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61 Eleanor Abernathy aka Crazy Cat Lady

"I'm a little burnt out, so sometimes, don't shoot me, I have a glass of wine with buster here! He's such a comfort; I might even get another cat! "

62 Poochie
63 Dr. Marvin Monroe
64 Lou V 1 Comment
65 Mr. Sparkle V 1 Comment
66 Lindsey Naegle
67 Luann Van Houten
68 Cletus Del Roy Spuckler

I cant, I simply cant! Hes the best! - IverDaBest

"Hey Ma, you gotta get off the roof."

Now honey, they's my parents too - Bec


V 3 Comments
69 Sea Captain
70 Kent Brockman

He is funny, quick witted and I love how he hates Arnie Pie

71 Miss Hoover

"Ralph, remember when that time when you thought-"

72 The Space Coyote
73 Jebediah Springfield V 1 Comment
74 Mojo V 1 Comment
75 Cookie Kwan V 1 Comment
76 Helen Lovejoy
77 Lurleen Lumpkin
78 Jessica Lovejoy

jessica lovejoy is like bart in a girl form. likes skate boarding and is very daring.is an angil around audults and teachers but a MONSTER around kisd and class mates!is very religious and un-honest!!

79 Rich Texan
80 Snowball 2

I liked Snowball 2. Why did they have to kill her off?

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