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1 Percabeth

Percabeth is literally my life. Every second of my day, I'm doing something related to Percabeth. Some people say that they are to young to think about their future together, but come on! They are 18! Therefore, they are adults, and don't you think adults are allowed to think about their future in relationships!? They really aren't that young, so get over it.

Just yes! These two have done EVERYTHING for each other, they have hated each other, saved each other, gone to Tartarus with each other made enemies with a GODDESS together. It was meant to be.

Definitely Percabeth! I mean, who doesn't ship them? They are literally the best and the most natural! If you hate Percabeth, which you don't! then...I don't even know what to say...

Yes. Just...yes. Percy and Annabeth have literally been through hell and back again together, and so much more. Hands up, everybody, who loves Percy Jackson? *literally everyone in the universe puts up their hand*Everyone loves Percy. Come on. Admit it. No one, who has lived, EVER, hates Percy, and if you do, which you don't, then you are Satan. Period.

2 Solangelo

My otp forever and ever. Not kidding, I have DUVET COVER THAT SAYS I SHIP SOLANGELO REPEATEDLY ON IT. Fight me please I dare you.

I am slightly pissed that will doesn't get props for anything but being Nico's boyfriend (even though that's just something you kind of get props for) cause he's actually a cool person and deserves more of a life without Nico.

I've written so much fanfiction, just. JUST. According to me, will is pan and used to date Nyssa.

And Nico came out the night after the night after the war, in front of both camps. At the campfire. Everyone was singing and Nico was just like "guys... I've got something to tell you... I'm gay." And then Will raises his hand and says "me too". And everyone is silent until Reyna starts clapping and everyone joins in and Nico looks in Will's eyes and kisses him in front of everything, and Chiron starts whooping and they get a standing ovation and the fireplace flames reach over a hundred feet high.

It's ...more

UMMM... HELLO? THEY ARE PERFECT TOGETHER. IT WORKS SO WELL TOGETHER. I mean, come on people. It's already canon and adorable. Will and Nico are perfect together because they're like the light and the darkness, kind of like an 'opposites attract' thing. They are funny together and work so well together. Will is taking care of Nico until the end, and really cares about him. Nico is just perfect for Will; Will helps Nico in many ways: He encourages Nico to be more confident and to come out of his shell. Nico deserves someone after all he's been through. Whilst they're both too shy to admit it, they are perfect for each other and should be together. Sorry for being brief.

Guys, can we be honest here? While Jasper (Jason and Piper) is pretty famous, and canon too, Solangelo (Nico and Will) is actually semi-canon, the only thing keeping it from being canon is the fact that both are too shy to admit it to each other. Solangelo is one of the most interesting couples in the entire series- look through Tumblr, Fanfiction, etc. 'Sides, it's already shown that Nico likes Will, if the butterflies in his belly when he sees Will, and his constant musing over how good Will looks is any indication. Nico deserves to be happy with somebody who will accept him for who he is, and Will is a great guy.

THIS IS OTP! I love solangelo! They deserve each other and their friendly bickering is hilarious and sooo cute at the same time!

3 Frazel

I have NO idea why everyone hates this ship! I think they are just what the other needs. Frank needs to lighten up a bit and Hazel needs to calm down some times. And they are so good together! Frank literally trusted her with his life, and Hazel told him what she had trusted to no one else before. Just perfect.

Hazel could do WAY better then BABYFACE (yes YOU Frank) I honestly think that Frank is all muscle, but not much brain. In my opinion, it’s like a Queen with a poop-shoveler. Doesn’t make sense!

That cute couple that no one can hate. I feel like they are as perfect as Percabeth, just less famous. More like hot chocolate and snuggling on a cold day. The only other person Hazel could be with (in my mind) is Leo.

Who cares about the fact that frank was a couple/few years older than Hazel! One of my favorite couples ever they're so cute together

4 Caleo

This relationship filled my heart. I loved the fact that Caleo was a unique love story. In the beginning, Calypso seemed to hate leo unlike the other stories like Calypso and Percy where they fell in love in the beginning itself. Plus (spoiler alert) leo gave his life to rescue Calypso...

1000 times yes! Leo has spent his time waiting around for his special girl, and the PERFECT girl comes along and BOOM.

From the minute Leo came CRASHING down onto Calypso’s dining table, and the way she was like: TAKE HIM BACK! And how he sarcastically calls her ‘Sunshine’ (thought that belongs to Solangelo) it was a match made in heaven!

