Favorite The Simpsons Characters

A list of the top ten most popular characters from the Simpsons television series, the longest-running American sitcom and longest-running American animated program of all time. For a complete list of Simpsons characters, check out this page .

The Top Ten Favorite The Simpsons Characters

1 Homer Simpson Homer Jay Simpson is the protagonist of the American animated television series The Simpsons as the patriarch of the eponymous family.

The dumbest person, but that's why we love him - roblist

Memorable moments of homer
Homer:Fugu me!
Homer: I am so smart I am so smart s-m-r-t I mean S-m-a-r-t
And the best, in my opinion
Marge: now homer, don't you eat this pie
Homer: okay, now pie I will go like this
(Makes chomping Noise)
Homer: and if you get eaten there's is nothing you can do about it
(makes chomping noise and bangs into the overhead heater)
Homer: DO'H!

Homer is funny and entertaining he makes me laugh every time I watch the simpsons so you have to love him

Of course he is the number one spot, but he more than deserves it. He may be dumb, but he is hilarious and A million times better father than Peter Griffin - Spongehouse

2 Bart Simpson Bartholomew JoJo "Bart" Simpson is the oldest child, and the only son, in the 1987 show The Simpsons. He was created by Matt Groening. His hobbies are pranking people including Lisa Simpson and Homer Simpson.

I like him, because he's like me! Also I like Otto because he likes heavy metal - Trivium

-The Posse (2000-2010)

Bart Simpson (1980): Guitarist
Lisa Simpson (1982): Saxophone
Milhouse Van Houten (1980): Bassist
Nelson Muntz (1980): Drummer

The Posse were an American rock band formed in Springfield in 2000. With members Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Milhouse Van Houten, and Nelson Muntz, they became widely regarded as the foremost and most influential music band in history, on par with The Beatles. Rooted by the influence of legendary musicians such as Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Tears for Fears, Michael Jackson, and others, The Posse later experimented with innovative musical styles, ranging from blues, pop, folk, and rhythms to psychedelia, punk, and avant garde, incorporating classical elements and unorthodox recording method in creative ways. In 2003, their enormous popularity surged as "Possemania"; as the music expand in sophistication, led by primary songwriters Bart Simpson and Lisa Simpson, the band were essential to ...more

Bart is the coolest he's my favorite character! - foxrocks

Let's be real here: nobody watches the show because of Marge, Lisa, or Maggie. The Simpsons is great because of Bart and Homer. I can still remember a time when "Don't have a Cow" was the most popular phrase in pop culture. Will he ever be as popular as he was in 1991? No, but that won't stop him from telling you to "eat my shorts! "

3 Ralph Wiggum Ralph Wiggum is a side character in The Simpsons. He is the son of Chief Wiggum. Ralph is not very smart at all. He is voiced by Nancy Cartwright. Some episodes such as I Love Lisa and This Little Wiggy have him as a major character.

I love ralph wiggum! He was kinda boring in the first 3 seasons but he got funnier over the years

ralph is great. he's really funny. he's stupid but that's why I love him.

"My cat's breath smells like cat food."
"Me fail English? That's unpossible."
"The doctor said I wouldn't have so many nosebleeds if I kept my finger outta there."
"I saw a leprechaun. He told me to burn things."
"I glued my head to my shoulder."
"...and when the doctor told me I didn't have worms anymore, that was the happiest day of my life."

Ralph wiggum is a legend come on people vote ralph

4 Maggie Simpson Margaret "Maggie" Simpson is a fictional character in the animated television series The Simpsons. She first appeared on television in the Tracey Ullman Show short "Good Night" on April 19, 1987. Maggie was created and designed by cartoonist Matt Groening while he was waiting in the lobby of James L. ...read more.

I absolutely love Maggie Simpson she is full of surprises considering she shot Mr Burns! I hope more people consider Maggie as their favourite

maggie is like the smartest one there and shes a gangsta! - giebler

I like Maggie but why is she at #4? She doesn't really do much in the series. Lisa should be #4. - PlanetDeadwing

maggie is so cute and the smartes with lisa - hermione_granger

5 Charles Montgomery Monty Burns

I hope that when I'm a 104 years old, I'm just like him!

