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81 Herbert Simpson

Danny Devito/ Herbert simpson
He was funny back in 2000, but in the present time the simpson is just not funny any more compared to 2005 and back. Maybe it's because so much kids watch it now and they maid it more (Appropriate) for kids. But Herb simpson will always be funny

He should be in more than 1episode.

82 Troy McClure

Hi, I'm Troy McClure, you might remember me from such lists as Top Ten favorite Simpsons characters and Simpsons characters lost after Phil Hartman's death.

Should be higher

I loved some of the names of his movies like 'Alice's adventures through the windshield glass' I miss Phil Hartman :(

Alice doesn't live anymore. lol

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83 Spider Pig

Spider pig spider pig who is the favorite spider thing. He also Harry Potter I don't know why. I love that movie!

Go spider pig! He was awesome in the movie, and his cameos are the best!

84 Todd Flanders

I stand for the 0.08 percent when I say that Todd Flanders is the best damn character on the show! YAY!

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86 Mona Simpson
87 Frank Grimes, Jr.
88 Wendell Borton

He is hilarious how he is always queasy

I like background characters

89 Stephen Hawking

Often appeared in another show: The Big Bang Theory (mentioned by a character who says his name several times in a episode). - playstationfan66

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90 Sideshow Raheem
91 Kearney Zzyzwicz
92 Charlie (Homers work friend)
93 Marvin Monroe

Should never have been retired... He has had a couple of comebacks since.

Definitely one of my top-10 favorites.

94 Radioactive Man (Bongo)
95 Snowball I


96 Bleeding Gums Murphy
97 Sebastian Cobb
98 Arnie Pye

This guy is hilarious! The way he's always digging into Kent brockman, it so funny. Take this example:

(Homer is escaping with all the children from his daycare centre)
Kent: We are receiving Intel that crazed daycare centre owner Homer Simpson is on the move. Arbor Pye is with us from the sky. Aarmies what do you see?
Arnie: A fatman is jumping out of a van and trying to climb the fence. No, he's given up on that, now he's trying to wriggle under the pipe. Now he's realising he's too fat. Now he's running around frantically oh folks this is sad to watch.

Kent (interrupting): Arnie please, how are the children.
Arnie (angrily): I can't see through metal Kent!

99 James Hetfield
100 Charlie (Bart's awesome adopted brother)

He's awesome. I love the kid and I cry when I see him be dragged away by the family with like a billion sisters. He's so cool and I can't help but wish for him to return to another episode.

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