Favorite Norman Lear TV Show

Norman Lear reinvented TV in the 70's with some of the best tv shows ever that dealt with a new range of topics never before dealt with in a situation comedy. Which one is your all time favorite???

The Top Ten

1 All In The Family

I would have loved to have seen the faces of the executives at the play-it-safe network when this one was pitched. Somebody took a wonderful chance and history was made. - mgenet

This show changed US tv forever dealing with racism and many other topics like never before. It gave us one of TV greatest characters in Archie Bunker.

Great show I think it changed some things in the American chaiter THank you Mr. Lear and happy birth day.

2 Maude

Maude finally presented the first real woman on tv - opinionated, hypocritical, overbearing and bossy. Right On Maude!

3 The Jeffersons

Spinoff from the Bunkers showing their neighbors moving on up to the richer side of NY. It contained the black version of Archie Bunker in the character of George Jefferson.

This should be movin on up to number one on the list - crazyeyes56

4 Good Times

The Evans family represented issues for blacks living in the Chicago ghetto. The show is still Dy-no-mite.

5 Sanford and Son

Redd Foxx, as the hysterical Sanford, brings tv the first successful all black tv show.

6 One Day At A Time

A first for tv a divorce single mother bring up her two kids one day at a time.

7 Mary Hartman Mary Hartman

The weird Mary Hartman and friends.

8 The Powers That Be

A political show for the 90's.

9 Hot L Baltimore

A wacky hotel based on the play of the same name.

10 Fernwood

A spinoff of Mary Hartman Mary Hartman

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