Hows is not in the top 3. How is Maggie and especially Ralph higher. Explain it to me internet.

Mr. Burns is so funny! he is a great character, but he is more Adult humor character, but that's why like him!

Mr Burns has some of the funniest lines in the show's golden era. Easily the most entertaining peripheral character in the show and he often steals the show in whatever episode he's in.

6 Lisa Simpson Lisa Marie Simpson is a fictional character in the animated television series The Simpsons. She is the middle child and most intelligent of the Simpson family.

Lisa is intelligent little fighter for righteousness. She loves nature and she loves jazz, just like me. She is the one who would never sell her good name and would never do wrong for greed. Just like all humans, she can be wrong, yet she readily accepts that and she know how to apologize. I love Lisa Simpson very very much. Play your Saxophone sweetheart. Many people hate you, because your good acts make them look ugly and stupid. Don't mind them and what is right.

This 8 year old cartoon character can be quite inspiring to young viewer's, thus being a Girl and of 8 years old, having an IQ of 159 having a love for reading musical arts and literature.
Lisa is a great role model even though she is a cartoon character her intelligence is bliss.

After the Simpsons entered its permanent coma due to brain damage (i.e. writer turnover), Lisa became a one-note go-getter with cookie cutter activist beliefs. Before that, she was intelligent and talented, but she was so much more. She didn't just say unfunny "genius" puns, she had funny lines that had a sharp edge. She wasn't just an activist, she had strong moral convictions that Most of all, she was a lonely and depressed child. She was still a believable eight-year-old girl. Her mix of maturity and immaturity was neatly balanced. The writers didn't write her as a teen/precocious tween and lean on her love of dolls and ponies to remind us of her age. The writers also didn't feel the need to show her schoolyard unpopularity every few episodes to remind us of the fact; instead, they showed us a smart kid who stuck in an indifferent environment with no one to connect to. In spite of that, she remained a light in her cynical world before the whole thing became a running gag ...more - Mert_McSmrt

Lisa has always been my favorite character.
She plays guitar & saxophone equally well.
Intellectually she is a prodigy She cares about the environment & liberal progressive issues.
The most wholesome character on the show.

7 Moe Szyslak

One of the meanest person in Springfield with one of the biggest hearts!

He kind of reminds me of myself, in some ways. - ilovekelly75

James Jones from The Miami Heat looks like Moe, that's why I voted for him.

You just can't help sympathizing with Moe's problems. He seems mean and gritty on the outside, but he is actually rather sensitive. Moe's character always makes me laugh in two ways, either he seems overly sadistic, mean and or cruel, or he is struggling with the latent emotions he posseses.

8 Nedward Ned Flanders

Honestly, Ned is a great character. He would help anyone in need and would always have a positive attitude. - UberHams

Flanders is an awesome addition character to the Simpsons, I mean you have Homer, who is just a joker, then smart Lisa, Trouble Maker Bart, Baby Maggie, Great Mother Marge, and all the other characters have their own special personality. Ned stands out a lot with his perfect, and positive attitude. - Undertaker15-0

Ned is my hero. Seriously, He Always remains happy no matter what the weather, He is always being nice to everyone even when they do bad things on him. He is the best neighborino anyone could ever ask for. Even Homer said himself once, "If the world was full of people like Ned Flanders, there would be no need for Heaven because Heaven would be right here on Earth". He is a perfect example of how a Christian should behave & live there life. He's a great guy, and the world would be a better place if there were more Ned's around.

Flanders is brilliant. He sets up Homer for all his best lines AND he puts diddly at the end of everything. Plus he has a smokin' body.

9 Marge Simpson Marjorie Jacqueline "Marge" Simpson is a fictional character in the American animated sitcom The Simpsons and part of the eponymous family.

She is incredible, sometimes is a good person but sometimes is a rough mother and her hair is simply the best thing.

