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1 Percabeth

They have the love story which many gods and even the Fates themselves have tried to destroy like Athena and Juno/Hera but enduring all that they are still together and are the best couple which is the strongest pair ever!

Who could argue with this couple? Let's see... they faced Annie's crush together. She chose him over basic immortality. He chose her over being a god. They defeated gods together. They saved the world together. He didn't forget her even after getting his memory wiped. They went through TARTARTUS together and lived. They saved the world together AGAIN. Who couldn't love this couple, I ask again?

Their love story took its time to form and is not forced. It starts from hatred then friendship and then love. It is beautiful and full of confidence on each other and this is why I love it.

Uh hello. They were meant to be from the first book. But their ship name should be seaweed brain. Seaweed is Percy and brain is Annabeth.

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2 Solangelo

UMMM... HELLO? THEY ARE PERFECT TOGETHER. IT WORKS SO WELL TOGETHER. I mean, come on people. It's already canon and adorable. Will and Nico are perfect together because they're like the light and the darkness, kind of like an 'opposites attract' thing. They are funny together and work so well together. Will is taking care of Nico until the end, and really cares about him. Nico is just perfect for Will; Will helps Nico in many ways: He encourages Nico to be more confident and to come out of his shell. Nico deserves someone after all he's been through. Whilst they're both too shy to admit it, they are perfect for each other and should be together. Sorry for being brief.

Guys, can we be honest here? While Jasper (Jason and Piper) is pretty famous, and canon too, Solangelo (Nico and Will) is actually semi-canon, the only thing keeping it from being canon is the fact that both are too shy to admit it to each other. Solangelo is one of the most interesting couples in the entire series- look through Tumblr, Fanfiction, etc. 'Sides, it's already shown that Nico likes Will, if the butterflies in his belly when he sees Will, and his constant musing over how good Will looks is any indication. Nico deserves to be happy with somebody who will accept him for who he is, and Will is a great guy.

I just love how Nico acts all confused by the idea that Will actually seems to like him and wants him around, and I like to think that Will is a large part of the reason he stayed at camp half-blood. Nico has literally been through hell and back, and he totally deserves to be happy with someone like Will. Love them.


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3 Caleo

Hey, I actually really like them. Calypso genuinely cares about Leo, she doesn't just have a thoughtless crush in him like with Percy - that's why she's different with him. She's not being written out of character, if anything, she would have been out of character with Percy.

This is honestly the worst ship - obviously I don't want to hate, and I respect the opinion of others, but it is a /terrible/ couple. It's really forced - they have nothing in common, and it's extremely rushed. Calypso is /totally/ different than when she's with Percy, and Leo is really out of character as well. Just saying', this should not be third.

To be honest, I don't really like it. To me, it felt Rick Riordan was desperate to find Leo a love interest so he put the names of all the single characters in a hat and happen to pick our Calypso. I also think Leo deserves better. - ThatEmoLoner

I don't think leo likes her very much

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4 Frazel

Who cares about the fact that frank was a couple/few years older than Hazel! One of my favorite couples ever they're so cute together

I think Frazel love is underestimated. Come on, put your eyes in use. This ship deserves third place. - Mayachen2006

I wish Hazel was older rather than 13. If you didn't notice, Frank is 16. It makes the relationship feel strange.

YES! The smol beans unite! - ThatEmoLoner

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5 Percico

This is silly and everyone knows that this ship goes complete against the actual feelings of those you want to force together. It's their feelings that matters, and not yours, so let them be happy with the person THEY chose. Percy with Annabeth and Nico with Will.

Just let them ship who they want! I don't care if you find this silly but respect other people's ship!

Ugh Okay no offense to people that ship it. I could never. This doesn't make my crack ship category. I mean Jason and Percy made a great crack but not Percy and Nico. I hate unrequited love. Hate it. I think Nico should get the guy. Will can be that guy. Honestly, this isn't my notp. But, I just can't ship it.

