Top Ten Favorite Ships In the FNAF Community

So, I was all for the fnaf ships in the beginning but then I realized that these animatronics are possessed by children’s souls. Still doesn’t stop people from drawing and writing the fanfics and ships etc. So here’s a list of the Top Ten Favorite Ships in the Fnaf community.

The Top Ten

1 Foxy x Mangle Foxy x Mangle

I totally ship this. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

I ship it #Fangle - TwilightKitsune

No it can't be...

My favorite couple the only thing that’s better is nightmare Mangle x Nightmare Foxy but I do foxy x mangle ships all the time -Galaxy Meowth

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2 Bonnie x Chica Bonnie x Chica

This one is interesting. Again, I only ship it because of Tony Crynight. - NightJinx

3 Bonnie x Mangle Bonnie x Mangle

I feel like Mangle is shipped with everybody. - NightJinx

I love this couple.

4 Freddy x Chica Freddy x Chica

Along with the Foxy x Chica ship, this seems like an extremely sweet and sentimental ship between two completely different individuals, with completely different ranks in the Animatronic Squad. (Freddy being first, Chica being third.) They are really just so cute together!

5 Foxy x Chica Foxy x Chica

AGAIN only because of Tony Crynight. Go check him out by the way, he’s very talented. - NightJinx

6 Springtrap x Mangle

They can both be all screwed up together. It’s a mangled couple - NightJinx

7 Purple Guy X Phone Guy

I’m not sure... the fanart can’t get pretty odd - NightJinx

8 Bonnie x Toy Chica Bonnie x Toy Chica

Yea, I can see that... sorta - NightJinx

9 Freddy x Bonnie Freddy x Bonnie

I have never seen this as a ship but there’s been lots of fanart about it. - NightJinx

10 Balloon Boy x Balloon

Yes, apparently this is a thing. It’s only a joke though just like all of the others 😂 - NightJinx

The Contenders

11 Marionette x Purple Guy
12 Baby x Ennard

This should be #1!

13 Marionette x Circus Baby
14 Toy Chica x Foxy

She sassy hot and sexy she's perfect for foxy

15 Ballora x Puppet
16 Scrap Baby x Molten Freddy
17 Marionette x Balloon Boy
18 Balloon Boy x Balloon Girl
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