It's honestly such a cute ship and I loved the pre-relationship interactions and how Leo was kinda in denial. In my opinion, we didn't get enough Caleo fluff in HoH, though...

This is honestly my favorite ship in the series.
I know that Caleo is kind of rushed and should have been more developed, and personally I somewhat agree. However, it doesn't really get boring and throughout their interactions you can see how they both care for each other, even if at first they don't really show it. I think the reason why Calypso was so angered when Leo was sent and was out of her usual gentle character was because she was already angered by the gods and Percy for not letting her go even though they promised, which was why probably she acted so differently when around Leo, and also because of her dinner table. Yet they still became friends and even more than that afterwards despite all of their differences. They joke around, they make each other laugh, they are both passionate workers, they are both kind and caring and yet are still always left outside.
My point is: Caleo is good, so I'm just going to stay here thank you very much.

5 Thaluke

Come on people! I mean, nothing beats Percabeth, but this is second in the world of Ships.
One of the main reasons Luke went bad was because Thalia died. They spent years watching each others backs, figuring out each others moves. It's one of the best and worst love stories, because in the end, she turns into a tree, he turns evil because she turns into a tree, she wakes up just to find out he is evil, and when he finally snaps out of it, it's because he's dying.
If that's not a tragic and sad and heart wrenching love story, than someone please explain to me what is.

Thaluke--just--my heart broke. There was clearly something amiss there as she told Zoe that she wouldn't leave Luke behind, and when she kissed him on the cheek in The Demigod Diaries, but it's all battered down. However, I think I would rather it be the tragedy it is than simply ending with a kiss in the rain. I believe that the element of dejection and regret is a major part of what makes the ship beautiful. Still, I cried.

I think this is my second favorite after Percabeth. They are such an interesting and tragic pair. They were really close when they were on the streets together, then Thalia dies and gets turned into a pine tree, then later she wakes up to find out he's "evil". I'm pretty sure they loved each other until the end.

Thalia and Luke are perfect together! Their relationship is so tragic and sad and I really wish they had made some declaration of love for each other or kissed just before Luke died. Luke's death was so upsetting!

6 Percico

I still feel that Nico and Percy should have been together because... It just fitted really well... I was disappointed when Nico actually found Will cause that just ruined this one sided relationship...

I love this ship. Please stop hating on it, if you don't like it just don't read fanfictions about it/look at fanarts. Insulting it publicly isn't gonna make me or other shippers stop shipping Percico, it's only going to make people upset. Please stop.

At first I really hated this ship (because Percabeth) but it grew on me. I don't see the 'Percy loves Nico' side as much, but I think it is nice for Nico to have the person he loved and looked out for for so long. I also don't think the 'Nico confesses to Annabeth and Percy' scene was the end of Nico's feelings. A crush on someone he loved for four years (and loved enough to join a war, go through literal hell and lead (sorta) a dangerous quest to rescue from formerly mentioned hell doesn't just go away because Nico wanted it to. Nico's feelings for Will Solace (<3 Solangelo) shows that Nico is growing PAST his feelings, not ignoring them or crushing them or anything. Either way, grown to love Pernico.

Ugh Okay no offense to people that ship it. I could never. This doesn't make my crack ship category. I mean Jason and Percy made a great crack but not Percy and Nico. I hate unrequited love. Hate it. I think Nico should get the guy. Will can be that guy. Honestly, this isn't my notp. But, I just can't ship it.

7 Jasper

I love this ship! I don't understand why people must compare everything to Percabeth. And for the people who hate PIper because she "said that Percy was unimpressive", really? One, she thought, not said that, and people are allowed to think bad things about other people, no one is perfect. Two she said he LOOKED unimpressive not that he was unimpressive. And all this "Percy and Annabeth made sacrifices for each other, Jasper didn't", yeah , because Jason totally did not jump off a cliff for PIper without knowing he could fly, and he totally didn't (SPOILERS) give up his life for Piper. Why do you hate Piper and Jason so much? WIthout them your beloved Percabeth would be dead.

This feels like a really forced relationship based on false memories. The only reason ‘Jasper’ became a thing, was because of Piper’s memories. Piper is useful, but not very skilled in sword fighting, her only real ability is to charmspeak. Jason is a try-hard, more like a robot, absolutely perfect, no rebellious streak. Piper needs someone more like Leo (but not Leo), and Jason needs someone reckless, and destructive, but kind and caring on the inside. This relationship is probably the worst in the series.