I try to respect other ships, but this is ridiculous. Why is this number 5? They're not even, and will never be a thing. I really hoped people would drop this. Percy clearly does not reciprocate Nico's [kinda former] feelings. Percy is not interested in Nico or guys in general. It annoys me when a character has a definite sexuality and fans ship them against it. - ThatEmoLoner

But that does go both ways, some people will say that and then happily ship two straight male characters together. If a character is gay and is shipped with someone straight, that is often said to be wrong/stupid, and then the same people who said that will go on to ship two straight people (of the same gender) which is the same thing - pjo

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6 Thaluke

Come on people! I mean, nothing beats Percabeth, but this is second in the world of Ships.
One of the main reasons Luke went bad was because Thalia died. They spent years watching each others backs, figuring out each others moves. It's one of the best and worst love stories, because in the end, she turns into a tree, he turns evil because she turns into a tree, she wakes up just to find out he is evil, and when he finally snaps out of it, it's because he's dying.
If that's not a tragic and sad and heart wrenching love story, than someone please explain to me what is.

I think this is my second favorite after Percabeth. They are such an interesting and tragic pair. They were really close when they were on the streets together, then Thalia dies and gets turned into a pine tree, then later she wakes up to find out he's "evil". I'm pretty sure they loved each other until the end. - ThatEmoLoner

Thalia and Luke are perfect together! Their relationship is so tragic and sad and I really wish they had made some declaration of love for each other or kissed just before Luke died. Luke's death was so upsetting!

yEs - ThatEmoLoner

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7 Jasper

I'm sorry, Jasper shippers, but this relationship feels kinda forced. First, I dint really like Piper because I feel she complains too much and is really insecure. Like, she is jealous of Reyna and says to Jason Reyna is better, And is jealous of Percy and Annabeth are sleeping in the stables. Piper said that Percy was unimpressive, and I really hate her for saying that. Second, at the end of the Lost Hero Piper and Jason were already together. I just think that was rushed. It took FOUR BOOKS for percabeth to get together, and Percy and Annabeth made sacrifices for each other. ( fall into Tatarus, held up sky, took knife for Percy, etc.) and I feel like Jasper did absolutely nothing for each other. Piper even thought of letting Jason kill Percy in the Mark Of Athena, Annabeth would of sacrificed herself for Percy. I just feel like Jason and Piper don't express their live for each other much, and Percy and Annabeth save each others butts loads of times, and Piper and Jason just stand ...more - Mayachen2006

First of all, this ship is really underrated due to Percabeth. To all the Jasper haters, I actually think that this ships is amazing. I read Mayachen2006's comment, and I really have to say that NOT EVERY SHIP HAS TO BE EXACTLY LIKE PERCABETH! Jasper is sweet and cute in their own unique way, and Piper is actually a really realistic character, with all her strengths, flaws and insecurities written out perfectly. And just because Rick did not write much about them, that does not mean that absolutely nothing happened. Plus Jason can actually be really sweet, but the his duty as a Praetor of Rome holds him back. So Jasper is actually a really AMAZING ship, just that Rick did not manage to elaborate much on it.

Jasper is too cute! Jason has the potential to be really funny, but his sense of duty is holding him back. With Piper as his girlfriend, he has the chance to be the really sweet guys that he is. Dating Jason proves that Aphrodite girls don't have to break someone's heart to not...die (RIP Selena), can be bada** tomboys, AND still find a guy that's perfect for her.

They need to be at least in the top 4

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8 Jasico

I like them as friends but not a relationship. IT'S TIME TO STOP. I really loved Jason when he kept Nico's feelings for Percy a secret, knowing that he didn't have the right to tell anyone. Not even Piper. It was Nico's business and Jason knew he had no right to meddle in it. - ThatEmoLoner

Hell no Jason's straight!

Dudes they had a whole fight there like enemies who can't fight in public this is just in insane.