Are you kidding me she is the worst cartoon character to ever exist. - Ilyas678

Not much of a fan of Marge. She's constantly positioned as some kind of prize who's way too good for Homer yet repeatedly gets away with plenty of horrible behavior of her own. She's a nag, she's a whiner, she's demanding, she's stubborn, she's vindictive, she's often selfish, she's bossy, she's borderline unfaithful, etc etc etc. I get it, she's not real, it's a silly comedy show. I'm just saying that for a character who's got plenty of flaws and done plenty of crappy things she seems to get a pass because she's somehow perceived as better than the other characters around her. - miketheratguy

In a few episodes she is so funny. In Milhouse doesn't live here anymore, she saies to Bart "Your be like an owl saying Milhouse who, Milhouse who, Milhouse who".

Marge is so funny because she is not meant to be. She says things that are so subtle that they are funny. Like when she says "get back hunky cat" or sings the hilarious song to bart about how to save money "put it in your cap" she should be number 1!

10 Groundskeeper Willie Groundskeeper Willie is a character in The Simpsons. He is most famous for his Scottish accent. He first appears in the episode Principal Charming.

Best accent EVER! p. s. he'll kill you IN YOUR DREAMS! - fireinside96

He is highly quotable.
"Bonjour, ya cheese eatin' surrender monkeys! "
"Also, I 'ate the mess he left on me rug! " - KalloFox34

I said 'make way for Willie', ya bloated gas bug!

Brothers and sisters are natural enemies,
Like Englishmen and Scots,
Or Welshmen and Scots,
Or Japanese and Scots,
Or Scots and other Scots,
Damn Scots, they ruined Scotland!

The Contenders

11 Chief Clancy Wiggum

he's like the police near where i live - bcrichSOB666

The stereotype policeman, only fatter, and funnier

I love him I love him when he wees in movie

He is an idiot and a useless police officer he should get fired. He accepts bribes. I hate all of Springfield's police force although I hate him the most. Die Clancy Wiggum.

12 Milhouse Van Houten Milhouse Mussolini Van Houten is a fictional character in the animated television series The Simpsons, voiced by Pamela Hayden, and created by Matt Groening who named the character after President Richard Nixon's middle name.

Milhouse: I can't go to Juvie! They use guys like me as currency!

He always makes me laugh! - SammyD

He is always really funny when he's with bart

Everything's coming up Milhouse

13 Krusty the Clown Krusty the Clown is a clown from The Simpsons. He first appears in the short Krusty the Clown, but in the show he first appears in The Telltale Head. He is Jewish. Despite the fact that he is children's entertainer, he seen drinking and smoking a lot.

Great character
But his name is one word to describe the store-brought spring rolls from aldi - SnoopDoggedyDog

I love krusty he's so funny but not how he's supposed be on a children's show. People put a lot of clips that they say is the best of krusty but I think almost every clips deserves to be on there

I hate clowns, but I love krusty

He's just funny and hilarious

14 Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

Everybody loves an Indian guy, THANK YOU! COME AGAIN!

He should be in the top ten. He's not only a well done stereotype, but he's possibly the closest character to a real person. He feels the most genuine emotions at the right times, is a good role model, and is just downright awesome all the time. Also he's incredibly hilarious as are most of the characters in the show. (seasons 1-8, that is. I prefer not to talk about what's past that point, since most of it is horrible.)

Think of all the wonderful Apu quotes over the years. Vote for Pedro. I mean Apu. You know, I remember back in ninteen dickety two when I first thought of Apu. We had to say dickety...

He is one of the greatest Indian cartoon characters of all time. He deserves to be praised. - TheHotDogs

15 Robert Underdunk Terwilliger aka Sideshow Bob

Every Episode with Sideshow Bob is a good one!

This character is just awesome. He is so casually evil and sophisticated, which makes him all the more threatening. He looks, sounds and acts smexily, and I just love him

Sideshow Bob is so awesome! His outrageously smart but unsuccessful plans to try to kill Bart, his ingeniousness fights with Lisa, and his bad luck (especially with garden rakes) is humorous to everyone who likes a psychopathic ingenious killer as a side character. I wish the creators of The Simpsons added more episodes with him, maybe even in season 24 or 25. I love those episodes, and watched each one at LEAST 4 times!

I am DISGUSTED that this man is not at LEAST in the top ten! - Aceacles

16 Abraham Abe J. Simpson

I really admire the way how Abe was serving the Military back then.

love abes senile and demented quotes! "You never know what your capable of. I never thought I could shoot down a German plane. But last year, I proved myself wrong. " -Who Shot Mr. Burns Pt. 2 - sammoth

Abe Simpson is the most interesting Simpson. I love the story, where his former wrestling career is revealed. There is true depth to this character.

