Top Ten Favorite Ships In the FNAF Community

So, I was all for the fnaf ships in the beginning but then I realized that these animatronics are possessed by children’s souls. Still doesn’t stop people from drawing and writing the fanfics and ships etc. So here’s a list of the Top Ten Favorite Ships in the Fnaf community.

The Top Ten

Foxy x Mangle

This was one of my favorite ships and I only like it now because a very good animator, Tony Crynight is making a series about the sparks between the two. And I ain’t just talking about their wires.

I live off of this! my friends and I play as foxy, lolbit, tangle, and mangle! (me) **and the thing is, the person who plays foxy, I have a crush on ;)**

Yes. I mean, they're both foxes, they'd go perfect together.

Soo cute! I love this couple so kuch! They just make sense!

Bonnie x Chica

I've shipped this ever since I got into the fandom, and it's been apart of me since the beginning. I'll always ship this, since it means so much to me.

O MY GOSH... why do people ship freddy and chica... I mean like, bonnie and chica are waaaaaaay better... also mangle and foxy are both foxes and both sometimes crazy and funny at the same time...

Tony crynights animations are AMAZING. Other than that I don't really think bonnie and chica really go well together. Considering bonnie,chica,freddy and foxy are (kind of?! I'm a noob...) "originals" I don't really mind them but chica and freddy go well for me too! JUST NOT WITHERED BONNIE...

I SHIP IT! I love Bonnie as a whole but Chica... Bonnie could tech Chica not to hang lots and pans in the kitchen like a child!

Bonnie x Mangle

I love bonnie and mangle together I did like foxy x mangle but now I love bonnie x mangle better

I feel like Mangle is shipped with everybody.

I can see the kids all ready

I love this couple.

Freddy x Chica

Along with the Foxy x Chica ship, this seems like an extremely sweet and sentimental ship between two completely different individuals, with completely different ranks in the Animatronic Squad. (Freddy being first, Chica being third.) They are really just so cute together!

They would look amazing together. By far the best couple besides Foxy x Mangle.

They are pretty awesome

I think its really cute

Springtrap x Mangle

Yeet I'm only here to say that haters should not hate! Specifically fangle lovers because they hate springle. But my opinion I LOVE this ship and whoever's loves it don'tet haters get you down

Why the hell do people ship this? I really don't understand it.

Springtrapxmangle is the best ever its also the most obvious

It is so awesome I watch the one

Foxy x Chica

I didn't even like this ship because I prefer Bonnie x Chica and Foxy x Mangle it makes more sense, tho I'm not a shipper anymore because of the ships fanbase P.S just because this ship is better than Foxy x Mangle still doesn't mean people will stop shipping it ok.

1. Used to ship it because of Tony Crynight
2. Turns out Foxy is a giant douchebag who hooks up with all the female characters. Chica deserves better.

AGAIN only because of Tony Crynight. Go check him out by the way, he’s very talented.

OML THIS IS MY OTP. FANGLE/FOXANGLE SUCKS. Seriously people need to stop shipping Fangle. Everyone used to ship Foxica before FNAF 2. What happened...?

Purple Guy X Phone Guy

You are LUCKY I cannot hurt people through le internet or I would hit you with la chancla

so cute

I like it


Freddy x Bonnie

Cutest Gay Fnaf couple. 10/10.

Cutest ship ever! this should be way higher!

I agree with those comments nbelow mine

How is foxica higher than this?!

Balloon Boy x Balloon

LOL This does make sense though.

That's just perfect

This is hilarious

This has to be canon

Bonnie x Toy Chica

I think its really cute. I imagine bonnie is like a smart person and toy chica as a cheerful person. and I think it really fit in

Bonnie x toy chica is number one

Toy chica x toy bonnie

Yea, I can see that... sorta

The Contenders

Ennard x Exotic Butters

Haha this is canon

Best ship ever

YES! I also liked bb x balloon


Toy Bonnie x Toy Chica

One of the best couple together they look perfect

It should at least be top 5

I ship it

So cute!

Bon Bon and Bonnet

I love these puppet ship I also ship puppetmaster and lefty

They're just so adorable

its bootiful

Funtime freddy will be a gandpa

Funtime Foxy x Funtime Freddy

I LOVE IT! But its should be me instead of funtime foxy!

gay? are they mean this does ..wait.

:3 good but I would rather ship f. foxy with lopbit

I felt bored

Baby x Ennard

I don't really know if it's a good ship because Ennard is basically like 1/4 of each funtime animatronic including Baby herself...

I don't know why but I like the ship even when they are the same person just my thing away ways

I think baby x ennard is my best ship.
Maybe they are so cute . who think like me ?

Even though they're the same person in theory, I think they're a cute couple.

Bonnie x Foxy

You should search up on YouTube fanf vines and it'll will give a bunch. it'll show you some videos and few of them have bonnie * foxy vines, there so cute!

I don't know how it got to this point, but I still ship it.

It is such a cute ship, The fanart is killing me! its adorable

I think this is one of the best gay ships in fnaf and I honestly ship it so hard:3

Scrap Baby x Molten Freddy

This is so cute

isn't baby like 8 though

not cute but ok

Hell nah boi

Molten Freddy x Lefty

I don,t know them teach me NOW!

Yes I can imagine that because they have something in common Molten Freddy is Ennard and Lefty is Marionette

the kids would be cute

Yes, just yes

Scott Cawthon x Matpat

They go together. Scott makes the games. MatPat makes the theories. They love what each other do so they love each other. Lol

Lmao this is fact

they're gay botn MANS!

Ballora x Puppet

Why? Just why? This is like shipping Rosalina with Peach or Maria with Eliza.

Both have the same kind of love for music, it just works.

But there both girls doesn't that make them lesbians?

If you read this you must vote for Ballora X Puppet

Purple Guy x Ballora

It is his cannon wife

This is canon. (Mrs. Afton is Ballora theory)

Isn't this canon?

My favorite canon ship <3

Funtime Foxy x Lolbit

This is kinda a good ship.

It's just amazing

Aren't they both boiz

I ship this together it´s such a cute couple

Bidy Bab x Minirina

I don't know I just thought of two small animatronics

Two polar opposites, I just feel like it's cute.

This is kinda cute but eh its ok

they're just 2 cute small animatronic who are extremely dangerous.

Puppet x Goldie

In my opinion I ship it but I think marionette os the one that should be shipped I know that they are the same but it's just my opinion puppet is the crying child and marionette is henry daughter so I SHIP IT

I wonder what the kids would look like?

PERFECTO my fren doesn't agree :/

Balloon Boy x Balloon Girl

JJ is a hallucination. Therefore she is not real. You can't ship something that's not real with some creepy balloon dispenser.

Yes 100% percent this makes sense this is my ship

It’s JJ but yeah I like it


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