Top Ten Favorite Ships In the FNAF Community

So, I was all for the fnaf ships in the beginning but then I realized that these animatronics are possessed by children’s souls. Still doesn’t stop people from drawing and writing the fanfics and ships etc. So here’s a list of the Top Ten Favorite Ships in the Fnaf community.

The Top Ten

1 Foxy x Mangle Foxy x Mangle

Yea I like this ship
But foxy x chica just no

It's a match made in heaven

Top of my ship list

They are the cutest fnaf ship of all time and nothing can change that not even springle I love it so much and nothing can change it

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2 Bonnie x Chica Bonnie x Chica

Bonnica is canon if you look in the book you can see the hugging each other

These two are so cute together

Tony crynights animations are AMAZING. Other than that I don't really think bonnie and chica really go well together. Considering bonnie,chica,freddy and foxy are (kind of?! I'm a noob...) "originals" I don't really mind them but chica and freddy go well for me too! JUST NOT WITHERED BONNIE...

I think it's cute but only because of Tony Crynight's Fnaf animations. - LilRose

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3 Bonnie x Mangle Bonnie x Mangle

I love bonnie and mangle together I did like foxy x mangle but now I love bonnie x mangle better

I love this couple.

I feel like Mangle is shipped with everybody. - NightJinx

4 Freddy x Chica Freddy x Chica

Only great couples. - XtheXlmao

Not really - Mefty

They would look amazing together. By far the best couple besides Foxy x Mangle. - GameTheorist

Along with the Foxy x Chica ship, this seems like an extremely sweet and sentimental ship between two completely different individuals, with completely different ranks in the Animatronic Squad. (Freddy being first, Chica being third.) They are really just so cute together!

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5 Springtrap x Mangle

Why the hell do people ship this? I really don't understand it. - LilRose

BEST SHIP EVER it makes so much sense and is so cute

Worst ship ever

Springtrapxmangle is the best ever its also the most obvious

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6 Foxy x Chica Foxy x Chica

1. Used to ship it because of Tony Crynight
2. Turns out Foxy is a giant douchebag who hooks up with all the female characters. Chica deserves better. - LilRose

OML THIS IS MY OTP. FANGLE/FOXANGLE SUCKS. Seriously people need to stop shipping Fangle. Everyone used to ship Foxica before FNAF 2. What happened...?

AGAIN only because of Tony Crynight. Go check him out by the way, he’s very talented. - NightJinx

7 Purple Guy X Phone Guy

You are LUCKY I cannot hurt people through le internet or I would hit you with la chancla

what - LilRose

Hell nah - Mefty

I’m not sure... the fanart can’t get pretty odd - NightJinx

8 Bonnie x Toy Chica Bonnie x Toy Chica

Toy chica x toy bonnie - Mefty

Bonnie x toy chica is number one

Why? - LilRose


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9 Balloon Boy x Balloon

This is hilarious

Haha no - Mefty

LOL This does make sense though. - GameTheorist


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10 Freddy x Bonnie Freddy x Bonnie


Cutest Gay Fnaf couple. 10/10. - LilRose

This is the cutest gay couple in my opinion. :D - RosalinaX

I have never seen this as a ship but there’s been lots of fanart about it. - NightJinx

The Newcomers

? Toy Bonnie x Freddy

I know its strange but I always have shipped it

? Dawko x Scott Cawthon

I think they are a married couple. I KNOW they are. Why do you think Dawko gets all these early accseses? Vote if you agree

The Contenders

11 Ballora x Puppet

Why? Just why? This is like shipping Rosalina with Peach or Maria with Eliza. - LilRose

I ship it there traits go so well together

Good Job

Lesbian - Mefty

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12 Springtrap x Chica

I don't really ship it so no hate please!


Yeah but I don't know why spdingtrap would love chica that much

13 Bonnie x Foxy

I don't know how it got to this point, but I still ship it.

It is such a cute ship, The fanart is killing me! its adorable

These two are so cute together ❤️ I've seen a lot of fan art of them too, and love the ship name "Fonnie"

LOVE IT! (I don't know why I'm sometimes into yaoi)
but still love it :D


14 Ennard x Exotic Butters

Best ship ever

YES! I also liked bb x balloon

Hell yas - Mefty


15 Fredbear x Twisted Wolf

Nah that's gay - Mefty

16 Molten Freddy x Lefty

Yes I can imagine that because they have something in common Molten Freddy is Ennard and Lefty is Marionette

I don,t know them teach me NOW!

17 Funtime Freddy x Circus Baby

I think its cute

18 Toy Bonnie x Toy Chica Toy Bonnie x Toy Chica

One of the best couple together they look perfect

best one

19 Marionette x Purple Guy

Canon depending on what theory you have. - LilRose

20 Baby x Ennard


Announcing I love this ship

Yas - Mefty

THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER! They are both clowns so their hearts just chained together.

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21 Toy Chica x Foxy

Nope - Mefty

She sassy hot and sexy she's perfect for foxy

22 Scrap Baby x Molten Freddy

Hell nah boi - Mefty

23 Marionette x Circus Baby

Lesbian - Mefty

24 Balloon Boy x Balloon Girl

JJ is a hallucination. Therefore she is not real. You can't ship something that's not real with some creepy balloon dispenser. - LilRose

Yes 100% percent this makes sense this is my ship


25 Funtime Foxy x Lolbit

This is kinda a good ship. - LilRose

Aren't they both boiz - Mefty

I ship this together it´s such a cute couple

26 Shadow Bonnie x Lolbit

It cute

27 Springtrap x the Puppet

It's kinda canon depending on what you believe. Like me. - LilRose

i'm joking

Welp at least it’s on the list

28 Scott Cawthon x Matpat

They go together. Scott makes the games. MatPat makes the theories. They love what each other do so they love each other. Lol

29 Marionette x Balloon Boy

HEEEL NAHHH by the way go follow meah and meah dudes on quotev I is thpoopet - Mefty

30 Purple Guy x Ballora

It is his cannon wife

31 Lefty x Helpy

I ship lefty x molten freddy it's the most adorable cpuple that's y my user is mefty molten x lefty by the way helpy is way to small for everyone exept for I don't know a baby plush - Mefty

32 Bonnie x Freddy

Hell nah - Mefty

They are cute togheter
# I'm gay dab a deera ba dab.
# gay

33 Funtime Freddy x Ballora

In this case, I ship it, opposites attract!

Maybe - Mefty

34 Freddy x Ballora

I ship it so there’s bonnica

35 Bidy Bab x Minirina

I don't know I just thought of two small animatronics

36 Ballora x Circus Baby
37 Lolbit x Foxy
38 Freddy x Baby

Meh it could work
If ya wanna see my 3 season comic on it stay tuned

39 Funtime Foxy x Funtime Freddy

I felt bored

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