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1 Winter

The only things good about winter is Christmas and the snow, and in Texas (my home state), it’s always cold but it never snows! So I don’t like this season.

Even in the movie frozen my kids watch it all the time. They manage to capture how beautiful winter can be when they walk through the ice forest before meeting Olaf. All the bugs go away. Bees can hurt anybody. You can remember what it's like to be a kid again

Winter is the best without question. Hot Chocolate, Snow, and you can pretty much stay inside if you hate being outside, or go out since it's so awesome.

Winter is the only place where you can watch kids go sledding with there friends while you sip hot chocolate from inside. The pretty snowflakes rest on the trees making a beautiful picture outside

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2 Summer

My favorite season is summer! I have below reasons.
1, My favorite MLB's season.
2, My birthday is summer (August 1).
3, Shinning Sun (my zodiac Leo's bless star).
4, Every sights are lively! (particularly sea)
5, Long time daylight hour is good too.
6, Doing a lot outside events!
7, I can pass to lightweight equipment. Also cicada's voice and sunflower are good too. Because those feels real summer.
Conversely I hate winter! I have belows reasons.
1, I'm terrible an influenza. Maybe I have weak resistance about coldness. (So I need turtleneck's shirt and sweater)
2, I have sensitivity of cold and stiff shoulders It's too hard.
3, I can't pass to lightweight equipment.
4, Too short daylight hour! (particularly December and January)
5, Too small number outside event! (particularly February)
6, Not play MLB's game.
7, I feel too hard get up on winter's morning. So I need heat harder in my room and wears socks on sleeping.
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No school baby mama Zooey mama

Swimming, no school troubles, and the fourth of July! What more can you ask for?

Summer is my favorite season because it's the most fun. There's amusement parks, zoos, swimming pools, Independence Day, vacations, no school, parks, the beach, camping, and more! Summer is the best season by far. You can have fun every day in summer, unlike boring spring and winter. My Birthday is in summer too.

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3 Fall

No contest here! Each season has its beauty, but Fall has always been my favorite. No season gives you a sensory experience quite like Fall does. All 5 of your senses are alerted to this amazing season. The sight of orange leaves in the October morning sunlight, the sound of crunching leaves as you walk up the driveway, the feel of the chilly September night air, the taste of homemade apple crisp, and the smell of burning leaves. I'm a little biased as well, I guess, since my birthday is in September. I could talk about Fall for HOURS. That's how much I love this amazing season! Spring is my second favorite and is currently the season we're in right now. And while I'm enjoying the warm days and the lengthening evenings, I'm definitely looking forward to September!

In Summer, the weather is too hot to do anything. In Winter, it's too cold to do anything, in Spring, the weather changes to much to do anything, but fall is perfect. Not many thunderstorms, temperature is perfect to go outside, bugs go away, and the leaves turn a nice color. Fall is the best time of the year.

Definitely the prettiest time of year. The whole feel to autumn (fall) is so comforting, the colours of the falling leaves, long walks in the park, collecting conkers and all the pumpkins, apples and berries. The weather is not too cold nor too hot and is usually nice and cool. Plus, Halloween! I also love autumn colours, purple, scarlet, gold, rusty red and yellow

The weather isn't too hot, and sometimes it is comfortably chilly. No bugs, regularly cloudy skies, and absolutely gorgeous foliage. It is the greatest time if year to be outside and just enjoy the calmness and beauty of nature that shows during Fall.

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4 Spring

This is the best season, it is a season of flowers, it is the transition time between summer and winter. It should be favorite of all the people in the world. - Xstar

I love spring! My favorite part is the rain!

Defiantly spring.. Not to hot n not to cold