They are bot powerful demigods. Piper can really charm speak, and then anyone could've fallen in love with her. And Jason sacrificial himself! How can you not love this couple?!

They make a great couple for each other. I don't know why they had to break up! I was crying for two days after Jason died in the Burning Maze!

8 Tratie

People say this is the best ship ever, but I'm kind of confused. Can someone please show me the part in the books where Travis and Katie have LITERALLY ANY INTERACTION WITH EACH OTHER?

This is literally my favorite ship with non-main characters! Sure, in the books there isn't a lot of stuff for them, but I still think they are really cute together. They are meant to be opposites but they still like each other anyways. This ship is an amazing example of an 'opposites attract' type ship!

Is it just me, or does this ship make literally no sense? If I remember correctly they have barely talked to each other or something like that! Can someone please explain this to me? No offense to any shippers

I love Tratie! It's so adorable, even though there not main characters I still really like how there like opposites and I just think that they go really well together.

9 Gruniper

Haha so cute! Grover tried really hard to make juniper happy and they are the perfect couple! Even after Grover disappears, she doesn’t stop caring for him!

How would Juniper react when Grover comes home from California

Canon and they will never break up

I just think this is really adorable

10 Lazel

Yes! Leo is BASICALLY the younger version of Sammy. Hazel is like a queen, and needs a guy who treats her like one, in a jokey sort of manner. Frazel is not the BEST relationship, as Frank is too, quiet, and shy, though he’s trying to change. Leo is honest, and isn’t afraid to speak the truth, the kind of guy Hazel needs

I love Lazel and I think Frank and Hazel are much better as best friends( I don't see much chemistry and I don't think they romantically match) and Caleo definitely isn't a ship that will last. But Leo and Hazel can understand each other and Leo could be Hazel's guide to modern world since he is the only one that sometimes tries to explain her things. Hazel could also use Leo's sense of humour to cheer her up and they have some chemistry. Also Hazel liked Sammy and Leo is similar to him in many ways so I think this ship would be wonderful.

I love Lazel because I feel like Hazel deserves better than Frank, and Leo deserves better than Calypso. I don't like Frazel because of the age gap and how awkward it is. Honestly, I kind of wish Frank died because of the firewood incident when freeing Thanatos. Hazel and Leo are so cute, because since Hazel liked Sammy, Leo and her basically automatically compatible. They're super cute, and I think they should expand on the sisterly/brotherlyness, and become a couple. They would be the first couple that involves a Greek and a Roman. (Jasper doesn't count because Jason refused Roman-ness and stayed at Camp Half-Blood.)

The chapter featuring Leo and Hazel together was just sad. Yes, Leo was my favorite character, and usually I ship my favorite characters from something with someone (like Choosenshipping and Franticshipping from Pokémon, Fathigo from Wings of Fire, etc.), and I finally found someone to ship Leo with. Their relationship was just sad, since I was completely surprised that Sammy was Leo's grandfather and Leo and Hazel were related. And the fact that Hedge said "And you two were just holding hands and staring at each other for the whole time! " And Frank shouting "WHAT? " Was just funny. It's hard to explain their relationship, since a son of Hephaestus and daughter of Hades... so it's kinda like the opposite-attracting rare relationship, and also kinda like the relationship between Beast Boy and Raven from Teen Titans. It was just sweet that the two were sharing minds and I almost thought they had an empathy link between them. They were just so well together!

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11 Chrisalisse

This ship is really underrated. It is so beautiful because Chris treats Clarisse like a human that nobody else does for her and Clarisse cares for him and is gentle to him which she does for rare people. Plus Chris was the first person we saw Clarisse being nice to

I love this ship. Seriously no ine ever even talks about it but it's awesome

This one's so cute, because Chris treats Clarisse like a human, unlike everybody else.

Clarisse is awesome and she found someone who can love her and understand her. Yay!

12 Jeyna

Uhhhhhhh... if you guys have read trials of apollo book four, you know that this ship is...just no. Same with any other ship involving Reyna. She literally says, on page 405, (Go read it) that she doesn't like it when people ship her with other people. Respect her feelings! I know she's a fictional character, but if you are reading this you are clearly already obsessed with fictional characters. And you are a huge Reyna fan, don't ship her with people!