So funny I love this guy

17 Comic Book Guy Comic Book Guy is the common, popular name for Jeffrey "Jeff" Albertson, a recurring fictional character in the animated television series The Simpsons.

Remember when he went on that awkward date with Edna krappabel - SnoopDoggedyDog

does anyone remember when he went on a date with smithers mother?

Skinners Mother: The sun is so beutifull (something like that)

Comic Book Guy: Could it BE anymore OR-ANGE! - arabhomie68

I seriously just laugh whenever he comes on screen! He's so iconic and hilarious, how can he not be number one on here?!

I wish there was more of him! - clerkatron

18 Nelson Muntz Nelson Mandela Muntz is a fictional character and the lead school bully from the animated TV series The Simpsons.

You, with your words like knifes and swords and weapons that you against me. You, have knocked me off my feet again, got me feeling like I'm nothing. You, with your voice like nails on a chalkboard, calling me out when I'm wounded. You, picking on the weaker man. You can take me down with just 1 single blow. But you don't know, what you don't know, someday I'll be living in a big old city. And all your ever gonna be is mean. Why you gotta be so mean? You, with your switching sides and your wildfire lies and your humiliation. You have pointed out my flaws again as if I don't already see them. I walk with my head down, try to block you out 'cause I'll never impress you. I just wanna feel ok again. I bet you got pushed around. Somebody made you feel cold but the cycle ends right now. 'Cause you can't lead me down that road. And you don't know, what you don't know, someday I'll be living in a big old city. And all your ever gonna be is mean. Someday I'll be big enough so you cannot hit ...more

Haw-Haw! Laugh out loud he's hilarious! He is not smart, he ain't pretty, but he should be an comedian!

"Hey Bart, your epidermis is showing! " - Rotorhead

"Dam, I was aiming for his head! "

19 Santa's Little Helper

Santa's little helper is so cute.

I heart him. Loved him since the first season

He is so cute I LOVE dogs

I love Greyhounds now.

20 Otto Mann Otto Mann is a heavy metal obsessed bus driver from The Simpsons. He first appears in the episode Homer's Odyssey. He is shown to be friends with Bart Simpson, often calling him "Bart Dude". He is voiced by Harry Shearer.

I like this permanent stoned bus driver :)
and he is listening to good music - AllAustrianReject

I can relate to this guy even though I don't drive a bus, he's cool and he can play the guitar cool too! - westofohio

dude otto is the man he will always be my favorite simpsons character try to find the episode "the mook, the chef, the wife, and her homer" - PlaymateBass

Love his quote... "METALLICA RULE"(with lighter in his hand).. LOL
- Milan

21 Waylon Smithers

I remember the day when I first heard about Waylon Smithers. My friend told me about him: "Waylon Smithers is HILARIOUS. He's Mr. Burns's assistant, and he has a HUGE crush on him. Also, in one of the newest episodes, he does DRAG, and he asked Marge if she was a drag queen. IT WAS SO FUNNY." (And yes, that is actually along the lines of what she actually told me) He sounded, honestly, like the worst character ever written. (I mean, who wouldn't think that when that's what description you're given.) But, I was curious nonetheless to see who he was and if he was truly that awful. I watched some scenes with him in them... and I fell in LOVE with this character. I related to his inability to tell Mr. Burns how he felt, yet the strong passion he had for him, and his unwavering loyalty to him, as well as the fact that Mr. Burns seems to be the only thing (next to Malibu Stacey dolls, of course) that Smithers focuses on and dedicates his life to. I'm the same way with my own work, ...more

He is a simple yet beautiful character. On one side, he loves his boss unconditionally, but can't tell him for ambiguous reasons and he has strong morals despite serving the most evil man in Springfield. He is kind and pleasant, yet can feel jealous of other people and can be rude at times. So, in short, he has flaws, and while he relies on Mr.Burns to exist in the show, he is a fantastic, relatable, funny, and just a charming little guy. He should be way higher on this list and is horribly underrated.

