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21 O

It's a letter but its also a SHAPE and a number! How many letters can be letters shapes AND numbers-none! O is the best

O,I guess O didn't make it up,O dear O dear indeed. - DapperPickle

DOn't be so cruel. O is superb. nO0bs

I love O! O0o O0o O0o

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22 Y

Y is a funny letter! It's yummy and yucky at the same time. It's allows you to yo-yo. How would we know what things are like if snow wasn't snowy and how would I know when to go to bed if I didn't get sleepy? Z feels special because people like an underdog and it's at the very end. But Y is the real underdog because it's second to the last and few care about that.

This should be in the top 10. It's so unique. - Curtis_Huber

I love Y.. y? Baecause I love You.. and You Starts with Y...

Y is a cool letter. whY wouldn't it be? I mean, seriouslY. Y is underrated. its in the Y u no meme, mY goodness, you still don't like Y? whY? if so, bYe bYe. - lolingdog9000

23 U

I love you because it's the underdog of vowels

This is my favourite letter.

Because of it's shape

24 V

V is my favorite letter not just because of my surname, but because it means and involves a variety of different things or feelings in our normal, everyday lives. Vague, vanilla, varying, venerable, very, versatile, vile, violet, vivid, vocal, voracious, vowing, volcanic, vulgar, and even vulnerable can describe a lot of various subjects in the average used language for a letter that is not prominent when considering its number of words, like say, S, C, or P. I also love V because it forms part of my nickname while using my last initial as follows, "my name (I won't state what it is) the V".

Vehemence Violent Violet Virtuous Vengeance Vile Vocal Vitality Vote Vow Via Viva V!

It just sounds great

It's my name vash

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25 F

F is underrated, which is sad, as it's beautiful in cursive, and has a bunch of awesome words beginning with it. Just look up a list. You'll see. I feel like people are just going by their first letter of their names, and not the overall coolness of the letter. Plus, just my opinion, but A is overrated. And Annoying. And Agravating. And Agonizing. F is Fashionable. And Fun. And Fearless. And Fantastic.

F is just cool. And it's the first letter of my name.

F because my favorite band "Fall Out Boy" starts with f and so does a pretty great swear word if ya know what I mean.

F... F... I can't say this word D:! - ---ChargedZircon---

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26 P

My name starts with P and P is just Perfectly and Particularly Positively sPectacular!

Because all good things start with the letter P. And it brings good fortune!

My name starts with this letter

Sad, P's at the bottom. Poor P, :( - UgGames332

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