Top Ten Favorite Mixels

The Top Ten

1 Snoof

This is because he was the main protagonist of A Quest For The Lost Mixamajig.

First Mixel for VS BATTLES - Absol

I Love Him~! πŸ’™

He loves mixemajing key and super pro as he is not a leader haha😎😎😎😎😎😎

2 Torts

Even if he has slimy arms, he is cute.

3 Boogly

It was because of how funny he acted.

4 Mesmo

Even though he was calm and didn't smile any, he was cool.

5 Flain

Greatest Mixel Ever

6 Krader

He is super strong and awesome.

7 Kamzo

He is very awesome too.

8 Berp

Thanks to his four arms.

9 Volectro

He is awesome

I loved his wacky hair.

10 Gurggle

Thanks to his Italian accent.

Long legs - Absol

The Contenders

11 Nixels

Uh, these aren’t mixels, mixels normally revolve around color and mixing. Two things that nixels lack. - TopTenX

12 Mixadel

In every knight has its day, Mixadel do the nanny nanny nanny and its funny

13 Scorpi

Scorpi st cutest mixel ever!

He's so cute! I want to hug that little cutie wootie.

Sooo cute! - MadgicalKitten05

14 Footi

He loves to dance like girls, but he is also cute

15 Vaka-Waka

He has two head in one body, but I think they're funny like monsters that have two heads

He Have 2 personality!

Eats up lots of stuff. - Absol

16 Teslo
17 Slumbo
18 Snax

I don't know if I like snax or zaptor better

19 Gobba

He loves to make totems.

20 Flurr

Well that outta hold dem - ChiefMudkip

He's plain cuter than Scorpi

Dragon - Absol

21 Nurp (Nurp-Naut)

He was really fun!

22 Vampos
23 Niksput
24 Zorch
25 Slusho
26 Wizwuz

I remember him being my first along with Glurt

Because he is cute

He's too underrated and needs more love.

27 Vulk

This guy is my number 1 favorite. - TopTenX

28 Seismo
29 Zaptor
30 Globert

His big eye

31 Kuffs

He is a cop

His 😎 and handcuffs

32 Rokit

His laser guns

33 Tapsy
34 Gox
35 Krog

Eat up stuff. Ice powers are overpowered - Absol

36 Tiketz

Wheels - Absol

37 Dribbal

Nerd - Absol

38 Jawg

Big teeth. Lots of them. - Absol

39 Hydro

Long ladder neck jaw - Absol

40 Skulzy

Looks more like a pirate than Sharx - Absol

41 Paladum
42 Myke
43 Surgeo
44 Camillot
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