He's a real sweetie. Something about his truly unconditional love for Mr. Burns is incredibly endearing (and a little sad).

I love how he interacts with everyone; he and Mr. Burns are so much fun to watch together!

He is so Burns sexual. It's both adorable and a little sad. But apart from his sexuality he is an endearing character with perfect voice. I can't believe he is this far down .

22 Seymore Skinner

How is one of the greatest and most complex characters in the Simpsons so low on this list?!

Rewatch the episode "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadass Songs", "Principal Charming" and many other moments with him in the Classic era (seasons 1-8) and you'll see why he deserves to be higher in this list.

Seymour is definitely the best. He always has a hilarious scene with chalmers And he always says "oh mercy! "

'Steamed Hams'... Need I say anything more? - FarrowtheEdgehog15

23 Barney Gumble Barnard "Barney" Gumble is a fictional character on the American animated sitcom The Simpsons. The character is voiced by Dan Castellaneta and first appeared in the series premiere episode "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire".

The only Barney that is dumber and drunker than him is Barney the Dinosaur

Funniest character on the show... belch... lol - RED_EYEZ

i really think that barney gumble is sweet...

He's awesome and funny

24 Scrachy

Scratchy looks so funny when he always basically gets killed by itchy

I feel bad for Scratchy because he keeps getting killed 24/7 by that stupid Itchy. I hope Scratchy makes up his mind and eats the life out of him.

I may say,"the show is as funny as the simpsons"

Whoever made this list spelt the name wrong - SnoopDoggedyDog

25 Plopper aka Spider Pig

Laugh out loud so funny, "you can take spider pig with you! " "he's not spider pig anymore, he's harry plopper" OINK!

Spider pig, Spider Pig, does whatever a spiderpig does! - Haloinc

Why the heck are there footprints on the ceiling-lol

This one isn't a real Simpson character in my mind - SnoopDoggedyDog

26 Lenny Leonard

this guy totally rules

"they say he carved it himself...from a bigger spoon"

CLASSIC - SoloStriker

A little late for lenny. Classic!

When I grow up, I want to be just like him.

Lenny is the best most underrated character on the simpsons

27 Hans Moleman Hans Moleman is a recurring character on the animated television series The Simpsons. He was created by series creator Matt Groening and is voiced by Dan Castellaneta, and first appeared in the episode "Principal Charming".

How the hell is he not higher. funniest character on the simpsons

Marge:Maybe I am insane I'm talking to myself
Hans: You are? Ooohhh I thought I made a friend - SnoopDoggedyDog

Funniest character in the Simpsons by some distance
Bart:You're gay for moleman
Lisa: no You're gay for moleman
Bart: No You're gay for moleman
Moleman(looking sad): Nobody's gay for moleman
laugh out loud I'm gay for ya moleman

Drinking has ruined my life. I'm 31 years old! - RedStripedd

28 Melvin Van Horne aka Sideshow Mel

Come on people, this man dressed up like a ancient guy, but he talks with Opera accent, this is funny enough.

29 Fat Tony Fat Tony is a mobster in The Simpsons. He first appears as a major character in the episode Bart the Murderer. He is guest voiced by Joe Mantagea.

I don't get mad. I GET STABBY! - hhutc9

Come on, why isn't Fat Tony on the list, shocking and disgraceful

The Boss. The Gangster. A made man) - Borsa

How come scratchy and plopper are higher than him - SnoopDoggedyDog

30 Stampy

He reminds me of the you tuber byy

31 Itchy

Itchy sucks enough said

I love the innocent coincidence of how every I+S episode has to do with what's happening in the simpsons

Oh yeah it does

I wonder what they were ment to be. (Tom and Jerry)

32 Professor John Frink Jr.

Watch " The treehouse if horror VIII" and you will find a dark secret about john - SnoopDoggedyDog

This guy is hilarious. He reminds me of Jerry Lewis - aman28

22nd?!?! That's so 'Glavin' annoy-ing! This guy is brilliant and massively underrated. I can't believe it, in all honesty.

He's one of my favourite characters on the Simpsons, wish he'll appear more often. The annoyiest would be Lenny and Carl with Cookie Kwan. Not Lindsay Nagel.

