V + Jungkook = VKook


I was a fan of many otps but vkook makes me fall in love with them at the first sight! They're having a true bond of real brothers and They always watch each others carefully not been obvious. It's so cute to see their love hate relationship. I feel they are facing a forbidden love or something like that..because They are both guys and bandmates but Some times it's obvious that V got jealous by little actions from Jungkook.And it's so precious to see Jungkook's crying because V wasn't performing on the stage because he is ill. It proves how much they need each others. And how close they are to feel lonely without each others. I am glad my eyes cought this two butterflies and I am continue my support for them until the end! Vkook for ever...!

I've never seen two persons so happy and comfortable around each other. The way they look at each other and act when they're together, like they're on their own world made me fall in love with them at first sight. I truly believe they are twin flames, two halves of the same soul! Honestly, all BTS (including themselves) said they are one and the same (just with different names). They are like two magnets, always trying to find a way to be together, touch each other or at least look at each other.

Their relationship is gentle, playful and secretive, they try to subtle about it (even though it doesn't work sometimes) and it's just precious how they want to keep it to themselves, they don't need to put on a show for anyone, they don't need to show everyone how close they are because we can notice it in the little touches, the fondness in their eyes, the gentleness, how protective they are of each other... Honestly, I could go on hours and hours talking about them and it still ...more

Their connection is real. Taehyung and Jungkook have real chemistry and you could see it. The way they stare at each other is different, the way they are towards each other, they are comfortable with each other presence and there not afraid to act silly or show their loving friendship in front of each other. Its beautiful to see a friendship where Jungkook and Taehyung are there for each other, during difficult times and those wonderful moments. They have moments where they forget cameras are rolling and just act naturally silly and goofy with each other. They are the real deal. Even when they sing, their voices match with harmony and they complement each others talents, its pure art.

If you look at their glances, the easy affection, the gentle and familiar touches, the obvious camaraderie, the genuine smiles as they regard each other, the shared laughter, the focus and hyperawareness, you will tell yourself: I've seen this, I've seen this kind of connection before. If you're lucky, you may even recognize it from experience. You can say it's the one between the dearest of friends, or between the closest of siblings or friends who have become family, or that of a beloved. The thing about Vkook is that it could be all of that. So many connections, a love for the other that can and cannot seem to be defined. But there's no mistaking, there's a special love that moves between the two.

Vkook is ultimate OTP, just watch one vkook jealous video, or read Vkook facts. They have real chemistry in both physically, and emotionally. They're like magnets, they always find themselves touching each other, and in fanmeets/interviews they always choose each other, whether it's a question about friendship or who they would date if the other is a girl, like come on they're so obvious it brings tears to my eyes.They're relationship goals, and to be honest it really doesn't get anymore real than that.

Since I could even remember I told myself I would never support meaningless gay k-pop ships... but vkook definitely ruined that thought. The second I saw vkook videos on YouTube I knew immediately there was definitely something special going on with those two. The genuine smiles they give each other and the comforting era that always surrounds those two when they are together. They have a true bond between them. Not because they are both hot. Not because they both are idols in the same band... it's all the way they treat each other like how 'nothing else matters as long as you're happy."They are both guys and bandmates but Sometimes it's obvious that V and kookie will get jealous by little actions from from one another to another bandmate. And it's so precious to see Jungkook crying when V wasn't performing on the stage because he was ill. It proves how much they need each other. And how close they are to feel lonely without each other. While Some other ships like jikook and vmin ...more

Where do I even start? Vkook is literally everywhere, and out of all the ships in BTS, they're probably the most realistic for me. The way they stare at each other, the way V always clings onto Jungkook and Jungkook lets him and the way they seem to always have their own little world together. What's even cuter is that Jungkook wants to take V out for his first drive, and that they both want to be roommates with each other. V even chose Jungkook as the member he's closest to in Bangtan. V was given a paper and he had to choose which member he would date, and he chose Jungkook and wrote "PERFECT" under it <3 V and Jungkook are literally one of the sweetest things ever, and whenever you feel that Vkook isn't as strong as before, remember that Jungkook said that between V and Jimin, he and V have a better relationship and just don't show it to the fans.

Vkook is probably one of the realest and strongest pairing's I've encountered. Not only do they have visible chemistry with each other, they also have this strong bond that always keeps them together. V's the type who'd do skinship and hug all of his members, but it seems that he's always the most touchy and playful towards Jungkook. Jungkook isn't really the touchy-feely person that much but yet he lets V do what ever he wants with him. Addition to this is Jungkook's obvious intent stares at V from time to time when he thinks no one's looking, and the way he always looks pouty or jealous whenever V is interacting with some other member. To top it all V did say that Jungkook is the prettiest and would date him if he were a girl~ and he did answer he'd want to spend the last day on earth with Kookie. Need I say more? These two are literally made for each other, either in a platonic or a romantic way. Vkook forever

These two are honestly amazing together. They've known each other for years. They started off having a great friendship that looks like it blossomed into something more. The way they act around each other, whether it be affection or jealously they really look like they love one another. V really helped Jungkook come out of his shell and I think that's where it really started. They are meant to be and it honestly looks like true love. I don't really ship many idols hardcore, but this is defiantly the acceptation. I even showed my mom videos of them and she asked if they were a real couple and was surprised when I said no. Even people who don't know them see them as a real couple. What does that tell you?

