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21 Diamondbacks

Fastest team to win world series. May I need to say more?


The best team ever!

The best team ever!

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22 White Sox

Who cares about what's going on on the East Coast. If Manny hits a homer or A-Rod stikes out it becomes a federal case around the country becaue of bias ESPN and Yankees and Red Sox fans. No one cares what they do. We've never gotten any respect! When we took it all home in 05 no one even talked about us then. When we go all the way again in 08 we're gonna rub it in everyone's face, and get the respect we dsereve! We're the only SOX. Share the Passion. Show the Swagger. White Sox #1 all the way! - crazyeyes56

most underated and I hate the cubs. us sox fans kept it real and didn't gripe about some curse. cubs need to get off the band wagon. and I too am annoyed by espn being so bias. yankees, red sox, cowboys, manny, poppi, and tiger woods. get off their nutz espn! white sox will win 5 in a row and they will still talk about all the other teams losses. what do we have to do! I guess win another one which is gonna happen regardless but at least the rest of the mlb and espn can suck it! - Pag1

"We have not been on top lately but at lest we as Sox Fans can say that our team knows how to win a WORLD SERIES at faster rate than the SCRUBBIES who will still have to wait another 100 and gazillion years to win a pennant". "This is 2005 for the WHITE SOX'S when it's 1908 as in the last century for THE... Srubbies... next year or never gonnna hap...

Whats to hate about them.

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23 Nationals

Not this year, but the nationals will be a major threat in upcoming years as
Bryce Harper and Strasburg mature since this team is generally still young and ready to roll.

This team is young but they have great potential and they have lots of good players.

They are beast

A good team

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24 Twins

One of the best teams ever! Have a great fan base and are 2-Time World Series Champs! GO TWINS!

Why are the twins so far down

Twins are going to be good

Miguel Sano and Eddie Rosario will make the twins number 1

25 Royals

Royals should be in top 5. The only team in their division that's better than them is Detroit.

Oh. I wrote my long thoughts in a new post. Can someone paste that here where it belongs? Go Royals! Thank you, Royals! - 5ToolPlayers

I gotta go local. Even though they are 3hrs away they are still my favorite - Randomator

Great world champion. Let's do it again in 2016! - briggs8216

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26 Mariners

GOO MARINERS! Why do they need to be down here when they have Felix Hernandez, Ichiro, and many other guys? Well... I guess others just cannot see which team is truly the team that should be a favorite...

GO Mariners! They just haven't gone to the World Series yet, because their young team just isn't super good yet! They need to be number 1!

The Mariners don't deserve to be down here. Those poor guys. They deserve to win, but they just have to get their young team "up to par" with the rest of the MLB world.

Okay, so the Dodgers might be my top team. But Mariners are easily second best. They've got Cano, Seager, Hernandez, and Suzuki. All they have to do is figure everything out and they're easily at the top.

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27 Marlins

Marlins shouldn't be this low. They have lots of young talent and are third in their division this year. STANTON!

This team is my team that I like because they are talented.

28 Rockies

The Rockies are awesome

National league champs baby

29 Padres

The Padres may suck, but they have awesome players. Plus, they live in my city and they will not betray us like those stupid Los Angeles Chargers of NFL with their stupid new logo.

They are pretty good why are they bellow the twins?

Go Friars!
Sure we're not that great but I love my team!

What is baseball without this amazing team! San Diego rules.

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30 Astros

There getting better

The astros won 2017 world series

Were not even on here? Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell, Roy Oswalt, Lance Berkman, Hunter Pence, all from just the last five years! - Chickenlegs

31 Cleveland Spiders


32 Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Orioles

They are the best team in MLB.I whish they where the Danbury Orioles.

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