33 Frank Grimes

Frank Grimes was so perfect, neat and hardworking, and looking at Homer sloppy work, it drove him so mad he electrocuted himself while imitating Homer, come on you gotta remember him!

Best simpsons character in the best episode

I laughed a lot when he dies

People might be voting for Frank Grimes Jr., when they really mean to vote for Frank Grimes.

34 Duffman

Duffman never dies. Only the actors who play him do.

I think it is VERY funny when he said Duffman Is Feeling A Bit Of Softness in his Heart!

I found out about Duffman before I found out about Kool-Aid Guy.

OH YEAH, DUFFMAN IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY! He deserves better than #25. - drifterz2

35 Dr. Nick Riviera

Something about poorly trained doctors humor me. laugh out loud

Hello everybody! Laugh out loud

Chief Wiggum:thank goodness no one was hurt! Dr. Nick:bye everybody! (gag)(choke)

"I was beginning to think you wouldn't show, Doctor Dog! "

36 Troy McClure

Hi, I'm Troy McClure, you might remember me from such lists as Top Ten favorite Simpsons characters and Simpsons characters lost after Phil Hartman's death.

Should be higher

I loved some of the names of his movies like 'Alice's adventures through the windshield glass' I miss Phil Hartman :(

Alice doesn't live anymore. lol

37 Herschel Schmoikel Pinkus Krustofsk aka Krusty the Clown

Maude Flanders- were talking about s-e-x in front of the c-h-i-l-d-r-e-n

Krusty- Sex Cauldron I thought they closed that place down.


The creator of Rock 'n' Roll. - clusium

I love how he is always so depressed
Great - Har-Jak

38 Lionel Hutz

Such an amazing character.
Lisa: Mr Hutz, why are you burning all your personal papers?
Lionel Hutz: As of this moment, Lionel Hutz no longer exists. Say hello to Miguel Sanchez!

You know your going to win when your lawyers in jail!

if he doesn't win your case the pizza is free

I Can't Believe it's a Law Firm!

39 Uter

"Um. Does anybody have some chocalate."

Percentage wise, this character is the best. Sure, I have laughed more times at Homer, Ralph, Martin, Ned, etc. , but every time this dude is on I laugh. - Hajj

(Uter) "I begged you to let me go first, I begged you!
(Uter) "don't chase me, I'm full of chocolate."

40 Cesar

Best stereotype of the French ever. - jrodz

41 Hugh Jass


*snickering in the phone background*



42 Sideshow Bob Dr. Robert Underdunk Terwilliger, better known as Sideshow Bob, is a recurring character in the animated television series The Simpsons.

I am outraged that he's at thirty three - SnoopDoggedyDog

He's already in the top 20... GOD, Only Bart and Homer deserve to be here twice. - Goatworlds

Side show bob is my favorite character! His humor is hilarious

Kelsey Grammer is absolutely terrific as Bob. - JPK

43 Ugolin
44 Edna Krabappel Edna Krabappel is a fictional character from the animated television series The Simpsons, who was voiced by Marcia Wallace until her death in October 2013. She was the teacher of Bart Simpson's 4th grade class at Springfield Elementary School.

Shes such a sad character. Real life me which is why I like her

Did you guys know she's dead? - Goatworlds

How is Edna so low on the list? I really love her, she is so fun and always makes me laugh! Rest in peace, you will always be one of my favourites!

Best Krab apple joke ever from this woman and towards the newer episodes she likes Bart! she is awesome

45 Carl Carlson

See this is why I don't talk much

Lenny and carl
Aw nuts

I think Carl

He’s the best

46 Lucas Bortner

He came in the 25th season.
Lisa-He's Ralph with a dream.

47 Martin Prince

He is really smart and its good when bart makes him more cooler!

So funny and underrated! - AngyC

I despice him. - PatrickStar3

48 Nibbles
49 Drederick Tatum

I respect Homer Simpson. He's a good man. It's just that I'm gonna make orphans of his children. "and his wife? " she'll die of grief. L O L drederick always has something to say. - Mushroom99

I have been paid millions of dollars to endorse these butt ugly shoes

"c'mon don't be ridiculous" lmao - rockman

50 Maude Flanders

I don’t know

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