Top Ten Favorite Rwby Characters

I recently watched an anime series called RWBY (R.I.P Monty Oum), so I decided to give my final judgment on which characters I like the most!

The Top Ten

1 Ruby Rose

I love RWBY too, IrisTheChampionKid! - TwilightKitsune

2 Weiss Schnee Weiss Schnee

Weiss to me was the most relatable character, next to Ruby. She was smart, pretty, level-headed, and seemed like she had everything. However, at heart, she seemed more cold and spoiled. She had problems with her parents, specifically her dad. She also had a sibling, but Weiss honestly was more distant from her sister and her dad, so she was alone. When she befriended people, she became more kind, caring, and understanding of others. She was a motivater, a forgiver, and had a lot of grit. I especially loved the spells she could pull off, and when she struggled with summoning, it showed that she wasn't as perfect as she looked to be at the beginning. Weiss also seems to be in a battle with her dark side, so I give her a few more points for how relatable I am to her. - IrisTheChampionKid

3 Jaune Arc Jaune Arc

Jaune developed so much I'm proud of him. - Rue

4 Nora Valkyrie

She's a pancake

5 Pyrrha Nikos
6 Yang Xiao Long Yang Xiao Long

Why is Yang so low?!?!?! She is amazing *without snobby weird fans ruining her (ahem Yangwick)* She is so tragic and brace and cool. She's not overpowering *ahem Ruby* which makes her more interesting and relatable. My favorite moments with her are the parts in the tournament, especially when she hits Murcury when it's all just an illusion that he was running at her. Yes, she is a powerhouse, but she never wants to hurt anybody. I cannot wait to see her in the 4th volume - Peculiar

7 Penny Polendina
8 Blake Belladonna

I love Blake!

9 Lie Ren Lie Ren
10 Coco Adel

The Contenders

11 Neptune Vasilias Neptune Vasilias
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