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41 Vernon + Seungkwan = Verkwan

They are such best friends and they are so cute with each other


These guys are so touchy my heart hurts ~
'98 line for the win

42 Jaehyun + Taeyong = Jaeyong

I know them so well, from sm rookies until now.. So I think they're really cute when they together..

43 Luhan + Sehun + Kai = Kailun (EXO)

NO, No poly - RockysThighs

Kai is a good Dancer! Sehun is a cute maknae! And Luhan my bias is so handsome! When Kailun have a moments in YouTube I always watch it. when I watch kailun moments they make me kilig, hahahhaah.

Luhan cute. seuhun handsome maknae. kai dancing machine

44 Yesung + Ryeowook = Yewook V 4 Comments
45 Jackson + Jaebum (GOT7) = Jackbum/Jaeson

Both of them have different personalities but made a good combo together

The first couple that attract me like a magnet is jackbum

Jackbum is so damn real

I don't why is it just my imigination but I always see jackson as jb's they look like acouple a lot

V 1 Comment
46 Kim Myungsoo (L) + Sungyeol = MyungYeol

Myungsoo and Sungyeol oppa look so cute together!

The way they look each other is adorable

Let the ship sail - Yoonmin

They kissed yall

V 2 Comments
47 Mark + Jackson = Markson V 3 Comments
48 Suho + Kris = Krisho

Kris left - RockysThighs

They are so cute together. They we're both leaders; Suho of ExoK and Kris of ExoM. Doncha think that's cute? They're like parents.

49 Jaebum + Jinyoung = JJ Project (GOT7)

Definition of soulmates. They have amazing chemistry and so insync with each other I think they can telepathically communicate.

V 1 Comment
50 Nichkhun + Wooyoung = Khunwoo

Why? Because they are both hot.

I love them so much! They are so realll! I love every single moment of them!

51 Joshua + Jeonghan= Jihan

Its about Jeongcheol actually - Yoonmin

They are extremely cute (jisoo staring at jeonghan is so cute) and they deserve sm more attention.

They're super cute tgt! They love holding eachc others hands and they've kissed eavc other by accident too drg the pocky game hehe. Jeonghan also mentioned his closest to Joshua cus Joshua approached him first drg their trainee days. U can also see that they're always tgt drg their trainee days + they sit beside each other a lot drg fanmeets KYAAA

Because I Love their friendship­čść jeonghan always touching joshua neck, they are so cute ­čść

52 Kai + Sehun = Sekai (EXO)

Sekai is overflowing with sexual tension damn stop them from dancing I can't

They become closer than they have been before! Two sexy maeknaes­čśŹ

53 Wonwoo + Junhui = Wonhui

They are both a bit awkward and quirky and when they are around eachother it is just the cutest thing ever.

The one and only real pairing. I mean, thei're both hot, have beautiful vocals and are pretty underratet.

Wonhui is really ah I don't know what to say but meanie gives out bromance vibes while wonhui is also bromance vibes but a bit sexual?! Meh I just love this otp go go go wonhui go go go 96 line!

54 Hyuk + Hongbin = HyukBin (VIXX)

Can't we just agree with this, and not argue. This is literally one of the most agreeable ships in VIXX, It's like Rei and Nagisa from Free. There just perfect for each other. Renaissance Art + Disney Enthusiast = PERFECTION! - RockysThighs

55 Eli + Kevin = Elvin (U-KISS) V 1 Comment
56 Kyuhyun + Sungmin = KyuMin (Super Junior)

Ma first favorite OTP

KyuMim Shipper Jjang! KYUMIN IS MORE THAN REAL! #joyersstay

57 Hansol + B Joo = Hanjoo (Topp Dogg)

I just want more videos of these 2, is that so much to ask for?

Best one-sided love ever

15/10! Get some B Joo - Yoonmin

Can't skip them~~ their skinship is perfect.. They're perfect for each other

58 Mark + Jinyoung = Markjin

Markjin forever

Markjin is just like taekook they are so comfortable around each other and they have a lot of skinship

They areee so real^-^

59 Dara + Gdragon = Daragon

Seriously, I'm very sure they dated before and now thy are back together!

I will forever ship this two both

V 2 Comments
60 Mino + Taehyun = NamSong

All winner ships are cute but namsong are just perfect together

Its all about MinWoo - Yoonmin

I love them somuch, that's all.

NO - Yoonmin

V 1 Comment
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