Favorite Seinfeld Characters

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1 Cosmo Kramer

I think that Kramer is the funniest character on Seinfeld. The show would have not been the same without him. I like that he unique from Jerry, George, and Elaine. I like how on the friars club he tried to sleep only 3 hours every 20 minutes.

"Here's to feeling good all the time".

I donโ€™t know how anyone could get a single take with Kramer without completely losing it, everybody else is hilarious, no doubt, but a good chunk of the funniest moments involve Kramer lolololol

2 George Costanza

Absolutely funny. From anger-fuelled complaints to serene monologues, there is no sitcom character-besides George-who managed to perfect these qualities to the extent of Jason Alexander's portrayal of them.

George cracked me up a lot. I remember this one scene where he opened a window and just started yelling at the street below. I don't know about you but that cracked me up. - BigBerry25

His overacting gives me a headache.

"It was shrinkage! "

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3 Jerry Seinfeld

My favorite

4 Newman

He is pure evil!

5 Elaine Benes

Elaine is the most underrated of the main characters!

If you are not going to vote in Elaine just "Get Out"

Elaine should be #1

She's amazing and I always thought she was the funniest of the group.

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6 Frank Costanza

"Do you want a piece of me? "

7 Jacopo Peterman
8 Susan
9 Uncle Leo

Uncle Leo is hilarious! I wish he was on the show more. ๐Ÿ˜‚โค๏ธ

10 David Puddy

Yes! Wish he was around longer or had a spinoff series. - Billyv

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11 The Soup Nazi

The soup Nazi rules.

12 George Steinbrenner
13 Morty Seinfeld

"My wallet is missing! My wallet is missing! "

14 Crazy Joe Davola
15 Jackie Chiles
16 Mickey Abbott
17 Mr. Lippman
18 Kenny Bania
19 Estelle Costanza
20 Mr. Kruger
21 Helen Seinfeld
22 Mr. Bookman

Mr. Bookman cracks me up! The Bookstore is definitely my favorite episode! ๐Ÿ˜‚

23 The Doorman
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