Taekook/Vkook all the way! The chemistry these two have together is simply beautiful. They just seem to understand one another more than anyone else and you can tell they genuinely care about each other and aren't just putting on a show for the fans. Jungkook has mentioned that their relationship extends behind closed doors, and that Taehyung is always a shoulder to lean on when he needs one. They bring out the best in each other and are perfect for one another. Don't even get me started on the couple rings because I cry.

Yes yes yes they are falling in love

Vkook forever! I love the fact that they are so cute and loving to each other, they give me more feels than the other OTPs to be honest

In my time as a shipper and a big supporter of the LGBT community, I have never seen two people so in love until I saw them. They were the realest thing I have ever seen and they had something that I have always wished to have (if ever I get into a relationship). How they always care for each other and no matter what, they show their love even when no one's looking or when they're not the focus. Every stare, every touch, every smile, I just can't help but feel a rush of happiness because what I am seeing is sincerity. I really do hope that they are dating (to be completely honest). This type of love isn't seen everyday. This type of love can't be gotten anywhere. I hope that whatever they're having right now would continue to blossom and keep their love strong.

I have never been the shipping type. It's been like two or three ships, that I said, yeah, I get why they are shipped. BUT Vkook. Vkook wrecked me. They were the first thing I noticed and couldn't take my eyes of them ever since. Their chemistry, mutual admiration, the affection they show each otheris just. Too. Much. They are too real, I can't say anything else.

I always had the feeling that taekook had something going on. At first kookie was really cautious around tae, and in general didn't like being touched. After a few years, especially now they are seeming to be in the highlight of their relationship. Kookie and Tae just can't seem to keep their hands off each other, and kook gets jealous at the smallest things. There's so much proof that these two are real and I truly believe they are together.

I fell ultimately in love with this ship the first time I watched a vkook video (fun fact: I wasn't a kpop fan yet then). I, personally, am a type of girl who always ship people when I sense a great connection between the two. But you know, Vkook was able to show me that they're not just bandmates, they're partners who makes the other smile when given the chance. They never fail to make me happy and themselves happy and I think it's a good thing. In other shippings, they seem forced but with them, it comes out naturally. They're not trying to impress anyone. And I think that's amazing.

Vkook is just such a great ship. They have a strong bond and share lovely moments. They don't just share these moments on camera but also off camera. They have said they share a lot of moments that are not on camera. The way they both look at each other and smile at each other gives you this warm feeling as if you feel the love surrounding them. They act so natural and comfortable around each other. Not just in the bro type way but in the relationship way. This ship sometimes just feels so real...Who knows maybe it is.

The relationship between v and jungkook is very real. They take care of each other and play with each other which is how we can tell their relationship is close and they enjoy being with each other.

People say it's fan service, but I will NEVER believe. How can you say they do fan service? If so, they are great actors. Can you notice the naturalness in the actions, the look of admiration, the caring, the jealousy, the chemistry and aparent desire.

Vkook is real lmao. Have you seen the way they look at each other?

I'm so glad this is #1! Vkook is my otp, and the way they look at each other, the things they do for each other, the way they act around each other... It's beautiful.

Glad to see this ship at #1 in this list. I mean can anyone not see how real it is? For me what it makes most real is that most of the Vkook moments have happened off the camera. So what that means is it's not a Fan service. I hope they will be together someday. I know it's impossible for them to come out and it that fact really hurts me but anyway I'll always support you vkook. Please stay safe from haters.

People say I'm delusional, and sometimes I think that too, cause there's no way they have something going on, right? Those thoughts are nagging constantly in my head. BUT if you just take one close look at Vkook, pay attention to how they look at each other, I can feel my prejudice washing away. Vkook has always been a balanced ship between emphatic and logical elements for me. People that has ever been in love can tell you that what's going on between them is more than just very close friends. How they touch MORE THAN NECESSARY (v holding jk's hand while riding the viking during the amusement run episode while they were lifting their hands up) and HOW THEY ALWAYS SIT RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER, SQUISHED, WHEN THEY HAVE A WHOLE COUCH TO THEMSELVES (vlive for ly tear comeback). For the logical part, they have been seen with hickey/scratches on the same dates, and then there's the Jan 26th theory, when they both posted covers of romantic songs on 2016 Jan 26th, and was seen at a hotel YOU ...more

They make me nut in my pants and wanna jump off a building

I can say, VKOOK's kinda unique for me. They have this different closeness. Although, they're very close with the other members, there's this one thing that makes their relarionship differ from the others.