What is this? - ThatEmoLoner

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9 Lazel

I like lazel because it would and did drive frank insane and I personally don't frank very much for insulting Leo. Leo's my favorite. Alright guys you can't deny it Leo makes you laugh and you love him he's your fave to

No. Sorry, but I don't see it. Maybe Leo liked her a bit, but he's in a deeper relationship with Calypso. But, I respect the shippers, but I will never agree with them. - Jindomonium

What is this? Leo and Hazel?

I'm a Frazel shipper…but it's still about as good as Caleo. - ThatEmoLoner

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10 Jeyna

The whole heroes of Olympus series was on fair to Reyna. Jason and Reyna are perfect together, although it's not Jason's fault that he decided to get a girlfriend because he didn't remember her. Reyna always has to suck it up and be strong and make allies and try not to let feelings get in her way. She is one of those characters that has done nothing wrong and deserves everything. I love Reyna and wish jenya could be a thing

It says no demigod can heal her heart. Guys there are mortals and gods, demigods aren't the only people in the world.

Sorry, but this ship was sunk because Jasper is cannon

I ship Jasper and that's what's canon, but really do pity Reyna. She's such an amazing person and doesn't deserve all of this heartache. - ThatEmoLoner

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11 Tratie

I love Tratie! It's so adorable, even though there not main characters I still really like how there like opposites and I just think that they go really well together.

Tratie is one my favorite ships 'cause 1.) They are adorable 2.) The Characters are minor 3.)Enemies together are so cut.

"I love this couple. Hope its mentioned in trials of apollo "

It doesn't get a lot of attention but it's a good couple. - ThatEmoLoner

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12 Gruniper

Canon and they will never break up

Did I spell this right?

This should be way higher - pjo

Very cute - ThatEmoLoner

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13 Chrisalisse

I love this ship. Seriously no ine ever even talks about it but it's awesome

Chris treats Clarisse human not like a warrior killing machine who is evil.

Even Clarisse needs to know what love is.

I like it - ThatEmoLoner

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14 Theyna

I don't understand why people don't get the fact that *sighs* HUNTERS OF ARTEMIS SWEAR OF LOVE FOREVER

The hunters never swore off women so it could happen, plus, Rick Riordan tweeted it was canon

Alright guys there both tough girls but no, just no horrible terrible no good very bad idea

Two queeens

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15 Charlena

They were together even when they were on different sides and they were reunited in Elysium

So sad... Why did they have to die? At least they can be together in Elysium.

Happy sighs...Charlie waiting for Selena in Elysium and Selena giving up her life to join him


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16 Peracheal

Dude, Rachel and Percy did kiss, but still is a horrible ship

I don't ship it but it's not a bad ship, please stop the hate gosh you're making our fandom look like a bunch of whiny kids

Alright guys stop disagreeing you all have that your awesome for taking time to do this shout out to all my Percy peeps

Nope, just no - ThatEmoLoner

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17 Brason

Brason is the funniest ship ever. Whoever came up with it first is a genius!

Brason is all the bricks is the universe shipped with Jason. Because... He keeps getting knocked unconscious. Not really another reason.

This one is brilliant and just plain awesome!

Lol. Jason loves those bricks! - ThatEmoLoner

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18 TyElla (Tyson & Ella)

So cute! Even monsters (good ones at that) can find love

Who couldn't love this ship, literally. They're super cute AND there's no opposing ship, a rare sight worthy to be there for

No one can break them up because they are the cutest couple ever,

cute - ThatEmoLoner

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19 Pipabeth

I don't think so, to be honest. I mean, I'm not saying you can't ship them if you like it, but it never seemed to me that they had anything more than platonic feelings for each other. Then again, I might be biased because I LOVE Percabeth. Jasper is pretty cool too.

This has no chance of happening. I get it there good friends but not that close. I mean think guys?

How was this ship conceived?

IT'S TIME TO STOP - ThatEmoLoner

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20 Rachtavian

I can't believe people ship this because they're both the Oracle of their camp. - ThatEmoLoner

Okay okay, had Octavian lived, I would ship it. I feel like she would make him a better person. Well I ship them more as friends.

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