The whole heroes of Olympus series was on fair to Reyna. Jason and Reyna are perfect together, although it's not Jason's fault that he decided to get a girlfriend because he didn't remember her. Reyna always has to suck it up and be strong and make allies and try not to let feelings get in her way. She is one of those characters that has done nothing wrong and deserves everything. I love Reyna and wish jenya could be a thing

This is the BEST! Reyna is always putting her feelings past her and letting others take the ones she love. Jasper is only because Piper was the first Jason saw after he lost his memory. Jeyna is better! No demigod will heal her heart, it's really cruel.

It was so unfair for Reyna. She actually knew Jason for a while and he lost his memories and they were replaced with those saying that he was dating Piper. She didn't even know anything about him and he didn't know anything about her. Reyna cared for Jason based on true memories and experiences while Piper hadn't even known him at all. Besides,Reyna is an even better character than Piper. All Piper does is charmspeak people and a little bit of dagger fighting. She is the worst member of the crew on the Argo II. She just steals and shows no real ability. She doesn't even rank as a good fighter compared to the rest of the crew and Reyna could easily take her on and win. She never fights without using her charmspeak and Reyna has a good personality and has plenty of responsibility and doesn't make excuses and isn't scared to say that she's wrong. Piper's also selfish and Reyna is selfless and is the one that deserved to get Percy too! Annabeth's too prideful and arrogant. Reyna is the ...more

13 TyElla (Tyson & Ella)

Who couldn't love this ship, literally. They're super cute AND there's no opposing ship, a rare sight worthy to be there for

SO cute! I wonder what their babies will be? One-eyed little winged babies?

No one can break them up because they are the cutest couple ever,

They are adorable! Definitely my favorite secondary love story.

14 Jasico

I like them as friends but not a relationship. IT'S TIME TO STOP. I really loved Jason when he kept Nico's feelings for Percy a secret, knowing that he didn't have the right to tell anyone. Not even Piper. It was Nico's business and Jason knew he had no right to meddle in it.

I love how Jason is afraid of Nico and yet ends up like his friend. And okay, I don't like Piper at all. If they give each other a chance, I bet they'll be the cutest couple. they're not alike, but make each other stronger.

Why do people keep saying no? What I think you mean is HELL YES THE FEELINGS. If you need proof just go read Homebound on AO3, seriously.

Honestly I love it. I mean they have an excellent friendships, and healthy relationships are built off of freindship(or enemies, rivalries, etc).

15 Charlena

(You didn't, it's Elysium but I don't wanna offend you)
But poor Charlena at least they are together probably Percy and Annabeth in the future

Silena is the best and true example of good Aphrodite kid we don't count Piper, cause even if you like her you gotta admit she isn't a great example of the child of a love goddes. I think Silena is how Aphrodite should be she done everything she did out of love and to protect the people she loves.

They were together even when they were on different sides and they were reunited in Elysium

Happy sighs...Charlie waiting for Selena in Elysium and Selena giving up her life to join him

16 Theyna

I know it could never really happen because Thalia who is a hunter swore off love for everyone and not just men, and if she did leave the hunters for Reyna, she would technically be a demigod thus making the prophecy thingy Reyna was told about how no mortal or demigod or something would be a lie. I know it can never be despite Uncle Rick tweeting that it was cannon, but that doesn't mean I can't ship it! It may never be able to happen but I'm gonna ship it anyway, and anyone who has a ship that isn't cannon and/or doesn't work like Theyna, I have a message for you, "ship on my friends, ship on! "

They're so cute together! The day I found out this was a canon my world got so better!
Also I feel like Reyna's bisexual so... Also Thalia needs more respect.
Also in BOO Reyna straddled Thalia... I SHIP IT SO HARD. - Creepypasta_writer_RED

I would love if this would happen. They're both strong and independent. And whatever it takes to get more of Thalia since she's so neglected in the books.

I don't understand why people don't get the fact that *sighs* HUNTERS OF ARTEMIS SWEAR OF LOVE FOREVER

17 Brason

Like I said with Solangelo, Jason deserves to be happy. And the only one who can make him happy is his beautiful brick! His brick has been with him through the Mark of Athena, when they first met~

Brason is all the bricks is the universe shipped with Jason. Because... He keeps getting knocked unconscious. Not really another reason.

Hah! Oh, gods, if this is an actual ship does that mean that there is fanfiction about it? Because that would be both hilarious and super weird.

It so funny I mean jason was knocked out by the Romans when a brick hit his head it's so funny one of my favorite ships

18 Rachtavian

Okay okay, had Octavian lived, I would ship it. I feel like she would make him a better person. Well I ship them more as friends.

I can't believe people ship this because they're both the Oracle of their camp.

Rachtavian aunt work because oracles can't date!


