Favorite Parts of the Opposite Sex's Body


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1 Butt

A Black Women with a Big Butt turns me on - DK

A nice butt on a man makes a fine man. - MoldySock

I Love Black Women with Big Butts - DK

2 Eyes
3 Smile
4 Legs
5 Genitalia

Let's be honest completely. Bigger is better. Small endowed men need to be put out of their rightful misery. Sorry, that truth has to hurt.

6 Feet
7 Stomach

I'm a Female Belly Lover so yeah!
I Love Beautiful Girls who's taken good care of their belly more then Boobs!

YES I just said I Love the Women's Belly More then Boobs you heard it here first! - Curti2594

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8 Neck
9 Brain

Brains are much more important than anything else. ( and that includes personality etc) - HappyGarrett

Seriously, I'm so attracted to a man's brain. I'm a sucker for a brainbox. There is something so sexy about a man's intelligence. I can't explain why. I find brainy men extremely attractive.
Also love a man's eyes and feet. A masculine man with nice feet, kind eyes and a properly developed brain. WOW... ! - Britgirl

10 Hands

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11 Muscles
12 Nipples
13 Hips
14 Elbows
15 Chin
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