Favorite Last Lines From Science Fiction Novels


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21 Arthur C Clarke, Childhood's End

"No one dared disturb him or interrupt his thoughts; and presently he turned his back upon the dwindling sun. " - Alexandr

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22 Ken MacLeod, The Sky Road

"Whatever the truth about the Deliverer, she will remain in my mind as she was shown on that statue, and all the other statues and murals, songs and stories: riding, at the head of her own swift cavalry, with a growing migration behind her and a decadent, vulnerable, defenceless and rich continent ahead; and, floating bravely above her head and above her army, the black flag on which nothing is written. " - Alexandr

23 Suzette Haden Elgin, Native Tongue

"One of the things he planned to do, before he left this fancy hell, was figure out how to get into the Interface and go for a swim with those whales in that beautiful blue water. Round and round and round, in a lovely endless loop. " - Alexandr

24 Frederik Pohl, Gateway
25 David Weber, Ashes of Victory

So now what? " Saint-Just demanded. "A big show trial before the execution? Proof of my 'crimes' for the Proles and the newsies? "

"No," the citizen admiral said softly. "I think we've had enough of those sorts of trials."

His hand rose with Saint-Just's pulser, and the Citizen Chairman's eyes widened as the muzzle aligned with his forehead at a meter's range.

"Good-bye, Citizen Chairman."

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