is everyone so pressed about this lol, geez. But, seriously who is Alyanna lol I've heard of Adora, Suran, other girls, other guys, and I would understand, but Alyanna? Who? lol probably some troll


T.O.P + Dara = Tara

They are also sweet.

I died as today this is the best!

Hunhan is real

Love them

Yunho + Jaejoong = YunJae (DBSK)

It's called the mother of all ships for a reason. Even skeptics and non-shippers thought they had something going on, something more than friendship. Scandals, fan accounts, cute moments...they had it all. This pairing is as legendary as DBSK and the Cassiopeia themselves. And they were able to reunite in 2015! With families!

At first, I didn't see it. I just thought they were really close friends but after time. There were just too many coincidences that could even be called "coincidences" anymore. For example, kiss me in the street thing where Yunho talked about his most memorable kiss (TAXI) and that correlates exactly with what Jaejoong said in an interview. He said he wanted to be kissed in the street. Also, the songs "Nine" written by Jaejoong and "Boat by the Pier" written by Yunho. I'm not going to lie I believe that they might've had a thing, but at the same time I don't but when I remember all of this I change my mind

The YunJae is the perfect couple, it is pure love, love that endures and does not die out. It is the most beautiful couple of all. It's nothing fake it's just love

There were so many iconic moments between Yunjae. What separates them from most of the ships is the fact that they had many off camera moments that cannot be explained by fanservice such as hand holding under the table in an interview, which was interrupted by Junsu to cover them up. Aside from this, the strongest evidence for me was when they kept always describing qualities of each other when asked about an ideal partner. Aside from this there were a lot of skinship, "secret" confessions, singing for each other and meaningful looks.. While we will never know the truth unless they talk about it themselves, I have strong feeling that they had at least crush on each other.

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Donghae + Eunhyuk = Eunhae (Suju)

Made a sub-group with this group? Obviously will be a beat ship! (make sure Siwon doesn't get jealous)

This is probably the strongest ship there is. This time it's not just the fans that ship them but the idols themselves do also! They always go by their ship name When their together. They touch each other all the time and sleep in the same bed together. They kiss ALL THE TIME and the best part is? Hey admitted on camera that the ship was real! Go to YouTube and type it in to see the proof behind the best otp in kpop history.

Eunhyuk and Donghae are the perfect example of opposites attract. Eunhyuk's the patient and calm monkey while Donghae's the energetic hot-headed fish, the two really fit together perfectly. They've known each other for 10+ years and they're my absolute favourite dumb and dumber couple. When they're together, chaos and fluff ensues and you'll drown in their cuteness. They're really the everlasting kpop OTP.

Are you kidding me.. No OTP in kpop has the bond that they share...

G-Dragon + Seungri = G-Ri (Big Bang)

They nearly kissed on purpose at their concert. come on! They have to be the best OTP!

I should call this two "The Elite Ship" and nothing can compare to them. If talking about real it will be this pair and we could see from their body language obviously. The affections between them beyond bromance.

They are life! The tension between them is so obvious and watching them just makes you smile. Also, they are adorable!

The leader totally loves his maknae. They literally ship themselves! Nyongtory/G-Ri everywhere

Jin + V = TaeJin

These two are Tal for which the moments that passed 2018 were very impressive that is to say it is getting stronger and stronger with the passage of time so I ship it because they are very affectionate with each other and I know that there is something more than a simple friendship.

They just look cute together and have those really nice moments together

All my heart belongs to them. Their feelings give me one more breath in this life. I love they

That MAMA stage for 2016 got me shipping them! They have great chemistry and some questioning moments.

Suga + Jimin = Yoonmin

They're so cute together and the way they bicker with each other yet care about each other a lot is so sweet.

Well it's pretty underrated but it's my jam, honestly. They're just looking lite they are in a pretty rose bubble of happiness when they're together. Their bickering is really funny, but if you stick with them long enough to see that there is much more in their relationship than this, you'll be forever stuck. I want to have the same kind of relationship with the person I choose to spend my life with...

I love their interaction. They mock each other all of time and then show little signs of affection. They are so different but they complement each other.

You can see how they look at each other. It is full of admiration, love and lot. If you look at them you won't really see the moments directly both are really subtle.

Chen + Xiumin = Xiuchen

How could you not ship these two, honestly? They are not as outgoing & open in their affections like the other great OTPs here but you can definitely tell they're really close and they probably are a lot more cheerful & playful around each other off-stage and off-camera. I LOVE #XIUCHEN!

They are the realest otp and they themselves even ship each other

Favorite otp for Russian girl

I love their relationship

Woohyun + Sunggyu = Woogyu (INFINITE)

They looks so adorable when talking each other. they always mocking each other but always ended with hugging. and the way sunggyu looks at woohyun makes my heart throbbing..

Even on stage! Especially chaser! They even held hands once performing chaser! Woogyu is life!

They are cute

Woogyu is so real! Love them so much!

Changjo + Ricky = ChangRick (Teen Top)

They are best friends and it shows so much. I have never seen two people that fit each other so well. Even the simple looks they give each other is priceless.

So cute together

The maknae line is so cute!



They're my favorite of all the couples in exo, I really live them. And I ship them

Anyone with eyes can see how real Taoris is.

They doesn't really look like they are gay, but their friendship is just goals.

Aaaa wo ai niii

Yongguk + Himchan = Banghim

The name of the ship makes me feel some way

Love this OTP, they're so cute together

True Love and true Friendship BangHim

Best couple and perfect couple forever.. I love BangHim..

JongHyun + TaeMin = JongTae (SHINee)

They act like they have fall for each other. And we have the live of internet war.

Onew + Chincken = Onchicken

Realest ship of all

It's real

This is probs the most legit thing here, it gives me insfiration to be a better person, just seeing there love. - RockysThighs

Taecyeon + Nickhun = TaecKhun (2pm)

Couple handsome
Couple perfect acting
Couple very very perfect rapper
Couple very good english language

They are really good friends.

I like both, Taecyeon especially and I am a hottest. But I just do NOT ship them.

The dumb and dumber English couple. I ship them so much.

Jimin + Jungkook = Jikook

Their relationship is like no other to be honest. Their gazes when they secretly try looking at each other are always full of love and adoration, not only their height difference makes them so perfect together, but how they look out for eachother and how many subtle moments there are. It is honestly an otp full of analysing

"I don't ship Jikook. I support them." Cause they are more than a ship for me. I don't really like shipping, but Jikook makes me go crazy and make me all happy and smile with their actions, like the way you feel when the main leads kiss in a drama, the same feeling just 10 times more.

They clearly love each other. their rings, the names they gave, the touch, their voices when talking everything they do just screams I love. Even they scream I love you to each other their connection is just perfect.

They always look out for each other and continue to play with each other. I feel that their relationship is growing larger and larger

Onew + Taemin = OnTae (SHINee)

Taemin adores his leader and it's really obvious Onew loves Taemin too.

Its okay! But for me my bias well be the best! ONEW

I really like this chemistry between them c:

Ooh really they are so sweet & cute together like baby brother

Sungjae Btob + Ilhoon Btob = Iljae

haha I still remember the kiss at Weekly Idol ha!

They always have these love moments with each other


They are so cute, eventhough ilhoon hate skinship

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