Favorite National Soccer Teams

Which national soccer team have you always supported and enjoyed the most?

The Top Ten Favorite National Soccer Teams

1 Germany

You're the best Gotze

They have one of the best goalies, Manuel Neuer!

Contender of number 1 with Brazil in the history of world cup. From India

I just love this tam. A die hard Germany fan. (i am from Sri Lanka)

2 Italy

Italy 4 time world cup champs

For sure 1st - Merggy


3 Argentina

I like the game you play to day

Because they have bligia

I like leoniel mmessi
Playing soccers

4 France
5 Spain

I love how aggressive they play. It's why they are my favorite.

They are the world's best team. Their playing style is just awewsome.

6 Mexico

I enjoy watching there attacking style

There a great team and have beaten almost every team except for a few

There the best

7 Brazil

I totally am a fan of Brazil soccer team case their awesome players and won against Argentina so many times - gothangel101

I like you neymar

I love pele

8 Portugal


9 Netherlands

They are a great team with full of stars and confidence inside them

I love you Robin van persie

10 India

Hell or High Water, always a proud Indian and a supporter of the Indian Football team, till death tear us apart.

What India do on deeesss list thiiisss tteam, SUCCKKCKCKCKCKs

The Contenders

11 United States

Having lots of good players like Dempsey or Johnson but also has the goalie who beat the high score of most blocks in the FIFA world cup 2014 Tim Howard

USA you are good

Usa has the best women's team in the 🌎 right now so I do not know how United States got here in 11 and not in 1

12 Uruguay

Uruguay is the best team ever because of Suarez and Cavani! Long live Uruguay!

13 Sweden
14 Japan

The only one asian team able to charenge against EU bignames.

15 Turkey
16 Philippines

I love them (I come from Philippines) - IggyCoolKid

17 Belgium
18 England

Well here I was looking through the new list thinking, what an idiot. He's forgot england. Then I thought to myself maybe not.

19 Canada


20 Hungary
21 Iceland
22 Costa Rica

I'm from Costa Rica so I vote why

23 Ukraine
24 Republic of Ireland
25 Algeria
26 Peru
27 New Zealand

They rule

Chris Wood!

28 Colombia

Falcao is the BEST!

29 Ivory Coast
30 Poland
31 Bosnia and Herzegovina
32 Croatia
33 Denmark

En for alle!
Alle for en!

Nicky Bendtner all day every day

En for alle!
Alle for en!

34 Chile
35 China
36 Fiji
37 Wales
38 Ecuador
39 Switzerland
40 Austria
41 Slovakia
42 Romania
43 Northern Ireland
44 Czech Republic
45 Cote d'Ivore
46 Ghana
47 Albania
48 Scotland

Here is Scotland

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