Favorite Mao Asada Programs

Do you like figure skating? I love figure skating and especially love Efgeny Plushenko and Mao Asada and Yuzuru Hanyu. So let's vote about Mao's program! What is your favorite program? I'm looking forward to seeing this result.

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1 Waltz from Masquerade Suite

I was so touched by this performance.

2 Por Una Cabeza

This video at YouTube seen more than 1 million!
2009 world's closing gala‚ô°
Choreography by Tatiana Tarasova - annaso

3 Fantaisie - Impromptu

Great program; the steps, jumps and spins were all magnificent. I just hoped she maintained the jump layout that she had in this program; she could have won an Olympic gold medal if she did in my opinion.

This program lead her to first world champion! (she is two times world champion (o^^o))
This program is so elegant, and love her dress!
Choreography by Lori Nichol - annaso

4 Bells of Moscow

Very strong, havy and perfect program.
I want you to see the video that 2010 Torino world championship.
She did clean two triple axel and perfect step... It was amazing!
She became champion with this program.
Choreography by Tatiana Tarasova - annaso

5 So Deep Is the Night

2008's closing gala.
Sad program but very beautiful - annaso

6 Ballade no.1
7 I Vow to Thee My Country

Beautiful music.
She performed this program for her passed out mother, and Japan after 3.11.
Choreography byTatiana Tarasova - annaso

8 Piano Concerto No. 2 - Rachmaninoff

The quality and emotions of Mao's skating really shined through here at the Olympics. What a triumph - especially coming off of a short program disappointment. My favourite free skate in the competition.

9 Clair De Lune
10 Swan Lake

Her steps and choreo sequence are the best in this program. I love the pirouettes. She indeed moved like a ballerina on ice skates. I just hoped she performed it cleanly in Worlds 2013.

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1. Waltz from Masquerade Suite
2. Por Una Cabeza
3. Fantaisie - Impromptu


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