Favorite Kirby Air Ride Machines in City Trial

The most liked kirby air ride machines in the game. (City trial machines only)

The Top Ten

1 Shadow Star

Looks badass and is quite a good vehicle. - MissingNo

2 Swerve Star

May be difficult to master but when you do can be the best choice. - MissingNo

3 Warp Star
4 Compact Star

May not be the best but is definitely not the worst. - MissingNo

5 Wagon Star

Quite a good vehicle but can be difficult to get used to. - MissingNo

6 Dragoon

Amazing at flying, enough said. - MissingNo

7 Hydra
8 Rocket Star
9 Formula Star
10 Winged Star

The Contenders

11 Slick Star
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