Top 10 Best Seasons of the Year

The Top Ten
1 Fall / Autumn

The season where the leaves start to turn vibrant colors (that only lasts very short) and I love fall spices (cinnamon, cardamom, pumpkin spice). It is not too hot or too cold in this season. I do not like really hot weather, but I don't really like the cold weather either. Fall is a perfect balance between those two.

Fall/Autumn is the number on season no questions asked. I believe that because it has my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving! I love Fall because I Enjoy the Fashion, food, and weather changes. the cooling down of the season lets me break out my peacock coat, boots and my favorite burgundy beret cap.
Summer is far TOO warm for me, spring I enjoy because it's my birthday season. but overall Fall really is the best, I mean what other seasons can you get Pumpkin flavored lattes or Turkey and gravy, jeez I'm making myself hungry now. I just LOVE the Fall activites like visitng Pumpkin Patches, Going Apple picking and Wathing Fall aesthetic movies. I always get Nostalgia around this season. Fall has the most beautiful outdoors. I just LOVE the Sweet cool breeze and the beautiful color changing trees and the crunching of leaves while taking a walk in the park. I just ADORE the Fall colors, Burgundy is my favorite fall color, then its Navy Blue, Royal Deep Purple, Army Green, Orange, Maroon ...more

Summer (Well where I live) is way too hot and sunny for me, sure there's no school--but it's hard to even go outside in that heat, even with sunscreen you'll get sunburn and you just can't take the heat

Winter: Winter's fun when it snows and all but after a little bit it sorta gets depressing. I love winter it's my second favorite season (AFTER FALL) but where I live it rarely snows honestly. It really depends on where you live

Spring: Sure Spring is pretty but it's also rainy, so much pollen leading to allergies, and SO MANY BEE STINGS!

Fall: the weather is perfect, it can range from sunny to cloudy. Or in between---it has a small breeze but not too cold you really just need a jacket. The scenery is beautiful AND NO ALLERGIES OR STINGS, SUNBURN, AND FROSTBITE

I like fall mostly because I can still wear shorts (sometimes) and I can still get that nice cool breeze, plus my birthday is oct, 1 so I have a really nice thing to look forward to in the fall. And all the stupid bugs are gone (I'm afraid of bugs and I can't seem to get over it, except bees and butterflies, they seem fine) especially the creepy looking ones. and it's practically impossible to get a sunburn, or even get a frostbite, so it's pretty much the most neutral season for me (maybe even my best).

2 Winter

Winter is overrated by a lot. The cold weather feels like torture. My skin gets dry (I hate putting on the moisturizer), the trees are barren, it is tortorusly cold, and because of the stupid snow! It is worse to drive on a snow surface than a non-snow surface, for those who passed their learner's permit. There is a break, but it is not as long as desireable.

I wasn't expecting this to be number 1 on the list at all. This is my favourite season ever! I love the cold weather and having hot cocoa. Summer sucks and it's easily the worst season ever, it shouldn't even touch this list! The uncomfortable heat always makes me puke for some reason

I love winter mostly because it just feels more comfortable to me, and it also makes it so much more relaxing when taking hot showers XD. But in all seriousness I find it easier to control my temperature in winter (and fall too) instead of like summer, and when it rains in summer it feels all icky to me,
and I would say stuff about Christmas, and don't get me wrong I love presents, but I feel like doing what I enjoy (I'll keep that a secret) is honestly what keeps me very cheery in winter even if it seems all depressing. I guess the only bad thing is that the days feel short, but I can work with that.

But tl;dr I love winter because I find it more relaxing to take hot showers, and in my opinion regulating my temperature is easier than in summer.

Honestly, I never knew this would be number one. This is my personal favourite season if the year, because of Christmas. I love getting presents from my parents, and I think it's really cool. I also love how the fact when you don't have to go to school since there is so much snow, and there are so many bad car accidents which is part of the reason why there is no school (Not my problem, anyway). I don't really like the hotness in the summer, because I get heat strokes easily, but it's not bad, I'm not hating on summer, it's my second favourite season. I'm in Grade 7, by the way.

3 Summer

Hell yeah for summer, it has nothing but happy memories associated with it (until school hits again in February.) It's got Christmas, the best holiday of the year by far, New Years, a 6 week school holiday, the beach, spending time with family, sleeping with the aircon on, the hot days and really just a great way to refresh and get school out of your mind. After all, once school comes back it's a total reset.

Summer is my favorite season because there is no school, the days are super long, and you can go swimming. However, it can get too hot at times.

My favorite season is summer! I have below reasons.
1, My favorite MLB's season.
2, My birthday is summer (August 1).
3, Shinning Sun (my zodiac Leo's bless star).
4, Every sights are lively! (particularly sea)
5, Long time daylight hour is good too.
6, Doing a lot outside events!
7, I can pass to lightweight equipment. Also cicada's voice and sunflower are good too. Because those feels real summer.
Conversely I hate winter! I have belows reasons.
1, I'm terrible an influenza. Maybe I have weak resistance about coldness. (So I need turtleneck's shirt and sweater)
2, I have sensitivity of cold and stiff shoulders It's too hard.
3, I can't pass to lightweight equipment.
4, Too short daylight hour! (particularly December and January)
5, Too small number outside event! (particularly February)
6, Not play MLB's game.
7, I feel too hard get up on winter's morning. So I need heat harder in my room and wears socks on sleeping.
I customized my ...more

... yeah no I hate summer, I mean the beach is nice, and swimming is nice, but all the bugs, the uncomfortable heat, and the fact that that it's mosquito season, just ruin it for me. I guess I like summer because if you are a student you get no school, so yeah it's nice, and the green does feel refreshing, but it's still the bugs and intolerable heat that do it for me.

4 Spring

Spring is so underrated. It is basically the season of celebration. Spring is the season of my birthday (Mine's in May) (and my mom's(hers is in April)). Sometimes trees (especially magnolias, dogwoods, redbuds, japanese cherry trees (yoshinos, kanzans))look beautiful. In a typical representation of spring, there are lots of fragrant flowers. I know about the rain and the bugs, but every season has their positive and negative.

Instead of saying why Spring is best, which had already been said, I'l state what sucks about the alternatives.

Fall: Fall means everything is dying, and this also means yardwork and maintenence. It sucks getting all leaves, pine needles, and pinecones cleaned up. The weather is also generally pretty bad, with weather that isn't quite warm but is far too cold for most comfortable wear.

Winter: Snow looks pretty on trees, but when it touches the road it becomes a hideous hazard. It causes more accidents and brings incredibly cold weather along with it.

Summer: It's really hot, and depending on where you live it also brings mosquitoes with it. It's great otherwise but those two bring it down below spring.

Relief from winter, not too hot, not too cold, march madness, sports, the easiest part of the school year, spring break, what is not to love about spring?

Spring... spring... spring, where do I begin, the humidity: horrible, the heat because of the humidity: horrible, the only good thing is that it looks some what pretty. And not to mention all of those bugs are going to come back...