Top Ten Favorite Mint Flavors and Their Companies

The Top Ten

ExciteMint Lemon (Aldi, German)

This mint is perfectly sour and really tasty if you have an Aldi nearby buy this! - GeorgBavaria

ExciteMint lemon is an AMAZING flavor. - Stansteader

TicTac Orange (TicTac, Canadian)
ExciteMint Orange (Aldi, German)
ExciteMint Mint (Aldi, German)
TicTac Freshmint (TicTac, Canadian)
ExciteMint Raspberry (Aldi, German)
TicTac Wintergreen (TicTac, Canadian)
TicTac Powermint (TicTac, Canadian)
ExciteMint Strawberry (Aldi, German)
IceBreakers Mint (Hersheys, American)

The Contenders

IceBrekers Watermelon (Hersheys, American)
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