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21 Sailor Uranus Sailor Uranus

She doesn't "switch" genders. She's a lesbian who happens to be a tomboy and dress boyish. She can't "change" genders. Only the starlights do that.

She is the coolest person ever! She's a lot like me except I don't switch genders and I don't have a girlfriend

Sailor Uranus is my favorite Sailor! I wish she was on the show more. She's such an inspirational character!


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22 Princess Kakyuu
23 Artemis
24 Mr. Tsukino
25 Mimete
26 Mrs. Tsukino
27 Sailor Galaxia
28 Fish Eye
29 Molly Baker


30 Chibiusa

She whines a lot... But I guess she's okay. If she can shut the heck up for once, maybe I'd like her better. - Puppytart

Chibiusa is my second favourite character after Serena Sailor Moon because she is Sailor Moon and Darien future daughter.

She's cute - MasekM24

Love her KAWAIi

31 Sailor Cosmos

She's the most awesome character in the whole series even if she barely had any "pages" for her
Probably the character that made me think about the most.

32 Prince Diamond

Hey I didn't expect to find him this high up on the list. He's my fave villain - SugarcoatShadowBolt

I was actually upset when he died :(

I love Prince Diamond/Demande so much! He's such an amazing character but I was so sad when he died

33 PallaPalla

She's do adorable, her and her sisters are so smuding and way more interesting than the main cast!

34 CereCere
35 JunJun
36 VesVes
37 Hawk's Eye
38 Tiger's Eye
39 Naru Osaka
40 Gurio Umino
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