The Top Favorite Philippine Primetime Shows

This is to identify the best among the best shows here in the Philippines when in comes to night time.

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21 Sana'y Maulit Muli (ABS-CBN 2)

the most popular teen-oriented show aired in ABS-CBN, reign as the most watched show ever in the primetime philippines - hatcher234

I love the story of sana maulit muli! this is one of the best shows I ever watched! - niceepinay

22 Mara Clara Remake (ABS-CBN 2)

Mara and Clara is the best soap ever to me. In Tanzania we love it.

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23 Yasabella

The best movie... Really enjoyed it

24 Lastikman (ABS-CBN 2)

As played by the funniest comedian in philippine television, vhong navarro. also starring roxanne guinoo, jake cuenca, iya villa´┐Ża as his love interst! - hatcher234

25 Princess Sarah-Philippines (ABS-CBN 2)

the remake of the movie princess sarah originated in france as played by the star circle kid quest first-runner up sharlene! - hatcher234

cause sarah is so bright child the is my opinion

26 Immortal (ABS-CBN)
27 La Vendeta (GMA 7)
28 Budoy (ABS-CBN)

Starring Gerald Anderson this show is one of the best show ever

29 Luna Blanca (GMA7)
30 Wil Time Big Time (TV5)
31 Juan dela Cruz (ABS-CBN)
32 Zaido-Philippines (GMA 7)

another remake story of three powerful men as originated form japan! - hatcher234

33 Lorenzo's Time (ABS-CBN)
34 Maria Mercedes
35 Honesto
36 My Love From The Star (GMA)
37 Tayong Dalawa (ABS-CBN)

This is considered as one of the best and most memorable teleseryes in the past years... Should be in the top ten...

38 Forevermore

The best teleserye I have watched. It is a combination of drama, comedy, musical and the story is meaningful. I am proud of this teleserye. You deserve to win

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39 Maging Sino Ka Man
40 Pangako Sa'yo (ABS-CBN)

I think this is the best one. It even beat Marimar in ratings! Definitely it's better :))

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