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41 Yesung + Ryeowook = Yewook V 4 Comments
42 J-Hope + Suga (BTS) = Yoonseok

For me Yoonseok is the best! Suga feels super comfortable near the J-hope, and moments are cute, I love yoonseok!

They are so cute together!

Vote for the most real one

I LOVE YOONSEOK every day, every night and every time in my life with them โ™ฅ

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43 Jackson + Jaebum (GOT7) = Jackbum/Jaeson

Both of them have different personalities but made a good combo together

The first couple that attract me like a magnet is jackbum

I love the way jb look at wang puppy like he's the cutest living thing on earth

V 2 Comments
44 Jaehyun + Taeyong = Jaeyong

I know them so well, from sm rookies until now.. So I think they're really cute when they together..

45 Kim Myungsoo (L) + Sungyeol = MyungYeol

Myungsoo and Sungyeol oppa look so cute together!

The way they look each other is adorable

Let the ship sail - Yoonmin

They kissed yall

V 2 Comments
46 Suho + Kris = Krisho

Kris left - RockysThighs

They are so cute together. They we're both leaders; Suho of ExoK and Kris of ExoM. Doncha think that's cute? They're like parents.

47 Nichkhun + Wooyoung = Khunwoo V 1 Comment
48 Kai + Sehun = Sekai (EXO)

Sekai is overflowing with sexual tension damn stop them from dancing I can't

They become closer than they have been before! Two sexy maeknaes๐Ÿ˜

49 Jaebum + Jinyoung = JJ Project (GOT7)

Definition of soulmates. They have amazing chemistry and so insync with each other I think they can telepathically communicate.

V 1 Comment
50 Eli + Kevin = Elvin (U-KISS) V 1 Comment
51 Mark + Jackson = Markson V 3 Comments
52 Joshua + Jeonghan= Jihan

Its about Jeongcheol actually - Yoonmin

They are extremely cute (jisoo staring at jeonghan is so cute) and they deserve sm more attention.

Because I Love their friendship๐Ÿ˜† jeonghan always touching joshua neck, they are so cute ๐Ÿ˜†

53 Vernon + Seungkwan = Verkwan


These guys are so touchy my heart hurts ~
'98 line for the win

54 Hansol + B Joo = Hanjoo (Topp Dogg)

I just want more videos of these 2, is that so much to ask for?

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55 Siwon + Kyuhyun = WonKyu (Super Junior)

I simply love them...they're always fit together

The way Siwon looks at him. Wow.

I love wonkyu...

I think they really love each other ๐Ÿ˜

V 3 Comments
56 Xiumin + Chen = XIUCHEN V 1 Comment
57 Dara + Gdragon = Daragon

Seriously, I'm very sure they dated before and now thy are back together!

I will forever ship this two both

V 2 Comments
58 Wonwoo + Junhui = Wonhui

The one and only real pairing. I mean, thei're both hot, have beautiful vocals and are pretty underratet.

V 1 Comment
59 Kyuhyun + Sungmin = KyuMin (Super Junior)

KyuMim Shipper Jjang! KYUMIN IS MORE THAN REAL! #joyersstay

60 Mino + Taehyun = NamSong

All winner ships are cute but namsong are just perfect together

Its all about MinWoo - Yoonmin

I love them somuch, that's all.

NO - Yoonmin

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