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101 Dick V 1 Comment
102 Dick Testicles V 3 Comments
103 Princess Kashmir

-Exotic belly dancer at Arabian Florence

104 Timothy Lovejoy
105 Lard Lad
106 Don Brodka
107 Lyle Lanley
108 Disco Stu

"Disco Stew was talking about you". - biscuits

Disco Stu Doesn't Advertise... Legend - Groglimb

109 Gerald the monobrow baby
110 Blinky

From Two Cars In Every Garage And Three Eyes On Every Fish?

111 Rod Flanders

Nobody likes Rod :(

V 1 Comment
112 Selma Bouvier
113 Patty Bouvier V 1 Comment
114 Jimbo Jones

I love when the teachers go on strike and jimbo went home and they live in a mansion and they watch a soap opera and they eat cookies and Jimbo cries. Laugh out loud

Because he hitting Bart many times

Jimbo the bully ( Jimbo waers a hat because he has a bold head )

One of the Bullies in Simpsons. please don't joke about it. Jimbo's great character.

115 Hugo Simpson

Hugo Simpson II is a non-canon character and Bart's conjoined twin in Treehouse of Horror VII. Shortly after their birth, they were separated by Dr. Hibbert.

V 1 Comment
116 Gary Chalmers V 3 Comments
117 Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby

Best character ever vote quimby a lot!

Oh hell I forgot my WIG!

118 Jeremy Freedman (Squeaky-Voiced Teen)

He's the best one of all! But I don't know his name :/

Would you like fries with that? Laugh out loud so funn and its funny how he has like 100 different jobs x)

A job! My parents will be so proud!

V 1 Comment
119 Blue Haired Lawyer

Lawyers rule! Not lawyers drool!

V 1 Comment
120 Kang

This guy leads the Treehouse of Horror specials

V 1 Comment
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