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1 Snoof

This is because he was the main protagonist of A Quest For The Lost Mixamajig.

First Mixel for VS BATTLES - Absol

I Love Him~! πŸ’™

He loves mixemajing key and super pro as he is not a leader haha😎😎😎😎😎😎

2 Boogly

It was because of how funny he acted.

3 Mesmo

Even though he was calm and didn't smile any, he was cool.

4 Torts

Even if he has slimy arms, he is cute.

5 Krader

He is super strong and awesome.

6 Kamzo

He is very awesome too.

7 Berp

Thanks to his four arms.

8 Gurggle

Thanks to his Italian accent.

Long legs - Absol

9 Volectro

I loved his wacky hair.

10 Mixadel

In every knight has its day, Mixadel do the nanny nanny nanny and its funny

The Contenders

11 Footi

He loves to dance like girls, but he is also cute

12 Vaka-Waka

He has two head in one body, but I think they're funny like monsters that have two heads

He Have 2 personality!

Eats up lots of stuff. - Absol

13 Nixels

Uh, these aren’t mixels, mixels normally revolve around color and mixing. Two things that nixels lack. - TopTenX

14 Gobba

He loves to make totems.

15 Flain

Greatest Mixel Ever

16 Scorpi

He's so cute! I want to hug that little cutie wootie.

17 Flurr

Well that outta hold dem - ChiefMudkip

He's plain cuter than Scorpi

Dragon - Absol

18 Nurp (Nurp-Naut)
19 Vampos
20 Niksput
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