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21 Salami

It's just like pepperoni! But even better! I had it last night. BEST THING I HAVE EVER TASTED!

You can't beat some good salami

Salamis is sweet for pizzas

I only eat salami pizza's

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22 Anchovies

The best topping is anchovies. This topping was the real original topping that came out of Naples. I love all pizza toppings (except chicken) but anchovies give the taste of the great Italian food -and I am not even Italian.

Salty, delicious, perhaps a controversial choice for some, but always a winner when we make pizzas. So many pizzerias don't even offer anchovies these days, but it's a real shame. Fry knows what I'm talking about.

Anyone who doesn't like anchovies on their pizza is boring and a philistine. Best co-topping with anchovies is onions, although tomatoes, mushrooms, goat cheese and/or feta cheese work well here too. The cheeses in particular will mellow it out.

I'm one of the few people that actually likes anchovies on their pizza. Pizza and anchovies are PERFECT together!

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23 Spinach

It's a gotta have for the 'green' conscious!

It's just so delicious

24 Tomato Sauce

I think they were just typing a "JOKE! " wHO ever put this on the list is Foolish!

Js I don't think I have ever had a pizza without tomato sauce on it but that might just be me?

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25 Garlic V 1 Comment
26 BBQ Chicken V 1 Comment
27 Smoked Chicken

It is super yummy

28 Black Olives

I think most olives are black huh?

29 Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is delicious on pizzas

Why oh why is corn NEVER an option when ordering pizza?

Didn't know corn on pizza is a European thing. - Martin_Canine

Eastern Europeans and the Japanese put corn (maize) on pizza. It's so weird. My Hungarian roommates used to corn their homemade pizza... it tasted nasty to me.

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30 Meatballs

Meatball Pizza. Everyone loves it.

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31 Avocado V 2 Comments
32 Peppers
33 Buffalo Chicken

Bro Buffalo Chicken is AWESOME

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34 Prawn V 2 Comments
35 Eggplant

LOVE this one! But to the guy who said this was healthy... um, no. At least, the kind I get is deep-fried, thinly-sliced eggplant. Which is crispy and greasy (in a good way) and savory. If you haven't tried this, then you are REALLY missing out.

I think eggplant is one of the most disgusting substances on planet earth, I can't believe you stupid people would recommend this. You disgust me.

Eggplant actually tastes incredible on pizza. Plus it's super healthy too!

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36 Banana Peppers

Underestimated younger brother of the green and yellow pepper. Adds a subtle sweetness to any pizza

I love these so much and on this oh yes

37 Artichoke

Artichoke with olives and feta. YUM

THIS. My fave is artichoke spinach dip on pizza... it's a creamy, buttery, mouth-gasm with tangy artichoke to balance things out.

38 Turkey
39 Pickles
40 Steak
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