Favorite Rainbow Colors

Red Tomatoes Yellow Ducklings Orange Oranges Green Grass Blue Oceans Indigo Dye Purple Eggplant?

Just like Skittles there is a favorite taste the rainbow and vote for the rainbow as your favorite Rainbow Color!

The Top Ten

1 Blue

My favorite shade of blue isn't this one, I like China blue. But still blue is a pretty color

It's a beautiful color, associated with the sea and the sky

The best color ever is blue - Ajkloth

Blue is the best

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2 Red

Why is it that red green and blue are the top of every list (in any order) those colors are gross...

Red is a beautiful color that expresses ones feelings and...ITS AWESOME!

21 to 21 in percents, close with blue. You can do it red!

Yeah, It actually deserves number 1 - Righteous

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3 Green

I would vote for blue but it's only Light Blue I like! - NintendoROCK3T

I love this color. Its not my favorite, but I like the look of it. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Makes me think of a shady, summer day under a green willow tree, and sitting in the green grass with white clouds soaring in the skies. Eating green cooking apples with cousins... Ah... beautiful...

Green, Colour of Nature

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4 Yellow V 3 Comments
5 Indigo

People always forget about Indigo! Every time someone talks about the rainbow, they always say, "red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple". "gets triggered" - UgGames332

They need to pay attention to this color more often.

Indigo, Colour of the Lavender

6 Violet

Violet is a very creative colour some people don't know what violet looks like but heres a picture of the colour it is AMAZING

Violet, Colour of the Violet

That's lilac,not violet! Violet is way more blueish.-RainbowDash

7 Orange

Sodom - Agent Orange

Orange, Colour of the Flames

It's a strong healing color

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