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1 Sinnoh

A lot of powerful Pokemon come from this region. Also, the storyline was different than the other regions (in the good way :D). It has twists and what not, the introducing of the legendaries for this region blew me away. Each and very one. The legendaries are gods. LITERALLY. Arceus=God. Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina should be gods as well. The Champion, Cynthia, was actually a challenge to beat. It was actually nice for a change that the champion was actually difficult to beat, cause every single ' time I just one-shot every single Pokemon they have. I could go on and on but Sinnoh hands down is the best region yet.

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2 Kanto

The first and the best! - Animefan12

3 Hoenn

Hoenn is my favorite - brachio-oddish

Hoen is better than sinnoh

4 Unova
5 Johto

Johtos cities and towns are pretty

6 Kalos

It has the best Pokemon in competitive play, plus mega evolution, and it's down here.

7 Alola
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1. Sinnoh
2. Kanto
3. Unova
1. Sinnoh
2. Hoenn
3. Unova
1. Sinnoh
2. Unova
3. Hoenn

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