Rachel is awesome, she doesn’t deserve to be shipped with Octavian.

Ps the whole time, I wanted nothing more than to introduce him to my good friend, madame fist.

19 Peracheal

If you guys watch The Office, they're kinda like Katie and Jim. Jim was like, "Okay, I guess she's nice," stage when Katie was at the, "So when are we going to get married?" stage. that's how Rachel and Percy were. And, Percy liked Annabeth while he was dating Rachel. that's like how Jim liked Pam while dating Katie. I don't think Perceal is a terrible ship, but I don't really ship it. And sorry if you don't watch The Office and have no idea what I'm talking about!

Meh. Rachel was in on it, but Percy never really felt it. He was still in the "I guess she looks okay" zone when Rachel was like "will you marry me" at the same time; I feel like they were just moving at different speeds.
I do think the whole "oracles can't date" thing is stupid, because how else could it be passed down from generation to generation? Are you telling me it's via aunt? What if you have no siblings LIKE RACHEL?

The reason why this isn't a good couple is because I believe it's more onesided. It's not like Percy kissed Rachel, or fell into Tartaros for her or any of that stuff! Besides, Rachel's now the Oracle- She can't date.

I don't ship it but it's not a bad ship, please stop the hate gosh you're making our fandom look like a bunch of whiny kids

20 Pipabeth

I don't think so, to be honest. I mean, I'm not saying you can't ship them if you like it, but it never seemed to me that they had anything more than platonic feelings for each other. Then again, I might be biased because I LOVE Percabeth. Jasper is pretty cool too.

If Percy was out of the picture (because jason already is) I feel that it would be cute in a summer fling kinda way but not as long term relationship

It practically writes itself. While I ship percabeth, Annabeth and Piper are at least a little gay for each other (remember the scene in Blood of Olympus? )

This has no chance of happening. I get it there good friends but not that close. I mean think guys?

21 Valdangelo

Maybe! Although ‘Solangelo’ and ‘Caleo’ are better, Leo is basically Will, although Will and Nico are more like brothers, and argue more (in a cute way), and I can’t see Leo telling Nico to go to the infirmary, and carrying him when he’s unconscious, and generally being the guy Nico needs.

I think this ship is so underrated by many, they're honestly super cute and could rly help each other get through rough times

Umm, no. Like, where did this even come from? It just doesn't make any sense and I feel like the only reason people ship them is because they were the only major characters who did not (not then, I mean) have a girlfriend or boyfriend.

NO NO NO! Who came up with this! Leo didn't want to rescue Nico and Pipper just about killed him. Plus Leo is not gay!

22 Pothena

This would be HILARIOUS! Two rivals eventually fall in love.(But is the ‘po’ for Polyphemus) Imagine Annabeth and Percy, on a double date with Athena and Poseidon!

I took these Who’s your godly parent quizzes and I always get Poseidon or Athena.
Opposites attract, plus the fighting is their cover story. They are so cute together, plus Silena and Beckendorf are technically in the same situation as Percy and Annabeth would be if they got married.

You know, if these two got married that would technically make Annabeth and Percy stepsiblings. Which would be a little weird, but I still kinda like this ship.

They totally dislike each other; athena has trouble with annabeth dating percy because he is poseidon's son

23 Glellie

This is so underrated. Like, Coach Hedge did so much to get back to Mellie and Chuck is absolutely amazing, Glellie is an underrated ship

I love Chuck. And How determined Hedge was to get back to his pregnant wife. It really shows how much he loves her. And put some pants on!

Coach hedge and Mellie! So cute! I wonder if their little saytr will be a mini killing machine... After all, like father, like son

This is true love and exasperation. They are nice

24 Pertamis

Honestly! Artemis is a MAIDEN goddess. She EXILED people from the hunt because they fell in love. Imagine after MILLENNIA of being single, you fall in love with a MORTAL, who has a girlfriend!

People. Artemis is not going to fall for any man. She can become friends with them, but even if she likes them, she WON'T FALL IN LOVE.

I really don't like this ship I'm sorry like I'm not going to be rude about it you can ship it if you want, but I personally don't

The best ship ever. A forever maiden goddess falling for the one man who proved that some men can be good people.

25 Persassabeth

Isn't this the same as Percabeth? I mean, aren't they always sassy?

Basically the only ship just as good as Percabeth!

Sassy Percy and Annabeth

It is Persassy and Annabeth, which is an empathis on Percy's sassyness, because Annabeth is not usually sassy

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